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Carrie White | | : Elmo Blatch | Nathan Grantham | Ellie : Mr. Donatti | Byron Hadley | Louis Creed She tries to warn Louis but he of course does not listen. The Creed family—Louis, Rachel, and their children Ellie and Gage—move from Chicago to rural Ludlow, Maine, after Louis accepts a job as a physician with the University of Maine. Rachel : : Children of the Corn

Billy Nolan | It was Pax-cow. :

It says Pet Sematary, honey. [Rachel and Ellie read the Pet Sematary sign]. Jud Crandall He Who Walks Behind the Rows, Christine Jud Crandall : Ellie kicks off her murder spree. I hate that smell.

Charles Brady | I love you. After the Creed family had moved to Ludlow, Maine, to get away from the city life of Boston, Massachusetts, Ellie discovers the eponymous Pet Sematary after she saw some masked children carrying a deceased dog presumably to bury it.

2019 Film. Kurt Barlow | 11/22/63 Max Devore |

: Sisters, Roadwork

She likes oatmeal cookies.

Brady Hartsfield | : Oh. 1978 (Novel)1984 (1989 Movie)2011 (Remake)

: Gage : Powers/Skills 2 Answers. : Murder methodsSchemingShapeshifting Church smells bad. Jack Torrance | Church is buried that night and much to Louis's amazement, Church returns the next morning as a zombie cat. Louis Creed

Yay! : Ellie is brought back from the dead as a zombie, but she no longer has her initial personality, instead being cold. Eileen "Ellie" Creed is the main antagonist of the 2019 film adaptation of Stephen King's 1983 horror novel Pet Sematary. : They weren't all killed by the road. Goals : Lv 7.


Randall Flagg | : : Morris Bellamy, Pet Sematary Daddy, is Church alright? Hobby Ellie I don't want Church to get his nuts cut, daddy. Richard Vickers |

Can cats have shampoos? Answer Save. Rachel Despite this, Louis tries to make it work, acting as if nothing had happened prior. (Alive, 1980)(Deceased, 2019) Rachel

: No, he won't. Pet Sematary 2. Rachel Lang | Clyde Parker | It seems short. That was a silly dream, wasn't it? [Louis smiles]  It's misspelled, but that's what it says.

Louis Creed

John Shooter, Sleepwalkers Grandma and grandpa gave me all sorts of neat things. : :

Christine Price | Louis Creed You believe in it. Honey, Church will be fine.

[Louis remains silent]  : The Major | Can I have faith in that? : [Jud and the Creed family look at the Pet Sematary gravestones] Ellie : Daddy, look, this one's a goldfishy. Ellie Human (2019) Gage Creed | : Alvin Marsh | Barry Dorgan | In the Novel Ellie Creed is a bright 5 year old who is scared to start school in the beginning. I don't know, honey.

Ellie... God doesn't do things like that. Jud Crandall Lester Norville | Ellie Tom, IT Ramona Norville, Carrie

I haven't seen him this evening, but, ah... Ellie


Company Credits I don't care, I'll save my allowance to pay for it. Sheriff Collie Entragian | The Mangler Virus, The Running Man Tak, Doctor Sleep Ellie The True Knot, Firestarter [Ellie asks her dad Louis where they go when they die]. Ellie Louis Creed : It got away from him, that dumb shit! Not mine.

Tom Rogan, Maximum Overdrive : Yes. Louis Creed On Ellie's birthday, Church returns to the house spurring Ellie to run towards the road followed by Gage. Ellie He can if he wants to.

: And, kiss him good night for me. I hate it, too. Hi, baby. In the novel and 1989 film adaptation, Ellie is the only survivor. Jud Crandall Unbeknownst to her, a tanker was speeding down the road. Failing to euthanizing Church, Louis instead releases Church on the highway and returns home to inform Ellie that he had run away. : Ruth Gogan | With Ellie in particular, she at least takes time to develop her malicious nature, whereas with the original novel Gage showed an immediate malevolence.

S.K. Human (1989) [Jud sees a picture Ellie carries with her of Gage]. Bogs Diamond | Church will be fine. Alias Family information The 2019 remake is the only verison that has her die and ages her up. Just like Gage in the book and 1989 movie she takes Louis' scalpel (he's a doctor) and heads for neighbour Jud's (John Lithgow) house. What if he dies and has to go to the pet cemetery? Gus Gilbert | Richard Straker, Secret Window, Secret Garden Gary Barkovitch, The Mangler Nigh-familicideTortureMutilations Louis Creed : They get older as you go towards the middle. : Yeah. God could take it back if he wanted to, couldn't he? The film concludes with the zombified Creed family motioning for Gage to open the door to the family car implying that he would be killed next and buried. Stephen King Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Full Name United States of America, The Shining Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Butch Bowers |

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