En este vídeo un joven protestante, con una deficiente formación, ideas disparatadas y retórico empalagosa a llega acusar al Padre Toro incluso de … God promised that a Virgin would come as a sign of the coming of his Son and therefore whenever the Scriptures refer to Mary, the word, All Catholics are sure of Mary’s virginity, because we believe in God’s word and that. Este libro contiene 4 capítulos  y 83 versículos. They were kings but recognized in the Baby Jesus, a royalty superior to theirs. Saint Paul repeats again: Christ and the Church are one. Fuente principal que viene de Dios, revelación que comparte con la humanidad a través de los escritos. Padre Luis Toro Madre de Cristo y Madre de los Cristianos Descubrir que María es nuestra Madre, es encontrar a Dios como padre y sentirnos hijos amados desde siempre. Todo con pruebas de capítulos y versículos de los libros de la biblia del antiguo testamento y nuevo testamento. 1ª Parte. They worshipped the Child in front of his mother the Virgin Mary, they did not ask him to leave to worship him, there was also Joseph. Nos muestra como el coraje y valentía de esta mujer vence a sus enemigos.

Desde su misma ordenación sacerdotal se ha dedicado con infatigable entrega a la realización de talleres, audios, videos y debates con temas de Apologética. Padre Luis Toro. “And Mary said: «My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold. Trata del regreso a la tierra de Israel por los judios en cautiverio. Que Dios le bendiga y le proteja siempre !!!! El apóstol Pablo escribió este libro estando en la cárcel.

The Virgin Mary deserves all repect, admiration and praise for being the mother of God and for that, Isabel praises her with those beautiful words. If Mary is the mother of the Church, then Mary is our mother. They prostrated themselves, that is, they knelt before the Child and worshipped him, in front of Mary and Joseph.

Mary gave birth to the whole body of Jesus Christ, then we can already see that Mary is mother of God and mother of the Church, because the Church is the mystical body of Christ, and Mary is the mother of Christ.

(the crazy of the catholics)that is of what they think, exactly the disciples said that tooth followers,the ones they told He was the Messiah,they was listening Him with attention but:whaen He explain that, they turn back, was not acceptable,to hard. El Padre Toro explica las razones por las que no lleva clériman…, El gran debate entre el Padre Luis Toro y el Pastor Eduardo Gutiérrez, NO SE LO PIERDA, Pastor Mario Prado insulta y amenaza al Padre Toro DEFENDAMOS SU HONOR. Jh 30 And so they said to him:’Then what sign will you do,so that we may see it and believe in you?What will you work?They teases Him,they want to see what He does to believe,that is the human do,if he don’t see don’t believe,see now of why peoples think that Jesus is not in the Eucharist?.Because they don’t see Him,they only see a pease of bread,of course look silly to believe that Jesus was there,but he said it.Even He made the multiplication of the loaves,but they dint believe.Look how they teases Him,Jh31 our fathers ate the manna in the dessert and Died,according to this,remember they ate the manna for forty years,to they to believe that he has power. – For those who wonder how it was, be sure that she gave birth to Emmanuel «God with us». Nos habla cómo enfrentar la vida ya que lo único seguro es la muerte. Well, *if Christ is the head and his body is the Church, and the Church is all those who are baptized in the same Spirit, then we, the baptized, are also children of Mary*. Significa Dios protege  o Dios oculta. We do not understand how comes that Protestants who according to them are full of the Holy Spirit, can not praise Mary. they talk about Christ and they did not believe to Moses and now you still not going to believe in my words; because he will give us a teaching wonderful in the chapter 6.This is an introduction to the chapter6.

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