Jerry was already behind the wheel of his mom's Olds Cutlass, revving the engine and adjusting the air conditioning, and scavenging a box of 8-tracks to find the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever. I remember the sweet and tart taste of Orange Crush on my tongue, and how bits of potato chips would somehow wind up floating in the bottle. Suddenly we had a collection of folding chaise lounges, and nifty rockers. The pervasiveness of the word in the local jargon has resulted in bungalow being imported into the Malay language as the word banglo with the same meaning. We were the Yiddishe precursors of the inner city graffiti masters, replete with our paint cans and markers and crayons and charcoal. Then, painted in the most revolting combination of colors imaginable, it was off the oven, or kiln, where the enamel baked to the clay, a testimony to our poor taste and utter lack of talent fixed for all eternity. When we returned to the bungalow colony in late June we discovered a fat black hose at the pool?s edge that fed water to the brim of the pool?s edge. From Memorial Day through Labor Day the place was practically 24-7. The bungalow colony listis an ongoing project of the Catskills Institute. So we did not have loudspeakers to make event announcements and communicate phone calls. Not your quilt! Shalom Betty,There is no reason to think that everything Orthodox Jews do is negative. On Sunday nights and early Monday mornings the Dads would leave once again. "Can it!" Don’t be crazy. Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment. Then, all I knew was the red ones and yellow ones and purples, too& But they were bountiful and lush, so free and magnificent that even the children beheld the garden with reverence and awe, careful to never violate it s sovereignty with a stray ball or stumble, lest Charlie be disappointed with us. Afterwards, I stayed seated, as Paul steered the old Ford up that winding road, past the noisy chickens, to the edge of the dump. The vista is unchanged. So we missed the game, and the heroicsthe Mays home run, the Koufax strike out, the incredible catch by Clemente. Manufacturers included Boulton & Paul Ltd, who made corrugated iron bungalows as advertised in their 1889 catalogue, which were erected by their men on the purchaser's light brickwork foundation. At the end of the film "Field of Dreams," Kevin Costner, who has illogically constructed a baseball field and inadvertently summoned back the ghosts of deceased ballplayers of renown, tearfully meets a youthful, robust version of his dead father. Now, I had often seen groups of older men and women strolling along the shady country roads, but I'd never given much thought to just where they'd come from, or to where they were headed. Taking care of us, the bungalows and any problems that arose, be it emergency medical runs due to childhood injuries, dealing with the rain and cold weather, or just disciplining children who were running a bit wild for the summer. I had no idea what happened.

The bungalow retained a small hint of gas, but it was warm, and toasty, as you came in from a fierce game of ring-a-leevio, or tag, the night air icy in your chest, to sit at the linoleum kitchen table and devour hot chocolate and a sleeve of Oreos.You hated seeing the bungalow that final week. We'd hear the crackling of the speaker as the PA came on, then the invariable whooshing drone created by blowing into the microphone, as if it were necessary to retest the system every five minutes. Five of them in a row-you can name two of the others-Henry, from the bungalow adjacent yours, and Arnie, your dad?s old pinochle partner. Our parents adjourned to the casino for the end of summer party, and we swore to stay up till dawn, holding tight to each other, swearing filial bonds and allegiance for all time. Certainly, for their purposes, it commenced with the conclusion of dinner, when we would bound from bungalows like stampeding livestock. Somehow, that was a comforting thought.

It seems she is the reason that my parents met. Cheeseburgers, or hot dogs, or frozen pizza, or chicken or tuna sandwiches, with Bon Ton potato chips and bottles of soda picked cold from the cooler near the counter, the one that slid back and showed just the bottle tops, the caps opened and popped from the metal bottle opener fastened to the side of the massive fridge.

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