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Malas employed to see the irrigation in villages called Neerati, Neeradu.

The rivalry is legendary and traditional, going back to tribal times and manifested clearly in national and regional politics. They now form part of the upper middle class sections of society. (See C.P.Brown Telugu-English Dictionary 2nd edition.,p. KAMMA -- KNOWN PERSONALITIES(UNIVERSITES VICE CHAN... Surname (House name) Village/Place of kamma people. hai this is lakshmanarao.ardhalapudi there is no surname called ardhalapudi with gothram viparla please add it in the next updates of kamma surnames and gothrams. Thanks & Regards RAMBHA BUJJI.

Malas still live in segregated settlements in rural Andhra,but in urban areas it is not so. Some say exactly the opposite, that they were penalised by the turki sultans for stubbornly retaining their old (‘hindu’ ) ways.

Gothram - Vaarneelu, add our surname VANKAYALAPATI and gothram VELPULA, Please add ERLA as a surname in Kamma community. there is no surname called vallabhaneni with gothram kancharla please add it in the existing list of surnames.

there is no surname called masana with gothram vipparla please add it in the existing list of surnames. Please add Mummareddy surname with Rachanulla gotram. The Mala leaders have tried hard to convince their madiga brothers about the ill effects of categorization but their efforts were in vain as madigas under MRPS have been aggressively working hard to pass the SC Categorization bill in Parliament, Malas oppose SC Categorization on 4 main grounds.

there is one more surname Maduru with mattilla gothram please include it, there is one more surmame Maduru with gothram " mattilla ", Hi pls add AKURAJU in the surname list and gotram is valunolla, sava. Further Sri Krishna Devaraya mentioned that Malas were bandits along with Boya commnity, that was the reason why Malas in later period were appointed as Kavalivaru or Talavari to prevent thefts and bandits in village. Pambala people are very skillful in singing songs of tribal goddesses by playing a musical instrument called Jamidika. Unfortunately this tactic is used by the dominant upper castes to polarize both groups and alienating them from political e mpowerment. P.V.

87     Ginjupalli                        Ginjupallivari palem, near Prattipadu, Guntur Dsit, Kankanala                    Kankanalapalle village: 1) near Sattenapalle, Guntur District, 2) near                                                 Tripuranthakam, Prakasam Dist, 54      Kommineni                   Kommineni vari Palem: 1) near Ballikurava, Prakasam Dist, 2)                                                             Kommineni-palle: near Sullurupet, Nellore Dist, 155      Konanki                       Konanki village: near Piduguralla, Guntur District, 156      Kondamaneni              Kondamaneninayuni palem village: near Dharmavaram, Ananthapur                                                   District, 157      Kondapalli                    Kondapalli village: near Vijayawada, Krishna District, 158      Kondaveeti                   Kondaveedu village: Guntur District, 159      Koneru                          Koneru village: Gunjam District, Orissa State, 160      Kongara                        Kongaravaripalle village: near Chandragiri, Chittor District, 161      Korrapati                       Korrapadu village: near Medikonduru, Guntur District, 162      Kotapati                         Kotapadu village: Prakasam district, 163       Kotha                            Kothavari palle village: near Madanapalle, Chittor District, 164       Kothapalli                      Kothapalli village: near Kodali, Krishna District, 165       Kovelamudi                   Kovelamudi village: near Vatticherukuru, Guntur District, 166       Koya                             Koyavari palem village: near Prattipadu, Guntur Distict, 167       Kuchipudi                     Kuchipudi village: 1) near Pamarru, Krishna and 2) near Tenali,                                                        Guntur District, 168       Kudapa                        Kudapa village: near Reddy Gudem, Krishna Dist, 169       Kudaravalli                   Kudaravalli village: near Gudivada, Krishna District, 170       Kukkapalli                     Kukkapallivari palem: near Chilakaluripet, Guntur Dist, 171       Kunamaneni                 Kunamaneni Vari Palem village: near Cheemakurthi, Prakasam Dist, 172       Kuntamukkla                Kuntamukkala village: Near Mylavaram, Krishna District, 173       Kurapati                       Kurapadu village: near Sattenapalli, Guntur District, 174       Kurra                            Kurravari palem: Near Medarametla, Prakasam District.

Pambala priest are famous for their black magic like Yanthra, Manthra, Thanthra and they played major role in village goddess jataras. Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu during the period 1996-97 appointed Justice Ramachandra Raju Commission to study Categorisation among scheduled castes and later came out with A.P.Scheduled Castes(Rationalisation of Reservation) Act, 2000 categorizing the 15% SC Reservation Quota into four subgroups A, B, C, D (C-Malas, B-Madigas).

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