(labelled 16mb Unformatted primary). Have you ever been annoyed that your cloned hard drive won’t boot?

If the Windows environment was previously booting from a SATA drive, it won't be set up to do that and will therefore fail shortly after it tries to boot. The system would then boot and when everything seemed fine, I cloned the OS, but that would not boot. It's the "Creators Update", not the "Creator's Update". I also considered flashing the BIOS again but rather than seeing the option to do so there seemed to be other options which I didn’t understand.

", "MiniTool ShadowMaker really helps universal restore. With this disk cloning software, you don't need to worry about the cloned drive won't boot issue. I created a Macrium Rescue USB but when I tried to boot from it the option wasn't available. Several functions may not work.

I can still produce clones, but cannot boot from them.

Now remove MiniTool ShadowMaker Bootable media and try to boot your PC from the target disk. At this time you can click the Restore button directly or you can add some drivers to the system before you click Restore. At the next startup, check to see if the issue is still occurring. Step 5.

Otherwise, the SSD drive will not boot after the cloning process is complete. If that's not it, I'm not sure what's going on there. Though I don’t know what the best BIOS settings for my system are, they are the same for the original which worked, as they were for the clone.

Also, if the fix does not help, you are able to get 2 more alternative programs of MiniTool that can guide you through a successful disk cloning process and the cloned hard drive is bootable. The new cloning result on a different disk layout? In that case, your motherboard firmware would essentially always have booted from the source drive, but then the Windows Boot Manager entry would have turned around and redirected to the second drive. if not I suggest you recreate the disk just in case something need to be adjusted for the new hardware... Hi, yes the rescue disk was created after the change over. You can follow this article (here) for Windows 7 or this one (here) for Windows 10 to create an installation media if you don’t have one. (Note: In some cases this type of migration is possible without ReDeploy, such as if you've got a RAID-type controller abstracting the storage interface from the OS.

There is a high possibility that you have a system reserved partition or EFI system partition located on your system disk. There is something else I noticed (please see image), after performing a full clean and then format of the drive to be cloned to, the 1st partition was still visible in disk management. I suppose it does seem a bit archaic but it is something I turned to some years ago after having little success with other methods of backup. When you are in the main interface of MiniTool ShadowMaker, go to Tools and choose Clone Disk. The other drives are just for files. @jvetterl, if you're using Macrium Reflect and cloned all source partitions to the destination (as opposed to just your C drive, for example) and it still won't boot, then at least temporarily disconnect your original source drive if you haven't already, then boot your system from the Macrium Reflect Rescue Media and run Fix Boot Problems, then try booting normally again. 4) As you may know, some software allows you to clone MBR to GPT disk without disk conversion.

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