Jayden Jaymes, Adam and Brandon question if their compulsions are worth the toll taken on their personal lives. Ali would sooner spend her money on clothes than pay her bills. She tends Family members can know how to handle the Laura and D.J. Their friends and her wealthy image and does not feel that paying her bills is Candy tries to have a normal social life despite her over-the-top parents, and Niki is mortified to be around her surgically enhanced mom. Krisse is put off by the closeness between her boyfriend and his bro, and Tish is feeling jealous when her boyfriend spends more time with his best friend than her. Bianca cheated on Chris but now wants him back, and Taylor tries to revive her relationship with Felicia. I'm a Compulsive Shopper. True Life checks in to see how the young men and women from some of the most talked-about mental health episodes of the series are doing now. Four young Saudis defy an oppressive regime: Aziz dates a girl he met online, Fatima designs abayas, a band plays rebellious music, and Ahmad demands women be given a voice. When she realized that it was not working, she went to therapy. Three self-proclaimed cyborg biohackers attempt their own bold new medical procedures to insert technology into their bodies. Two young people are consumed by their sexual urges: Brittany's boyfriend can no longer keep up with her sex drive, while Isaax prioritizes sex over a career or relationship. Three young people adhere to rigid diets: Spring eats only raw food, Andrew thinks "unsafe" foods will give him cancer, and Lauren limits herself to just 15 foods. Dolly's boyfriend Nick doesn't share her work ethic, and medical student Kelly is dating tattoo model Brian. Title: Cassox experiments with "smart drugs" (nootropics) that he claims will boost memory in humans, and Topher studies to become a member of an elite intelligence society. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. A medicinal marijuana-loving mother and a father with a weed radio show must balance their passion for the drug with the rules of their smoke-free kids. Kayliah and Emily have developed unusual coping mechanisms that are also destructive compulsions, but overcoming these is harder than expected. parents where the mother has Multiple Sclerosis.

Laura Beth and Brett are engaged and saving themselves for marriage, while Erica and Will have been dating long-distance for four years leading up to their wedding vows. Alisha was raised on fast food and now binge-eats to the point of sickness, and Jennifer turns to eating as a way to cope with stress.

When Amanda and Rhonda decide to become surrogate mothers, they're each tested by the difficulties of carrying someone else's child. Moving up in the world, getting over an ex and raising a happy family are just some of the reasons these three people want to ditch their ink. Tess, Tali and Tamra have chronic medical conditions that make having sex unbearably painful, and they struggle to find solutions to help them lead normal dating lives. True Life: I'm Uncomfortable with My New Body. Kevo and Klea process their past traumas as they take on initiatives to reduce violence and help their communities. Gabby's excessive use of her parent's credit cards has put her family in $10,000 in debt. Two young women struggle to end their relationships once and for all: Tawny is sick of her boyfriend's immaturity, while Grace doesn't feel appreciated. upon negatively by family, friends and professionals. Two women are so ashamed of their hair they’ll do anything to make it disappear. These two young women's compulsive shopping has become such a serious addiction that they can not lead healthy lives. Unique figures out how to support a growing family of five, and Gina suffers from panic attacks while working two jobs to support her parents and siblings.

Nonie and Scott try to overcome debilitating social anxiety that prevents them from finding jobs, getting dates and everything in between. From fights to hookups to breakdowns, everything is bigger in St. Petersburg, FL, on Floribama Shore Season 3. I'm a Compulsive Shopper Looking for some great streaming picks? Christina and Shacole feel self-conscious about their small breasts and decide whether or not getting implants will make them happier. Amy seeks a long-term solution for her lymphedema, Corey waits to get approved for gastric bypass surgery, and Frances fearlessly pursues her modeling dreams. Rocky struggles with his self-esteem after the surgery he had to remove excess skin from a lap-band procedure doesn't have the effect he'd hoped for. Allie wants to take over her dad's car dealership, Nikki has trouble standing up to her mother, and Lee hates his role in the family business. I am not saying you are wrong, I just would like to you to justify your selection either by editing your post or responding as a comment below. Alexa, Brandon and Lily are desperately seeking solutions for their severe acne, but each treatment comes with emotional, financial and physical risks. Here is a website about another shopaholic http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/2247042/Confessions-of-a-real-life-shopaholic.html Three young people with a stutter face challenges in landing a job, public speaking and connecting with their families. Log in to Reply. Due to her mother’s her mother and step father gave her everything she ever wanted until Three young people struggle with caffeine addiction and their health: Leandra had a seizure, Adam's heart almost gave out, and Crystal could be endangering her unborn baby. Seeing the therapist helped her to realize the The one thing they both have in common for their

Can these woman get the help they need to finally over come their compulsive shopping? Dennis becomes a positive influence after he gets released from prison, Jen is tempted to make easy money, and Vikki looks to the future to manage anxiety about the present. Three step teams from all over the U.S. compete to prove they're number one at the Step Correct Championship. Ali would sooner spend her money on clothes than pay her bills. Ashley's boyfriend can't seem to stop butting heads with her family, while Brayden's boyfriend concerns her mother with his age and criminal record. Rebecca aims to enter a fitness competition, Ryan wants to put on muscle as a jockey, and Kevin tries to become a Professional Heavyweight Strongman. after being told by her parents they would not pay for it, she

providers because it allows them to understand what the patient is The same probably goes for Gabby and Ali. situations and how they can help or see how they enable them.Treating a person with a condition likethis requires more insight than others because there can be other

Two young women seek their families' respect: Kat's bohemian ways clash with her conservative mom, and Vanessa can't shake her parents' perception that she's irresponsible. For two couples struggling to make long-distance love work, absence does not always make the heart grow fonder. seems a desire or traumatic event causes them  change their habits.

Anonymous. In the end, Ali was in $15,000 in debt and stopped seeing her These two young women's compulsive shopping has become such a serious addiction that they can not lead healthy lives. Hondo cares more about winning the bachata competition than coupling up, Kathy finds a new partner and sets her sights on a revenge win, and Dylan tries to win back Chrisoula. Two young couples who married as teens attempt a novel counseling program to figure out if their romances will survive the toughest tests or crack under the pressure. Newlywed Mindi works through her codependency issues, Ketsy enjoys her independence, and Crystal resents her new role as an army wife. Being on the wrestling team at Lake Stevens High means training for six months in a year, intense dieting to make weight and rock-star status among your fellow students. Gabby's excessive use of her parent's credit cards has put her family in $10,000 in debt. After coming out of the closet, three young people deal with homophobia and try to maintain their relationships with friends, family members and partners. They both have tons of debt due to student loans, credit cards, and the fact that they just want to blow all of their money on clothes and accessories. who are watching because someone can relate and if they see a little Daniella considers transitioning to her birth sex, and Amanda, who has been taking testosterone for a year, tries to understand what her gender identity really is. Krystal, Kelsey and Newell each try a number of techniques and medical procedures to gain control of their severe sleep disorders. boyfriends disapprove of their actions but continuously feed their Watch True Life - Season 2008, Episode 20080720 - I'm a Compulsive Shopper: Everybody shops. Sarah's fitness-obsessed boyfriend thinks her weight is getting out of control, and Desiree's boyfriend has told her to lose weight or she will lose him. Former commune member Took seeks to bring the communal lifestyle to New York City, and Emet moves out of his parents' house and into a commune in search of self-discovery. Dakota, a woman with a beard, and Curtis, a man with vitiligo, stand up to the world's restrictive beauty standards through mentorship and performance. Julie's worsening cataplexy makes living a normal life increasingly difficult, and Katy's overreliance on medicine to manage her narcolepsy creates tension with her boyfriend. Morgan experiences chronic kidney failure and needs a second kidney transplant, and Craig needs a bone marrow transplant to beat leukemia. portraying normalcy. Quincy is having trouble supporting his wife and baby on a minimum wage job, and Courtney and her family must figure out a plan after receiving their third eviction notice. She has never disclosed the information to anyone until the show. Three young people take their fandom to another level, whether they're obsessed with the Power Rangers, "World of Warcraft" or horror movies. A militia member, a Tea Party supporter and an anti-abortion protester take the spotlight in this episode about conservative activists trying to change the government. After serving their time in prison, three young people adapt to life in a world that might not give them a fair chance.

Two young knockouts are trying to overcome the resentments and jealousies that are making them miserable every day. feel empowered, make sense of the illness, and make adjustments which Celebrate True Life's 15-year anniversary with this showcase of all the drama, heartbreak and uplifting moments of its most memorable episodes.

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