With this impetus, new companies began to consider Airdrie as a viable option for business and in 1958 Pye opened employing over 1000 people. History of Airdrie Observatory The original telescope was donated by local astronomer Doctor Reid to Airdrie Library. The telescope was adapted to use more modern eyepieces. By the turn of the century variety shows were becoming popular in the area and by 1911 the Pavilion in Graham Street was built which after initially being used as a music hall started showing cinematographic pictures. Ex-Baillie James Lewis was curator of the observatory from 1910 t0 1945. At the end of the First World War, Airdrie was hard hit with many casualties from the war. Historical records of Airdrie's population are available from the 18th,[41] the early decades of the 19th century,[42] and into the early 20th century.[43]. Airdrie railway station is on the electrified North Clyde Line. It was reported that 50% of the registered population were unemployed. These roads (or rather tracks) became known as the King's Highway. Horse race meetings were also held in the town (1851–1870) but this land became the golf course for the newly formed Airdrie Golf Club in 1877. [36] They are: Linda Fabiani (Scottish National Party, SNP), Jamie Hepburn (SNP), Christina McKelvie (SNP), Margaret Mitchell (Scottish Conservative Party), Alex Neil (SNP), Hugh O'Donnell (Scottish Liberal Democrats), and John Wilson (SNP).

As part of AAA secretary Aileen Malone's “Walk With Destiny” project, three Apollo astronauts visited the observatory between 2010 and 2012: All three astronauts accepted the position of Honorary President of AAA.

In 1821, the first election of a town council took place and by August it had appointed an assessor, procurator fiscal, master of police and a town crier. The current member of the Scottish Parliament for Airdrie and Shotts is Alex Neil MSP (Scottish National Party), who won this seat in the 2011 Scottish Parliament from the Labour Party who had held the seat since the instatement of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. Airdrie Weavers Society was founded in 1781 and flax was being grown in sixteen farms in and around the burgh. As outlined in the history section Airdrie's traditional economic activities of weaving, coal mining, and heavy industry have ceased to exist.

Airdrie was home to its own rugby union team called Waysiders RFC. Airdrie (/ˈɛərdri/; Scots: Airdrie; Scottish Gaelic: An t-Àrd Ruigh)[2] is a town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. [6], The origin of Airdrie's name first appeared in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland (Registrum Magni Sigilii Regum Scotorum) in 1373 as Ardre. In 2005, changes to the constituency boundaries saw part of its area transferred to Motherwell and Wishaw, offset by the addition of part of Hamilton North and Bellshill. Roughrigg Reservoir, run by Roughrigg Angling Association. Make sure you join us for our special year. This led to an increase in ironwork foundries around the area.

[37], Policing in Airdrie is undertaken by Police Scotland. After years of moving from one site to another, the first purpose built library in Airdrie was opened in Anderson Street in 1895. Roman Catholic Church – Airdrie's Roman Catholic churches are immediately governed by the Diocese of Motherwell, currently led by Bishop Joseph Toal.

This library was funded in part by a £1,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American philanthropist. Due to the fact it was 'independent', it had all the powers of a Royal Burgh. The AAA opens the Observatory during astronomical events, at open days, at ten evening sessions between November and January, and, by arrangement, for groups wishing to visit. The enormous growth in population was not due to high birthrate, but instead due to an influx of residents from the Highlands and predominantly Ireland. Airdrie is home to Monklands District General Hospital with a 24-hour Accident & Emergency department. After 1996, it came under the authority of the unitary North Lanarkshire Council. Entrants are accepted from all over the world and will have correctly answered the question 'which year was Airdrie’s observatory first established?' The purpose-built observatory was incorporated into the new library building, with its dome on the library roof. From 1896 to 1925 Airdrie Observatory was located in the original Airdrie Public Library (which became Airdrie Arts Centre). Between 1975 and 1996, Airdrie came under Monklands District Council operating in conjunction with Strathclyde Regional Council. This library was funded in part by a £1,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American philanthropist.[2][3].

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