Affordable restaurants dot the area. And one with a long and rich history. If you are in the market for a Japanese knife, it may be a good idea to hold off on that purchase until you get to Shinsekai–a few stops later on the tour.

After reaching the end of Doguyasuji, backtrack and return to the entrance where you started. Unlike Tokyo, the main part of Osaka is fairly compact. That doesn’t sound right to me. The shop is located near the Tsutenkaku Tower. So naturally, you guys with an empty tank aren’t a ‘potential customer’ to them anymore and they stop pestering you. I used to collect fifties and sixties guitar amps as a hobby—this is where I came to source obscure vacuum tubes and NOS capacitors and resistors for restoring those old amps to original condition. Thanks for the info And the girls giving ‘services’ are considered as waitresses!

If you want to visit a maid, cat, owl or hedgehog café, you can finally cross those items off your bucket list. To ensure you get your tattoo, make arrangements in advance. I have read many forum about Tobita Shinchi because I’m about to go there soon. 500 meters or so south of the big intersection, you’ll see a large white sign (pictured below) on the left side of the road announcing Tobita Shinchi.

Continue your visit to 2) 妖怪通り2 = Youkai Doori 2 (Monster Street 2) First of all, for all Bros who have never heard of Tobita Shinchi in Osaka (and for Bros who do but need a recap) let’s go over what this magical place is. With all the amazing places there are to see in Japan, visitors often end up spending only a few days in Osaka. Photo of Himeji Castle from You will find that the majority of stores will have girls in their early 20’s and definitely the youngest lineup of all 3 streets. When the one-eyed monster is ready for some action, you can insert and for gold!

I’m mentioning it because many of our customers are in the market for cutlery): If you spent the day doing this little tour, you will probably have had a bite to eat in Shinsekai and it is approaching nightfall.

All done very ninja so many foreigners don’t realize. Obviously, there is no time to get properly cleaned up, and it is a restaurant after all. If you fell in love with takoyaki and cannot go home without one of those dimpled pans to use on your gas stovetop, you’ll find those here as well. 1) 青春通り = Seishun Doori (Youth Street) “Doguya” means tool-seller, so translated, Doguyasuji means “tool-seller’s street.” The shops here sell kitchen and restaurant equipment. Most people walking the streets are Japanese man between the age of 20-40 years old and often in small groups. Shinsekai and Tobita Shinchi are located a few kilometers south of the vibrant and central area of Namba, but unlike the latter, it is one of the poorest and most infamous neighborhood of Osaka and in all of Japan, famous for the incredible number of homeless people on the streets and for prostitution. Pay your respects at the temple and make a wish as you pour water of the statue. Soaplands turned from brothels to regular ‘bathhouses’ on paper to disguise their services.

world. It is said that ‘looks-wise’ they may not be as hot as girls in the main area. Prostitution was accepted by the Japanese law in the past. Tobita Shinchi allows gaijin, well most as I have been rejected once. It was one of the first culture shocks (a positive one) I got when I first got into the Red Light scene in Japan. 1) 妖怪通り1 = Youkai Doori 1 (Monster Street 1) For some, it feels like there is no intimacy, no connection and no opportunity to create a ‘sexy mood’. The relationship you have during the time you are in the store (even for that short time) is considered ‘love’. Until 1958, when the first prostitution law forbidding the acts of money exchange for intercourse were enforced. Streets radiating out from Tsutenkaku tower (and the steel structure itself) hint at the area’s Parisian aspirations. At the end of the alley is a temple with a moss-covered Fudo-Myoo statue.

Himeji Castle is an authentic 17th century Japanese castle with the original wooden structure still intact. It is usually by the girl. After wandering around for a while, you will probably find yourself at the south end of Denden Town.

Doguyasuji is where the proprietors of Osaka’s countless restaurants procure their supplies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I won’t list shops here, because they pop up and disappear all the time. You have a chance to get to know each other and create that mood you are after. If you are with young children, I suggest you skip this last stop. Open between the hours of 10 AM to 12 Midnight, the first thing you would normally do when arriving at Tobita Shinchi is to go for a brief walk around the neighborhood. I say this to every Bro I take or go to Tobita Shinchi with. You and the beautiful waitress. Meaning ‘Pension Street’. These stores are currently ‘in use’ and servicing a customer.

more, Recommended experiences in and around Osaka. If you don’t do your homework and research in advance like checking a girl’s online website diary, you may encounter some hit and miss sessions.

The prostitution aspect of Tobita is a bit sordid, but the district contains stunning examples of Taisho Era architecture.

Check out ‘How to Go to Tobita Shinchi from Umeda in 25 Minutes (With Pictures)’ here! The over-the-top signage and delightful tackiness of the area has attracted an influx of visitors.

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