Contractor. We illustrate this process for the acquisition life cycle model and risk management approach strategy elements below. For example, technologies such as Web services make it easier to assemble systems, but ease of assembly may only increase the risk of deploying systems whose behavior is not predictable. The Easterbrook reference includes a link to a later presentation of his keynote address, which is an excellent introduction to how the scope of an SoS affects a software development life cycle.

The acquisition strategy is heavily influenced by the call for adaptability, the need to respond to change. This is a generic, partial set: while there are commonalities across acquisitions, each acquisition may have unique characteristics that affect its set of drivers. Discrepancies between the expected and the actual arise frequently in the normal course of business processes. An acquisition strategy business consideration for a system with significant technology risk may be inclusion of a technology development contract with multiple suppliers, one of which will be chosen to move forward to systems development. Other categories and drivers can be identified depending on the particulars of a given acquisition.

While the ICM may be a suitable acquisition life cycle model for an SoS, the model only provides a framework for what is needed. understand integration goals and changes in these goals over the course of the acquisition life cycle, articulate assurance and other quality (dependability/supportability) goals for user communities and tasks, measure and demonstrate progress in meeting integration goals, understand interface particulars of systems to be integrated, identify degree of uncertainty and to tolerate uncertainty, accommodate change in constituent systems and interfaces, understand impact of constituent systems’ behaviors on integration goals and assurance and other quality attribute goals (e.g., for dependability/supportability), specify assurance and dependability/supportability requirements, estimate (a) cost and calculate cost risk, (b) schedule, (c) expertise and other resource requirements, conduct trade studies that consider cost, schedule, capabilities, and quality attributes, identify current and potential stakeholder communities, facilitate tradeoff analyses that consider functionality, cost, schedule, and assurance and other quality attributes, manage expectations, handle interactions, and resolve conflicts, accommodate new stakeholders/stakeholder sets, incrementally revisit agreements among stakeholders, requirements processes constructed to establish key infrastructure and assurance and other quality attribute requirements early and enable capability requirements to evolve over the life cycle, assurance practices built and applied in acquisition and development that can work through operations and sustainment, risk management processes that actively look for the next change both within and beyond system boundaries, and incorporate agile analyses of impact, mature change identification and management process, including proactive and predictive activities, ability to distinguish between types of change, e.g., necessary change, desirable change, and destructive change, specifying quality attributes that are central to dealing with uncertainty and complexity, how quality attributes themselves are affected by uncertainty and complexity, Control – self-protection: assurance external inputs will not cause internal system failure, Influence – co-constituent protection: assurance no output harms another constituent if used per agreement, Concern – SoS protection: basic SoS governance tenets applied to preclude avoidable failures, Multiple owners and stakeholders to manage. One unit’s work process may require a capability for remote usage, which might represent a security risk for one of the other units’ work processes. Howard emphasizes a critical lesson that most vendors have learned the hard way: Today’s denial of service is tomorrow’s exploit [Howard 2007]. This operational context incorporates significant new sources of risk, such as a large and diverse user community and increasing uncertainty and complexity, that become key drivers for acquisition strategy development and execution. The acquisition strategy must incorporate activities to scan for and evaluate risks from a variety of potential sources of failure throughout the life cycle. These effects may then be used to drive development of relevant acquisition strategy elements, such as the acquisition life cycle model and risk management approach. b.         Entails expenditure of significant levels of resources: 1.         For any program/project:  Development costs, valued in current year dollars, of more than The information contained in this Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a form of direction or advice and should not be relied upon as a complete definitive statement in relation to any specific issue.

(h)) 10 USC 2433a (Ref.

Development Commitment Review: In addition to the artifacts examined in the Architecture Commitment Review, analyze detailed architecture artifacts. In today’s highly complex systems, this is no longer the case. Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration DHS funding supports the publishing of all site content. [Alberts 2007]Alberts, Chris, Dorofee, Audrey, and Marino, Lisa.

The development of a successful acquisition strategy depends on an understanding of the internal and external factors that will drive the acquisition.

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