The problem is that it is not easy to switch service lines. Just saying -- there are a lot of Big 4 Managers chiming in here. –  You will have every opportunity to prove yourself and succeed. I’m going to be switching lines of service and it was not possible to internally transfer at my current firm. Advisory tends to have better exit opportunities and higher salaries when they leave. In fact, one of the biggest reasons cited by people who return to the Big 4 after previously leaving for another job is the quality of the people they get work with on a daily basis. I second the headhunter idea with a caveat - be picky and don't run for the door at the first job that shows you interest. If you add in the exam fees that EY reimburses back to you, the company is basically giving you $10,000 just to pass your CPA exam. Departments hire enough people every recruiting cycle to fill their exact needs. However, like many college accounting students I was force fed the idea that the Big 4 was the place to be. I would guess that 80-90% of my peers in the Chicago office are from Big 10 schools with strong accounting programs + a smattering of Depaul, Loyola, NIU. There are no such guarantees at many companies on the corporate side. I was interviewing for a lot of F500 roles and they criticized the fact I didn't have recent F500 or SOX exposure from recent times for some assistant controller roles I was gunning for.

I did what I consider the bare minimum (3 years), and to be honest, I think it makes a difference. One thing is true though - you gain technical experience faster at a firm, so it can never hurt staying longer.

I just don't know if I would be hindering my own learning and opportunities in the future by taking a job now, while I'm still an associate at Big 4. This was on the east coast though. If you want to do corporate finance/FP&A/corporate accounting, I think it's good enough to have 2-3 years. One of the most enjoyable aspects is seeing the accounting aspect of auditing. If you are one of those, do audit for 1-2 years and KEEP IN TOUCH with the people you were recruiting with. There aren't many jobs where you get supervisory responsibilities at such a young age. As you get older, it becomes very very impractical to go back. The CPA license is important not because you need it to get promoted to manager (most people are going to leave public accounting before they are manager anyways) but because it gives you serious marketing power when you do leave public accounting. In my opinion, the only way to transfer to advisory from audit is by one of the following ways: (a) Your dad/mom is an advisory partner (b) Network aggressively with advisory professionals (c) Be an audit superstar so that an advisory manager notices you and picks you up.

Mermaids gameplay in The Sims 4 Island Living! This question is asked by everyone at every stage of their time at Big 4 (yes even staff 1s). Some people whine about having to do bitch work which is dumb because you should have known this before you started. No need but if you want, it's not going to hurt TBH. If you accept an offer with the EY Chicago office, there is a good chance that you will be placed on a client in one of these industries. Anyone regret leaving the big 4 early on in their career? In audit, people are very replaceable and they will work you long ours give you busy seasons in the Winter and the summer. On top of that, most of my projects seem to be around proprietary tools used by my firm that don't seem applicable to other jobs/companies.

At my firm, we would work constant 50-60 hour weeks in the fall, and Jan-April work 55-70 EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WEEK. Early in your career, public is the best place to start. Press J to jump to the feed. Almost guaranteed you will be placed on at least one car manufacturer or automotive supplier as a client.

Industry has some uncertainty about upward mobility. To those who have made a transition out of the Big 4, have you ever felt like you could relate to my issues? This is why it is important to get on a client that has a reputation for being effective because the client’s behavior towards the audit team basically determines how easy/difficult the audit will be. I just worked an 18 hour day as a first year associate.

If you feel awful for not knowing anything, remember that it’s ok and not your fault. But, my opinion maybe biased since I was only an intern for these smaller firms. They work with the most successful multi-national corporations in the world, and are able to offer their services in any location that their clients do business. 557.4k Followers, 159 Following, 1,373 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Reddit (@reddit) However, it is not always easy as recruiters often want you to come to their office.

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