You can move the tumblers either left and right (for the blue ones) or up and down (for the tan ones). I could use some help cleaning the floors, fixing bookshelves, and quietly getting all the books in order. You can't not dance to this music!

Please help! Sam and Buddy tell Evelyn the good news and in the midst of their celebration, you learn that Mike is Evelyn's long, lost father. Oh no, I don't need help getting rid of them. This Walkthrough originally formed the … But it seems like someone's trying to sabotage Mr. Suckers' chance at winning.

I need a crack team of extremengineers to invent my next big trick-something no one has ever see before! Maybe you could spare a few students to help me develop this new style.Difficulty: 5Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, NatureReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Aran)Optimal team: Roger, Petal, Wolfah, From: Ikara after case #17 is solvedDescription: This is a disaster of epic proportions! Throughout the game you will encounter puzzles where you have to find parts to make or build something using cogs, gears and belts.

these are beneath a special agent of your caliber, so you will send out junior agents that you hire on these cases. A phyloxera epidemic has destroyed most of this year's truffle crop. When the correct number are touching it, the molecule will be blank. They're only found at 10,000 feet!Difficulty: 1Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, NatureReward: New outfits and a trophy (Wolf rider Gino)Optimal team: Roger, Petal, Gonk, From: Patrick after dispatch mission #1 is solvedDescription: I've done a bad thing. Case #16: What is the secret of the sunken ship? There are no more cases to solve. From: Agent WalkerDescription: All right, it's time to delegate! Case #15: What happened to Justice's crab traps? Angry Birds Star Wars Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe, re … The Club Kids - Solve dispatch mission #3028. Disco ball - Unlocked at the end of case #10 after you talk to Dr. F again7. Somebody stole my float for the citywide flower parade! While you are out on the trail of Morcubus, other cases will pop up around town. But if you want to see the true ending, you do need to complete them all. Send help!Difficulty: 2Duration: 3Interests: Paranormal, NatureReward: New outfitsOptimal team: Marlon, Petal, Wendalyn, From: Elmira after dispatch mission #1 is solvedDescription: The library is such a mess! If only I could obtain some of the milk of the rare Blackfooted goat. On the plus side, the nightmare crown is left behind so you do get that back. Once you have the parts, go back to the item you are repairing or building and youwill be presented with a puzzle. You can still pass the mission this way and you get a slightly different ending. You can also move agents around in this screen. Feller named Skullfinder sold it to me. Walker is happy that Morcubus is gone forever and the city is safe but there is no happy reunion. Case #11: Where are Poppy's three letters? And they're not too hard, as long as you have a fairly steady hand.Basically, there will be a maze you have to navigate using the cursor. You will find and earn many trophies throughout the game. Please send suitable candidates at your earliest convenience.Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Charisma, NatureReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Makoto)Optimal Team: Trevor/Nicole, Petal, Leaf, From: Aran after case #17 is solvedDescription: As you know Sim Fu takes its inspiration from many animals. Some will come just by completing parts of the story.

You may not have the agents I suggest depending on where you are in the story. Following this sewer passage should reveal the truth-who's with me?Difficulty: 3Duration: 4Interests: Smarts, NatureReward: A new HQ object and a trophy (Agent Walker)Optimal team: Gordon, Petal, Violet, From: Tobor after case #16 is solvedDescription: Greetings, human. There is no construction and the cases in the story move you from beginning to end.

But it is a lot of fun to play and it … Now I just need help with a few...logistics.Difficulty: 2Duration: 6Interests: Athletic, SmartsReward: An HQ object and a new dispatch mission (30)Optimal team: Roger, Gordon, Makoto, From: Agent Walker after dispatch mission #6 is solvedDescription: Our investigations have led us to a humble pizza parlor--or is it? © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. So, I've got a solution for a water evaporator that I'm not sure where it goes in the story so I'll just leave it here. This makes it much easier.It is very difficult to describe in words how to solve these puzzles so I embedded images throughout the guide, but please know that there are probably a few ways each puzzle can be solved and I merely presented one way I did it.

I didn't make the game. They are our most pretentious ingredient!Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Nature, SmartsReward: An HQ object and a new dispatch mission (49)Optimal team: Petal, Gordon, Violet, From: Watanabe after dispatch mission #37 is solvedDescription: My restaurant is successful and brings me much honor, but there is one problem: my son Jimmy.

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