With the To Hell With Honor event lobi what do you guys recommend for lobi store must have consoles. If new things come into the game that make it stronger, then we will add gear and builds for it. Voice of the Prophet is also quite powerful. It looks like in all your ship screen caps u have the Altamid Modified Swarm Processor and Bioneural Infusion Circuit so I can assume that those 2 for sure.

Altamid Modified Plasma Omn The Engineering and Science slots are usually filled by Universal Consoles from our list or with Eng/Sci-Consoles to complete Sets. Tetryon is weak and won’t be listed here. Only unslot it if you know what you’re doing), Beam Overload (I, usually used as a trigger ability for the competitive engines and Inspirational Leader), Distributed Targeting (If you have nothing better to slot), Best Served Cold (If you have nothing better to slot), Cannon Scatter Volley or Cannon Rapid Fire (As a trigger ability for colony consoles), Attack Pattern Delta (I or III, depends on the ship layout. Energy‐level modulation between perovskite and carrier transport layers to obtain a promoted carrier extraction and reduced charge recombination is an effective way to achieve high‐efficiency perovskite solar cells. "I'm not big on telepaths myself. Shields: Regenerative Crystal Shield Matrix (Discount Version, Episode “Para Pacem”) I notice on your ship builds section you don’t got builds for La Sirena Heavy Raider, Vulcan Experimental Scout Vessel, Freedom Exploration Frigate? Choose the Cardassian Flight Deck Carrier if you buy one), Spiral Wave Disruptor Dual Beam Bank (Dilithium Store, Cardassian Ship required to claim. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets, https://sto.gamepedia.com/Jem%27Hadar_Vanguard_Bridge_Officers, Tac Slots: Rare Male Tacticals with Superior Romulan Operative (Fleet Embassy – Recruitment Tier 2, required), Eng Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big Vanguard Pack) or Nausicaan (Diplomatic Commendation Rank 4 or Exchange for KDF) and Kentari (Fleet Colony -Tier 5 Morale, if you have 2 Eng slots), Sci Slots: Jem’hadar Vanguard (Big vanguard pack) or Hierarchy Boff (Episode “Alliances”) and Kentari (Fleet Colony, if you have 2 Sci slots), 4-5x Boffs with Superior Romulan Operative (Exchange rare/very rare usually cheap, if you own the Delta Operations Pack, use the Eng Boff from that Pack), 1x Reman with Superior Infiltrator (Only when you’re flying a ship with Battle Cloak, if you own the Delta Operations Pack, use the Tac Boff from that Pack), Kentari (Fleet Colony, if you have one already otherwise not really needed), Tactical Team (I, defensive cooldown with small damage boost, can help a lot to survive. Also, I have Neal Falconer slotted in ground per your recommendation, but I don’t understand how he is relevant to space DPS. Personal Space Traits For disruptors Spirals outclass anything else. TS II attacks 4 targets, TS I 3. Thank you. Any chance on getting some links to these builds? with the introduction of the Ba’ul Weapons AP builds are pretty strong now. The last example is the layout for the Ba’ul AP build. eng => assimilated module, trilithium set console (epsiode reward combination with omni beam), weaponized helicial torsion, domino, dynamic power I still love my jem bug ship for my tac, but it seems squishy now. Engines: Combat Impulse Engines [Spd]x4 (Discount Version, Crafted via RnD) I posted this information in the Gameplay Bug Reports section, but since not many actually go in there unless they have a problem, I decided to post here as well; just so people can be informed. Console – Tactical – Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay in a discount setup? Sweet, happened to have a weapon pack on an alt so I have one of those to use. As a min/max what ship can I squeeze the highest dps from and what fit? and for the deflector if i don’t have access to that fleet one yet? Much appreciated. I'm not big on guns either. Idk what is worse… The fact you did nearly a 99% Great post, and forgot to add in the additional skill unlocks you have to choose in the skill tree after selecting the main skills. Thanks for the reply. As long as you use Aux2Bat 3 technicians are the way to go. I haven’t used it b/c it a phaser passive. Why I’m asking is because I managed to get a Special Requisition Choice Pack – Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack from the infinity promo R&D going on and I’m really doing my research on which ship to grab I don’t want to pick one and have buyers remorse after. Choose the one you prefer  I would surmise that any major fixes are going to wait until Season 11 launches, so as to avoid the inevitable TRIBBLE up of undoing a previous patch like the 10.5 snafus. Cheapest option would be a blue Energy Weapon Officer with crit severity for energy weapons. It’s a starship mastery unlock, not a final tier mastery unlock = starship trait.

During my usage, the parses have always shown that DEM III would provide about 10% additional damage based on my total energy weapons damage. Last I knew it didn’t make the jump from the weekend event store and I can’t find it. If you don’t mind I’d like to get your thoughts on it, and ask if it’s worth it to slot one FAW on a BO ship to trigger Preferential Targeting. let me quote myself from the same question regarding cannons: for the speed boost, to get into position fast enough. DEM III now provides me about an extra 5% damage based on my energy weapons. Of course we will also post builds for other ships if enough people ask for them. Dr. Shivnath Mazumder. And 2 hangars. I didnt used DEM for long time but it felt kinda very weak this week when i used DEM2 (and data on parser showed it also) that it does low dmg even when compared to CRF1 or other lt tier abilities. Why is Kemocite III used instead of I/II with FAW III and if that actually is intentional, why use FAW I and Torp Spread II instead of Torp Spread I and FAW II? I have the purple EWO CrtD and CrtH officers, 22 of 47 and three purple Aux2Batts slotted currently. If I understand correctly, these DOFFs only provide their benefit when they are on active space duty. Is that something I should just abandon and start from scratch? Turrets won’t deal much damage, so it’s not really important which one to pick.

I’ve placed the Ba’ul torp on the aft slot. Is it no longer a high priority to get the 2-piece bonus with the DPRM for synergistic retrofitting? I mean, it`s almost not needed to have a tank (at least in the “normal” and “heavy” stf). You may even skill them a bit more offensive than tacs. Could someone show me a good anti-porotn build? The other was a fleet a friend of mine that I trust is in, also T5 Colony World. So I’d pick one of those: Or, the fact im the only one to notice it…. You’re also the first one to ask about them, as far as I know. I did look at the ap example ship but nothing is labeled so it’s really hard to tell what each console is just from the picture. I have the evasive maneuvers one as well, but I don’t seem to get as much use out of it as you suggest. Kemocite III is just awesome with Ba’ul weapons. With the Season 11 launch being so close, it only makes sense to wait. Are you really sure that those fleets were T5 in Morale? Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discord or in-game. For Beam Overload Builds you should go with Dual Beam Banks, for Fire at Will Beam Arrays. Not really sure which to swap for DOMINO. Feedback damage is based on the magnitude of the incoming damage and increases in effectiveness based on your current auxiliary power level and skill. You can get by cheaper by replacing that with an Disruptor Omni from the exchange. easiest way right now would be a torpedo build with a tzentar or an epg build with a verne. DEM III now provides me about an extra 5% damage based on my energy weapons. Nothing was purposefully changed. Delta prime is decent for tanking i guess, but not 100% sure how much its used lately. . I got an invite to two different T5 Colony Worlds to get a Kentari Eng BOFF but they were greyed out both times. I would have to switch out either the priors world console or the sustained radiant field console. I usually use SO on final ship/boss. DO NOT!!! Requires 5 Tactical Skills. Antiproton Beams: Ba’ul beams work extremely well with Kemocite, so it’s highly recommended to use the Boff Layout with Kemo III listed above. Went through the parses that I had saved from prior and compared them to the recent ones.

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