According to the Snowbirds website, Casey is originally from Halifax, N.S. ), Avionics Technician: Corporal Sebastian Boucher (Whitby, Ont. These teams received world-wide recognition, and their members were proud ambassadors of the men and women of the Canadian military. Major Dan Dempsey of Edmonton, Alberta took over the reins of the squadron for 1989-90, with 1990 representing the Team’s 20th Anniversary season. ), Aviation Technician: Corporal Mark Brown (Smith Falls, Ont. For the first time, the show opened and closed with nine-plane formation sequences and was performed in 1982 before a total audience of more than six million fans. ), Aviation Technician: Corporal Justin Shantidatt (Mississauga, Ont. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rick Scott (R-FL) introduced the Canadian Snowbirds Act, S. 2507 in the U.S. Senate. ), Aircraft Structures Technician: Corporal Jonathan Girard (Dolbeau-Mistassini, Que.

2012-All content on this site is purely for historical value and is used under the concept of Fair-use. Miles is sadly missed by the Team not only for his professionalism and skill as a pilot, but for his fine character. NWT and were honoured to be official ambassadors for the Canada 125 celebrations commemorating Canada’s 125th Birthday.

), Aviation Technician: Corporal Sherwin Petiza (Mississauga, Ont. This was not an achievement which came easily; it resulted from the cumulative efforts of numerous individuals over the previous ten years. ), Aviation Technician: Master Corporal Jeremy Matte (Baden-Baden, Germany), Avionics Technician: Master Corporal Aaron Shiell (Winnipeg, Man. ), Aviation Technician: Corporal Rick Yuke (Hanover, Ont. ), Avionics Technician: Corporal Elvis Aisaican (Carry the Kettle, Sask. Major Gord Wallis became Commanding Officer and Team Lead for the 1977-78 seasons. In 1986 several performances were flown at the Expo 86 site, and the Snowbirds were one of five military aerobatic teams to perform at the Abbotsford International Airshow. ), Aviation Technician: Aviator Jadnn Greer (Trenton, Ont. Accordingly, he established an unofficial non-aerobatic formation team in Moose Jaw in 1971. Major Bob Stephan led the 1991-92 Snowbirds through 125 shows. ), Aircraft Structures Technician: Aviator Aaron Boudreau (Sydney, N.S. Major Will will lead the Snowbirds through their 2002 to 2004 seasons. ), Aviation Technician: Sergeant Vincent Squires (Thompson, Man. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this immensely challenging time.

As ambassadors for the Canadian Forces and Canada, the Snowbirds not only strive for aerial perfection, but they also ensure that they preserve the team’s legacy of excellence in military deportment. This extremely significant milestone is a celebration of the tradition of excellence that the Snowbirds strive to preserve. The 2CFFTS Formation Team members practised in the evenings, after completing their primary instructional duties, and performed on weekends. Unfortunately, the founding father of the team, Colonel O.B. (Yogi) Huyghebaert led the 1985-86 Snowbird teams through a total of 121 shows throughout North America. ), Aviation Technician: Sergeant Andrew Latta (Lake Echo, N.S. ), Avionics Technician: Corporal Justin McFadyen (Tyne Valley, P.E.I. ), Aviation Technician: Master Corporal Joseph Meyer (Indian Head, Sask. Teams which had been formed as a result of the perseverance and initiative of dedicated individuals slowly matured, but were all too soon disbanded; the prime reason for disbandment was normally that of expense.

), Avionics Technician: Corporal Alex Stang (Calgary, Alta. Snowbirds – HistoryMajor D.F. ), Aircraft Structures Technician: Corporal Vincent Chrétien (Québec, Que. ), Lieutenant-Colonel Mike French (Commanding Officer), Major Jean-François Dupont (Deputy Commanding Officer), Chief Warrant Officer Greg Fleet (Squadron Chief Warrant Officer), Captain Blake McNaughton (Flight Safety Officer), Captain Jennifer Casey (Public Affairs Officer), Sergeant Vincent Squires (Crew Chief Avionics Technician), Master-Corporal Shawn Falzarano (Deputy Crew Chief Aviation Technician), Corporal Triston Popescu (Technical Coordinator Aviation Technician), Major Megan Latta (Squadron Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer), Lieutenant-Colonel Mike French (Commanding Officer), Honorary Colonel Les Gould (Squadron Honorary Colonel), Captain Philippe Roy (Flight Safety Officer: ), Lieutenant Arpit Mahajan (Support & Utility Pilot), Lieutenant (N) Michèle Tremblay (Public Affairs Officer), Sergeant John Enright (Crew Chief Avionics Technician), MCpl Shawn Falzarano (Deputy Crew Chief Aviation Technician), Corporal Kyle Van Tol (Technical Coordinator Avionics Technician), Lieutenant-Colonel Damon Brad Wintrup (Commanding Officer), Major Yanick Gregoire (Deputy Commanding Officer), #4 Maj Andy Feltrin, Captain Philippe Roy, Maj Steve Melanson, Lieutenant (N) Michele Tremblay (Public Affairs Officer), Sergeant John Enright (2017 Show Team Crew Chief), Master Corporal Russel Egler (Deputy Crew Chief), Corporal Alex Stang ( Technical Coordinator), Major Nicolas Parent (Squadron Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer), Captain Ian Pitman (Squadron Logistics Officer), Sergeant Tanya Dominie (Squadron Chief Clerk), Lieutenant-Colonel (Commanding Officer) Damon Brad Wintrup, Major Patrick Gobeil (Deputy Commanding Officer), Master Warrant Officer Christine Girouard, Lieutenant-Colonel (Commanding Officer) Christopher England, Public Affairs Officer Captain Thomas Edelson, Lieutenant-Colonel (Commanding Officer) Maryse Carmichael, Public Affairs Officer Captain Marc Velasco, Master Warrant Officer Jean-Claude Parent, Lieutenant-General (Retired) Fred Sutherland, Public Affairs Officer Captain Jennifer Jones, #11 Major Jody McKinnon / Captain Eric Willrich, Lieutenant-General (Retired) Fred Sytherland, Public Affairs Officer Lieutenant (Navy) Petra Smith, Public Affairs Officer Captain Stéphanie Walker / Lieutenant (Navy) Petra Smith, Public Affairs Officer Captain Stéphanie Walker, Lieutenant-General (retired) Fred Sutherland, Public Affairs Officer Lieutenant Jay Walker, #12A Corporal Ken Mick Admin: Marg Fowler (civ), #12 Captain Shirley Greenwood / Captain Michael Perry, #12A Corporal Margaret McPherson Admin: Marg Fowler (civ), #12A Corporal Liz Vella Admin: Marg Fowler (civ), #12A Corporal Earl Bourgeois / Corporal (Cpl) Liz Vella, #10 Captain Francois Cousineau / Captain Menes Pierre-Pierre, #12 Captain Paul Richards / Captain Tana Beer, #12A Corporal Earl Bourgeois Admin: Marg Fowler (civ), #2A Master Corporal Stewart Gilchrist / Corporal Mike Crickmore, #12 Captain Ross Fetterly / Captain Paul Richards, #1 Major Dave Wilson / Major Denis Beselt, #10 Captain Bob Curran / Captain Richard Lapointe, #12 Captain Leslie Whan / Captain Ross Fetterly, #4A Corporal Don Brak / Corporal Bill Dennis, #11 Captain Andy Bissette/Capt Mike Savard.

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