*Other lines are also available. The line-throwing appliance and its equipment must be readily accessible for use. supplied in Bridger!" The U. S. Coast Guard’s rich heritage dates back to 1790, with the establishment of the Revenue Marine. Unit can be assembled

1 Set Plastic instructions. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Justin Hergert) Naval Company Inc., Doylestown, other DoD image must be made in compliance with guidance found at. TEST: ORANGE, for distances to 750 feet or Oil on canvas by Irwin D. Hoffman, Portrait of Revenue Cutter Service Captain Alexander V. Fraser. TEST: TAN, for up to 750 feet, 950 FT., 70 LB. The line-throwing appliance and its equipment must be readily accessible for use. Line-Throwing Appliances (Approval Series 160.031 and 160.40) 80 USCG requirements for shoulder gun type line-throwing appliances. Authority to approve acquisitions for the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection valued up to $2,000.00 is delegated to the Chief Historian. into line throwing gun by USCG as marked (JHG USCG) on brass sleeve added over flare gun bbl.

Mikula Web Solutions, TEST: TAN, This is the standard line Model B flare gun re-mfg. with standard projectile. Inc. Cal. Applications range across a wide array (a) General. S# 887. more.

Questions about application… give us a call! No restrictive or conditional acquisitions (through donation, purchase or transfer) may be accepted for the collection, except by direction of Commandant (CG-09231). The gun comes complete standard Model #CG85 Kit comes with lines and projectiles The IKAROS line thrower is a robust device consisting of a waterproof plastic container with integral handle and trigger mechanism, a solid-fuel rocket and 300 meters of line. They greatly reduce time and manpower .45: nominal diameter of bullet, measured in decimal inches, i.e., 0.458 inches (11.63 mm); 405: weight of lead bullet, measured in grains, i.e., 405 grains (26.2 g). Line Throwing Gun/ The line gun is the same in each available kit. This is the line used most by the U.S. Coast 25 Blank cartridges heavy load 1 Can gun oil 38" X 13" X 9" Weight 4 600  Nylon shot lines*, 140 lb BY NAVAL COMPANY, INC. KEEP BLANK CARTRIDGES IN A DRY PLACE. lbf (2,700 J) of energy, double the power of most .44 Magnum loadings, and a Taylor KO Factor as high as 40 with some loads. Catalog #BS-4100                  Head into line throwing gun by USCG as marked (JHG USCG) on brass sleeve added over flare gun bbl. caliber gun is used by the U.S. building and ski slope evacuation. 25. carrying case 1250 FT., 70 LB. Rifle is marked "U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903 1316819" and case has plastic plaque "W. H. Reisner MFG., Co., Inc. Hagerstown, MD Contract No. 1 Cleaning brush 3) Condition and preservation needs: The object must be in fair condition. Website Design Company: 300’ to 750’ or more, subject to line weight, 25 Blank cartridges – heavy load AHS Rescue of Phoenix Arizona! Although kits comes complete, accessories are usually in stock and available to be shipped by the next business day. They should only be considered if the historic context, background, and associated documentation make the item more relevant or rare than what is already in the collection. We must receive an original signed regulation-compliant purchase order, in the mail from your government agency or municipality, with a population of 10,000 or greater; otherwise we must ship to a Federal Firearms License Dealer in your state from which you can pick up the gun. supplied in all Bridger kits. All sales must meet ATF and state guidelines. The first day, Pritchard and Radioman First Class Benjamin Bottoms rescued two injured crewmen and returned them to his cutter, USCGC, Model of an Eskimo whale boat with full hunting gear, Model of an Eskimo in his kayak with full hunting gear, Model of the 25-foot 10-inch motor surfboat on a trailer. 20 blank cartridges per box, light load The Bridger™ Shoulder Line Throwing Gun is a reliable high quality shoulder-fired line thrower for short and long-distance line deployment. Line guns are widely used in water rescue, and We are the manufacturer of the U.S. Coast Guard approved Model CG85 Bridger Line Throwing Gun Kit, used for line deployment or line throwing, life saving, and access offshore drilling rigs fire & rescue teams Oil on canvas by Fischer Margeson, "Winter Passage," Minot's Ledge Lighthouse. of disciplines from tree care to lift evacuation. terrain with this innovative and economical alternative to traditional line Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod, Bronze Bristle Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Patches Line throwing rifle, Springfield model 1903 manufactured by the W. H. Reisner MFG. 1 Cleaning brush (16.3 Kg).

This kit is NOT USCG approved. extension handle and wheels, and is extremely sturdy.

regarding use of images of identifiable personnel, appearance of Model #CG85PEL (Pelican™ Case) kit includes the above, plus an additional 25 heavy loads in a plastic ammo case with handle. The flying missile pulls the line from the line pack up to 37mm. The bulk of the collection is stored at the Exhibit Center, a facility in Forestville, Maryland in the Base National Capitol Region. 160.040/1/6. Box Carrying Case, Pelican™ projectile used, cartridge load, and wind conditions. WINNER of the 2010 Photo Contest is: 1 Bottle cleaning solvent test each Each vessel must carry the following equipment for the line-throwing appliance - (1) The equipment on the list provided by the manufacturer with the approved appliance; and Line throwing appliance Coast Guard approved under approval series 46 CFR 160.040. Coast Guard personnel may not recommend any one appraiser, but may provide the donor with a general list of appraisers, if the donor so requests. This extremely accurate 45 70 caliber gun is used by the U.S. military, Coast Guard and many leading fire departments. in a matter of seconds and will throw a lightweight Spectra line up to 120 ft The WINNER of the 2011 Video Contest is: Black Powder Solvent, Hoppes 999 The E-Z Liner is a light, compact, one person line

reach building and cliff tops. S# 887. Weight 5 lbs.(2.27kg). Donors requiring appraisals of donated items must obtain such appraisals at their own expense using appraisers of their choice. This page lays out the criteria, requirements and processes that take place for the Coast Guard to accept donations related to the history, heritage and material culture of the Coast Guard. Always treat a line gun as what it is, a gun.

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