There are so many different kinds of birds to choose from. Melanie the bird manager was very helpful and knew exactly what my bird needed. Galah cockatoos have rose feathers on the breast and on their wings with a pink head and chest. He also told him to feel free to call him if ever he had any questions. Browse through available cockatoos for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Hansen, the owner greeted me with a friendly hello and struck up a nice conversation, and his wife Melanie, came up and greeted me too! Such a lovely place to purchase your pet birds! 99.99% of these birds sold in Australian markets are trapped from the wild and 50-60% of them including cockatoos and corellas carry a serious incurable disease called ‘Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease’ (PBFD). This is a truly fantastic pet store.

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gerogiehomberusa. Home / Cockatoo Parrot Specie GALAH (ROSE BREASTED) COCKATOO. I’ll be back the next time. Simply amazing!! A true local pet shop that I will be back to constantly. Irrespective of whether you are told that a bird  is bred in captivity, it is highly unlikely that it will be. There’s a bird here for everyone. Stores like this are disappearing. Everyone should come here and get everything they need for their pet birds. (I recently moved to the area) Beautiful, Well kept Birdies of all sizes. The store was neat and clean, and they have what you need for your pet birds! They are the best parrot shop around here. A man named Hansen, the owner i guess, approached us and showed me all the colorful feathered friends. This was amazing, since I really didn’t know what I was doing. He’s well-stocked with supplies and always has lot of birds. $500. Rated 4.68 out of 5 based on 38 customer ratings (41 customer reviews) $ 700.00 – $ 1,800.00. Will shop here from now on, you should check it out. A password will be sent to your email address.

Great place!! What I really appreciated was Hansen’s honesty when it came to referring parrots to me. he is not only been welcoming and helpful for us, but he welcomes our parrots as if they were guests in his home. Sort by .

Hand raised galah for sale. Awesome neighborhood shop. We inquired about some beautiful big parrots on the site and he replied us fast. Galah's for sale at Appleton exotics, many parrots and exotic pets available, operating in Wigan in the north west supplying throughout the UK Perfect food and custom service. Galah For Sale Melbourne. This shop has a great family feel though. My bird-loving friends and I have decided to patronize his business forever. Fantastic joint. this is the kind of thing you’ll only find at an independent pet store. Hansen is friendly and very generous in sharing his bird knowledge with his Customers. Search Pets All breeds. Seeds, Feed your Galah a good quality seed mix be wary of some supermarket mixes as they may contain low grade seed which is not fresh and therefor not nutrient rich, if you are not sure of the seed you are using ask your local bird expert. I massively appreciate these guys here.

Hansen taught us all about the best way to handle and care for our new family member. Since I have taken his advice I am happy to report that one year later Lucy is having healthy and regular bowl movements, and her mouth have been less inflamed. Everything is really organized. If you are looking to get a bird this place is the best because: They have a discount for the purchase of all birds and supplies, they have the best selection of cheap bird cages. Overall this store is a nice alternative to big box pet stores and much friendlier than another store I’ve tried in the area. Galah are about 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) in length and weighs about 280-320 grams.

Pets & Animals. Gave me tips on how to train my little feathered friend. After nearly 6 months of making my own food and trying new food, I finally had the pleasure of discussing my issues with the owner. They gave me several choices for substrate (and said that the baby one would be completely sound safe), explained what a baby cockatoo requires to be happy and healthy. The virus targets the center of the developing bird’s immune system; infected birds often become immunocompromised and die of secondary infections either bacterial, viral or fungal. We just bought a galah cockatoo from them and Hansen, the bird guy, was incredibly helpful.

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