My profile’s fave card is Ruggie’s SSR and the Support is Ace’s SSR~! Or Ryota from those who follow me on Tumblr~!

There’s just something about him that’s really captivating~!

If you have space on your friend list please add me kBw1jMAz ~! It’s perfect, isn’t it?RIDDLE: Now, if you’re done eating, hurry and go to your next class.RIDDLE: Rule #271 of the Queen of Hearts: “You must not spend more than 15 minutes sitting at the table after you’ve eaten.”RIDDLE: You know what happens when you break the rules, don’t you?ACE: (sighs) Another weird rule…RIDDLE: Answer me with “Yes, Prefect!”ACE/DEUCE: Yes, Prefect!RIDDLE: Good. I especially like Floyd a lot, too~!


If you think getting thrown out is gonna make me give up on getting in, you've got another thing coming! So that's why I came here on my own. I’ll be taking my leave now.

I just did the account so i could follow your blog.

You are the only one yet to be assigned a dormitory. I can’t believe that I’ll also get this hooked on it when I first started~! Not letting me in would be a loss for the world, humans just don't get it. [Twisted Wonderland] Prologue 1: Awakening Stranger! I feel like if Diasomnia got released, a lot of people would be so hooked into the game XD They seem like the most popular for now?? Time for ... my secret move! You’re gonna ask us to pay you! ** ACE: You made all that Trey-senpai?!

Oh my gosh, Sam was super awesome!

That’s a lot of investiment! (Even the not playables, i lost my sides when i saw Gaston as the PE teacher). It gave us time to know the other boys better, so i feel that was the right choice. I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror. Thanks again for the translations i’m looking foward episode 3 (〃^▽^〃)ノ~❤. !CATER: This and that are different~DEUCE: Still, isn’t a whole tart a little bit expensive?ACE: Ugh… I don’t have that much money though…CATER: Then why not make some~? As usual, chapters with a Rhythmic or a Battle will be marked so you could be prepared before going in ^^ If you've noticed, this chapter has more battles compared to Rhythmic, so …

Oh Yeah Crewel looks great, i always liked Cruella’s black/white hair, and that madame’s cigarette holder is just perfect. Oh, yay~! I’m finally done with my tasks so it’s time to read those chapters you posted~❤. CATER: Man, that was scary…~GRIM: He’s really lookin’ like a bad guy now, yanno?DEUCE: Hey, that’s very rude!


RIDDLE: (whispering) Good grief, the sugarpot running out of sugar cubes is a capital crime…. Hey Kana! I wished he’d get more interactions with everyone! Yes, I have!!

**All translations are for personal use only so please don't re-upload or share anywhere else. I'm a genius who is destined to be a great magician!

It’s so fun looking through the SR illustrations~!

( Log Out /  And here is the masterpost for Episode 2 of Twisted Wonderland's main story~! Tumblr has become really mean when it comes to formatting a lot of sylized posts, so I'll be posting a lot of translations here, too~! Choice 1: Please take care to not burn the one getting your prize, Choice 2: For a limited time, I'll give you one more can. No waaay!

You've got this stupid look on your face like a spider being attacked by a water gun! Guwaahuhh~ There! I’ve been super invested in it afsjkasfjhafj AHHH!! Yana Toboso style is perfect for the game, it’s suits every character very well. My adorable ear fire is gonna go out at this rate! Prefect?

TREY: There are a lot of chestnut trees right by the forest behind the school’s botanical garden.ACE: Alright!

It’s true that if Diasomnia cards where released already they probably would get the spotlight. The lid is too heavy. ACE: GEH! Magic should fix this leak up real quick.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And it’s impossible to not feel attached by new views of our childhood favorite villains. You better get a can of tuna ready before I do any work. Change ). Don't go wandering around the school! At least they make cameos in some stories here and there, too~! You're useless! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jade and Floyd are two of my favorites as well! Grim, the Great Magician, isn't scared of some ghosts!!! [[MORE]] ・━━━━ ━━━━・ Prologue 12: Punishment Escape! ( Log Out /  HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: Did the Prefect leave…?HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: I completely forgot to follow Rule #186: “Never eat hamburg steak on Tuesdays.” so I was wondering what he’d do if he found out…HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: (sighs) Giving us a bit of freedom won’t hurt him, you know? (✿´ ꒳ ` )/☆.。₀:*゚. Ooh talking about the game, so far I’m hooked by the twins, especially Floyd!

** Choice 1: A talking r-raccoon?!

Make yourselves at home. Hmph! I just added you~!

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