After we disabled them, around 1.5 GB RAM was released and directly supports better performance. This aspect controls the size of the On-screen content like text and icons. Change the default value to 400 or something even small.

That can disturb the usual working with apps. ,"Collapse":"Click to Collapse"}, Smart Switch - Transfer to Your New Device, Find out what to do if the location information is inaccurate on your smartphone, set up the new Samsung Account on your device, find out how to delete, remove and set up a Samsung Account, For devices running Nougat and Oreo, go to. To change your country, you first need to set up a new country in Google Play. While everything that is given in this menu does not serve a purpose to any ordinary users like us, still there are enough features that we could use to enhance different aspects of our phone. Required fields are marked *. Wow, i never heard of this before Did android disabled this feature?

This action will free some amount of processing power (CPU) that is being used for rendering purposes. You can learn more here: Before you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone (locked variants), you would need to check this option within the Developer Options. Or just try yourself whether it selects the default renderer or OpenGL (Skia) stays. There’s a lot of benefits of using a phone that runs on Android Oreo and Pie firmware. And makes the devices work smoother, as far as we have observed the result. To set up a new country you must be in that country and have a payment method from the new country.

Which makes users feel that their phones are working a bit faster. Once this menu is activated, we can locate it right under the Settings menu.

Do you know that current smartphones are no less as compared to computers? While you make any changes using this menu, we suggest you keep a track of it.

That helps to improve productivity, customization and of course overall experience. Here’s how you can implement this setting right away: Thereafter, almost every rendering request will be handled by the GPU unit.

from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Now, look for “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”. The term DPI stands for Dot Per Inch, is related to the rendering process (not directly). This information should be sufficient enough to turn on/off this menu on this phone. There are many available, but for the purposes of this guide, we're using Fake GPS location by Lexa. I have turned on "developer option", and when i go to "Select mock location app" I am not able to enable it.

This is the most ethical way to improve performance and productivity that requires no third-party apps or utilities. Not they are powerful as laptops, the internal functions are quite similar. Your Google Play country determines what content you see in the store. Since this option has been implemented, it has been observed that OpenGL Skia works a little faster and renders better visuals. Right after that, you should see a message ‘Now you’re a developer’. However, you should know that it will close other apps exceeding the set number. Under this menu, tap on ‘Set USB Configuration’. If you ever wish to remove this menu from your phone, then you just need to clear cache of ‘Settings’ app within the Apps list. For further information, find out how to delete, remove and set up a Samsung Account. Therefore, you should apply this action only in cases where you need to get the most out of the battery life.

Therefore, you must use this feature carefully. We can force that application to work in Screen Split mode even if that doesn’t support this ability. Your device uses a combination of Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile networks to determine your location.

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