You can always identify your location even when hunting off the grid. Sitemap Use your mouse scroll wheel or the clickable controls to zoom in and see additional roads, cities and labels. All the map coverage and details require only one initial download. Our Mobile Hunting Maps work offline with no downloading of  additional maps once the entire state wide map is downloaded. Website by Visionary Design Concepts, Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Quail, Sharp-Tail, Huns & Chukars hunters, Public lands boundaries: Federal, State, County lands are identified, Several basemaps available including topo and satellite, Note: does not work on Apple Desktop or laptop computers. Our customers share their experiences when using our Mobile Hunting Maps. Timber harvest around the trails is the main tool used to create quality grouse and woodcock habitat. “The out-of-state grouse hunters love to come to Minnesota, because even our lowest bird population years are still better than their best.” says Ed Fussy of Pimushe Resort near Bemidji. The DNR and partners developed the system of hunter walking trails beginning in the 1970s. Hunting regulations, season length and license requirements are available on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website at Duluth, Maps of additional grouse hunting areas may be available. There is no time consuming step  to download additional data each time you want to hunt a new area. According to a recent DNR survey, “The ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is the most popular game bird in Minnesota, with an annual harvest averaging more than 500,000 birds.” Even in below average years, hunters in other states envy Minnesota’s flush rates. Photography by Chip Laughton Grouse hunting success tends to peak around the second and third week in October, while there’s still fall color but a lot of the leaves are off the trees. Minnesota has 600 miles of hunter walking trails located in the northern forested area of the state where grouse are most abundant. I am heading to the woods on the 14th and would love to have the latest & greatest maps loaded. In northern Minnesota, ongoing timber management aids in continued creation of excellent grouse habitat in various stages of growth, which provides hunters with many more options than other states. We preserve cherished hunting traditions by first creating healthy forest habitat for grouse and woodcock.

Good boots are mandatory, but a dog is optional. “Just last fall, some of our hunters had 20- to 30-a-day bird flushes.”. Our Mobile Hunting Maps locate and identify, by habitat, the best areas to hunt the animals you want to hunt. Review the color-coded labeled habitat features and determine the best hunting strategy for the day’s weather conditions. Our habitat enhanced maps help you quickly locate areas to hunt because we label the prime habitat for each species. The male tries to attract females by making one or two loud “claps” by beating air beneath its wings. You have a very happy customer in myself. Grouse hunting is one of the easiest way to begin hunting — and an even better way to get in a good hike.

Our Mobile Hunting Maps locate and identify, by habitat, the best areas to hunt the animals you want to hunt.

“We always say that in good grouse habitat, if you trip you won’t hit the ground because it’s too thick to walk through,” Dick said. Ruffed grouse are generally found in or near aspen trees. The DNR partners with other organizations and land managers to maintain hunter walking trails. Use our GPS enabled Mobile Hunting Maps that locate and identify habitat on public hunting lands. 4 Hot and Easy August Fishing Trip Options, Work out your Coronavirus Stress on the Red River. Nicknamed fool’s hen or fool’s grouse because they aren’t afraid of people. Hunting the prime habitat is essential for a successful hunt. I love the measuring tool. I wasn’t able to find the king but I did flush 4 woodcock and was able to harvest one.

By viewing all the habitat details on the maps, you can start hunting as soon as you hit the woods.

Grouse hunters need to be careful, quiet and quick on the draw, but even novices can easily pick up the sport. It doesn’t matter what kind of Upland Hunting you are doing, there is a Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Map that has Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Quail, Sharp-Tail, Huns & Chukars hunters covered. Can you please send me the information on the tablet that you spoke about to me so I can try to find one here and I can have a dedicated spot just for Scout-N-Hunt. Length: About 12” • Weight: About 1.5 lb. This prestigious annual hunt attracts hunters from all over the world. This video shows how we use our mobile maps to locate and scout areas with good concentrations of both marginal and prime grouse habitat.

Wayne Jacobson, owner of the Sawmill Inn of Grand Rapids, has hosted the National Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt for more than 30 years. “New hunters can follow these trails and not worry about getting lost or wandering off public land. I am a VERY happy customer who first used your product last year for WI grouse hunting and renewed this year. Considered “the king of game birds,” grouse challenge hunters to use all their senses, DNR’s Dick says.

Mark and measure the distance from where you plan to part to where you will be hunting. Grouse season is open now and lasts through Jan. 1, 2020. Ruffed grouse are loners, except during mating season in April. For many veteran grouse hunters, though, hunting with a dog is half the fun. These areas are great for grouse population building and new hunting grounds. Return Policy © 2020 Northwind Enterprises| | 855-831-6277 | 223 East 3rd St, Glidden, WI 54527 Terms & Conditions The only equipment needed is a basic shotgun and some good boots; guides and hunting dogs are not required. Grouse and woodcock hunters love the formidable challenge that these birds present – we embrace it, and it’s a big part of what draws us together and brings us back to the woods every fall. Downloadable maps of hunter walking trails and more information can be found on the hunter walking trails page at We bring real-time outdoor news to our readers and viewers through our many digital formats such as this website, social media channels and our bi-weekly e-newsletter. This map source includes coverage for all 49 ruffed grouse management areas in Minnesota and is based on the official boundaries published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. We bring up the app and decide what type of cover we want to hunt. Midwest Hunting and Fishing magazine is a bi-monthly magazine providing relevant and timely content to our readers throughout the Midwest through our high-quality print and digital magazine. Minnesota’s fall climate is perfect for grouse hunting—cool temperatures for ruffed grouse, hunters and dogs. Mobile Offline Maps Anytime. Minnesota’s fall climate is perfect for grouse hunting—cool temperatures for ruffed grouse, hunters and dogs. There is no guessing what your position is in relationship to prime habitat or private lands with live GPS tracking. They make a cackle while flying. Track to your waypoint & download them to your computer. On Saturday, I used the Wisconsin map to find a spot I hadn’t hunted before and almost immediately got into birds. Hunter walking trails wind through prime grouse habitat throughout central and northern Minnesota, Grouse hunting is a great way to get started hunting, and a great way to spend an afternoon in the woods. I’ve been using Scout-N-Hunt for a couple of years now. COVID-19 freedom, they say, UW-Superior will continue intermittent furloughs in 2021, Police arrest 11 in Portland, 50 in New York at protests after U.S. vote,, Access to Apostle Islands ice caves will close by Sunday at latest, Minnesota Senate committee passes bill to suspend wolf hunt. Habitat and boundaries are clearly labeled and color-coded. The leaves begin to change to brilliant hues of gold and red in mid- to late September. The woodcock season ends Monday, Nov. 4. The only items needed to get started are a shotgun, blaze orange vest and hat and a small game license. Export locations to Google Maps the navigate to where you plan to hunt.

I didn’t grow up hunting grouse and woodcock,  so wasn’t familiar with best habitat types. If you’re also targeting woodcock, make sure to get a Harvest Information Program certification when you buy your license. I never lost signal while in the woods on my phone. Minnesota offers various hunting opportunities for Ruffed Grouse. Colors from gray to chestnut.

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