I liked them but it was very limited. Of course, other aspects would determine the actual course. Nevertheless, the North Node is undoubtedly strongly drawn towards the Sun person, and vice-versa. Luminous planets are of essential importance in synastry, because they allow partners better to see one another, in astrological terms. Mercury represents our communication style and intellectual processes. Since badly positioned Mercury makes communication or expressing something problematic, if seen in a natal chart, one might assume the same is with synastry. Kanye’s Sun in opposition to Kim’s Venus is a binding aspect for both parties. You have an intellectually stimulating connection to each other. In any case, if it was positioned in a good way, it could contribute to mutual understanding. Aspects are connections between planets, angles that planets from one chart form with those from the other chart. In Kanye, Kim sees her soul mate, and tends to overlook his flaws. As always, you can't judge the cover of the puzzle by only analyzing one single piece of it in isolation. Though a physical attraction is indicated by this aspect, the sexual style of the Mars person may make the Node person feel uncomfortable. He e-mailed me for about 2 months after the sudden separation, expressing his disappointment and sorrow. The thing is that the Moon is an emotional absorber and the Moon person could hardly defend from the other one’s influence, regarding emotions. It is a significant, powerful soul connection.

Bright Ideas; Mercury Conjunct North Node. This sentiment is reinforced by Kim’s Saturn in trine aspect to Kanye’s Sun. On the good side, the Saturn person can help the North Node person achieve success and teach them how to be responsible. Indeed, the two of you have a “clean slate” upon which to build your relationship. If it is a karmic connection, your souls recognize each other. What does this person mean to me on the soul level? In ancient mythologies, the Moon was associated with some beautiful deities. The two of you enjoy communicating and exchanging ideas. Moon conjunct Mercury is an astrological aspect; here, we observe it in a synastry report. You need a professional astrologer, like me, to conduct a detailed, personalized reading for you! Regardless, the Nodal person is likely to feel somewhat uneasy in the presence of the Sun person, mostly because the Sun person brings the Node person out of their comfort zone. You communicate easily with each other. Therefore when your North Nodes align, this relationship can come in the form of a big, karmic lesson if for some reason one or both of you is not willing to work on breaking the negative past life patterns you invoke within each other. First, synastry is a study of two charts in comparison. Overall, he was considered a clever, spirited and agile god. There are little chances you would find a synastry with ‘positive’ aspects only. Kanye’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction opposes Kim’s Venus/Neptune conjunction. Reading human destiny from the stars has been a popular practice since antiquity. It also appears at an exact degree in our composite chart. They are less inclined to feel burdened by this relationship; they feel comfortable in their commitment to each other. Ideally, you want to move out of your comfort zone into less comfortable but more rewarding path of the North Node. Moons in ‘bad’ positions represent different inner worlds of the people involved. Reply ↓ Michelle November 1, 2012 at 4:23 pm. In conclusion, the exact Lunar Node contacts between two people bring them magnetically together and create a bond, but not always in a comfortable or pleasant way. On the downside, the Mercury person communicates in a way that may make the North Node person feel slightly uneasy or uncomfortable. True Lunar Node person helps Mercury person enhance their own understanding. The relationship also strongly depends on whether the Nodal person relates well to their North Node. It is associated with femininity, with kindness, with home, homeland and generally all the concepts and places we feel cozy and comfortable. The closer the aspects (don't exceed 1°), the more magnetic the bond or connection -- for good or bad.

Everything you had been through together in other lives: the good and the bad. Go ahead and look at your synastry chart if your North Nodes conjunct. It looks like the nodal axis reinforces the meanings of the planets of the other person that are conjunct it -- for good or bad. The likelihood of the two of you staying together also depends on how the North Node person responds to Saturnian energy. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find mentally appealing and stimulating. Uranus person brings excitement and an element of surprise. On the down side, Kim may find Kanye a bit serious or harsh, and may be afraid to express her feelings out of fear of Kanye’s disapproval. var D=new Date(),d=document,b='body',ce='createElement',ac='appendChild',st='style',ds='display',n='none',gi='getElementById',lp=d.location.protocol,wp=lp.indexOf('http')==0?lp:'https:';

When the Nodes of person A conjunct the Nodes of person B, there is a magnetic pull also, that can be accompanied by a magnetic push. The Moon person strives to provide safety and security to the North Node person, as well. How will this play out is it good or bad? Mercury person could be influential in True Lunar Node person's life, sharing ideas and information that can shape True Lunar Node person's destiny and help True Lunar Node person fulfill their purpose.

Aspects are also present in each natal chart as it is. In astrology, Mercury symbolizes youth, young people children, travel and communication. You will feel an immediate pull towards this person. For Kanye, it is always about HIM. Moon conjunct Mercury is a tandem that could communicate without speaking and yet one that could say aloud whatever was on their minds, without fear of being misunderstood. Is the Nodal person ready to grow, or is he not? They may encourage the person or they may just inspire them if Mercury is trying to move forward to find their right mission to just grow in the future. Tag: north node conjunct mercury synastry Uncategorized The North Node in Synastry. Perhaps Kim threatens his sense of independence by stimulating his desire for partnership. Since we talked about North Node being a less comfortable but more rewarding journey, in a North Node conjunct North Node aspect, the connection is not all roses and unicorns. This aspect indicates the two of you are “new” to each other in this lifetime. Indeed, this is an ideal aspect in the charts of guru-discliple or teacher-student relationships. Also, it's not sure if the North Node of person A conjunct the North Node of the other partner is better or worse than the conjunction between the North Node of person A and the South Node of the other partner. Alternatively, the transit may “mute” these energies and compel him to settle down. Since here we have a planet of emotions, compassion, care and comfort on one side and the planet of communication, pragmatism and logic on the other side, one might assume this aspect must be important. In case of Moon conjunct Mercury, the energy becomes very strong and deeply intuitive. Wow! Posts: 686 From: Registered: Sep 2011: posted April 04, 2013 01:43 PM I'd like to know if you've been the north node person or the planet/point person who aspected the north node of another, how did you feel respectively?

In such a position, the planet or body that squares the Nodes of the other person is an objection or obstruction so that magnetic attraction is blocked. I have a Moon conjunct North Node in synastry, going both ways with my girlfriend! Mercury in Rome was the god of merchandise and fortune. When Moon is in a good aspect, it tells about emotional understanding and similarities, the common tongue. Stereotypical explanations are difficult to hold on in synastry, since the whole complex of aspects would play the role in the overall nature, shaping the ‘type’ of one relationship. If the North Node person’s chart is “Saturn-friendly” (i.e. In spite of this True Lunar Node person may be resistant to following through or Mercury person may be too distracted to fully fulfill their mission in this relationship. The cycle of giving and receiving support and love will be a main theme in your relationship. Conjunction is one of the major aspects, but it cannot be considered easy or heavy in itself, like other ones that could be divided into these two groups.

The Sun is the heart of the horoscope.It shows your true self, who you really are on the inside.

Contact Me! Depending on where the North Node person “is” in his or her life will dictate how this relationship will unfold. You may both enjoy active lives and seek fulfillment and understanding by immersing in your community. It is amazing to notice that the Mercury person would feel deeply understood in this connection, which is something this communicative planet needs. Rather than supporting True Lunar Node person's destiny, Mercury person may become restless and worry about the path True Lunar Node person is on, and may try to talk True Lunar Node person out of fulfilling their purpose.

As such, the North Node person may feel exhausted at the amount of mental activity that goes on between the couple, as the North Node person has to put in a considerable amount of effort in order to keep up with the Mercury person.

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