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The Youth Advocate will work at New Avenues Robinswood Residential Housing, for multicultural foster care youth ages 7-20. Sean Suib, executive director of New Avenues for Youth, said their immediate focus will be to provide short-term support.

PDX-Connect They began working to embed medical and mental health services at the facility so the kids would no longer be shipped out to random, and harried, therapists around town. “We had to bolt all the furniture to the floor,” says Tabitha Jensen (center).

It recognizes the panic of a child—or a state agency—with nowhere else to turn.

jQuery('document').ready(function(){ That's a nice story. "I was better equipped than anyone else," she says. We'll send you a newsletter with what you need to know every week. Robinswood is located on the Youth Villages campus in Lake Oswego and provides housing to youth of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Supportive Housing. For more information about New Avenues for Youth, please visit "And when you're locked in a hotel with a kid, there's only so far you can go.". The plaintiffs stated they filed the lawsuit to stop the practice of placing abused and neglected foster children in hotels. Most of the youth they serve have been roughed up from day one. Now, Fariborz has me on speed dial.". Once the program opens, any youth age 9 to 20 who would otherwise be placed in a hotel will instead come to Robinswood, Youth Villages spokeswoman Crissy Lintner said.

We get it. "He's tireless.

"Our work is designed to not only provide for their immediate needs, but goes further to address the root causes of the troubles they face.

View profile View profile badges Get a job like Robin’s. For questions, comments and news tips, email reporter Whitney Woodworth at, call 503-399-6884 or follow on Twitter @wmwoodworth, Video: New housing coming for 'unplaced' Oregon foster youth, Since mid-2016, more than 130 Oregon children have spent at least one night as "unplaced foster youth." Youth will be accepted seven days a week with the capacity to serve 12 at a time. One of our programs that has adapted in these particularly challenging times is Avenues to College (ATC), which helps transition-age youth in (or formerly in) […], COVID-19 has altered the world around us, and we are facing a new reality. As the temperatures drop, we know that the need for warm clothing and winter supplies increases for the young people who access New Avenues’ programs and services. "We came in at the height of everyone freaking out," says Tabitha Jensen, New Avenues' director of strategic initiatives.

New Avenues went to work, and New Avenues is pretty damn creative. For all its experience with chaos and pain, New Avenues wasn't prepared for the dysfunction that came through the door at Robinswood. jQuery('document').ready(function(){ We believe, to redress youth homelessness and housing instability we must challenge and dismantle racism and other forms of oppression and build relationships within our communities that advance equity. ", More: Oregon Department of Human Services faces $595 million in budget cuts. And knowing it takes one positive relationship to make a difference in a child's life, they hired Deonza Watson away from DHS. A 9-year-old spent 81 days in hotel limbo; a 5-year-old spent 55 days. Drug and alcohol recovery and mental-health supports. "And the challenges the young people present are more dangerous than they were in the past.". "They don't choose to be in this situation," she says. "New Avenues stepped up.". They beefed up security—locked doors and alarms—to ensure the kids' physical safety. They've allowed us grace and resources to meet needs as they emerge. The two nonprofits realized their complementary strengths and resources and joined forces with DHS in early 2017 to solve the longtime problem of unplaced foster youth. Youth Villages’ emphasis is to seek familial placement resources (biological or foster care) whenever possible. When Suib and Jensen designed the facility—"we were well-intentioned, not well-informed," Suib admits—they envisioned a campus setting with high-level psychiatric care and low-supervision dorms. • Applicants are required to have a valid driver’s license

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