], - If Spellblade, Iceward is really good for blocking. Maybe someone who's played this deep into end game can answer that question. hey Elnawawi – GREAT guide !

And staying close is also a good way to apply huge poison stacks from Aura of Decay. Active Skills can be despecialized from the skill window ('S' by default), Removing a single point reduces the level of the skill by one, you have to level the skill again to get the point back. For example you can move to the pack of mobs before the first pack has been taken down, and  it will sustain a very high health leech this way from doing damage to so many monsters at the same time. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Plan your build. We will spend the rest of our points here, and we will find very good health, leech, and damage over time passive that will shape our build. Either use four Adorned Immortal Idol with huge Healing Effectiveness modifier, four Ornate Bone Idol with increased damage while transformed and Less Damage Over Time Taken, or four Huge Immortal Idol with % Poison Chance on Spell Hit and Aura of Decay area.

I recommend specializing in it when the 4th slot opens at level 34, because it can improve the overall damage and life recovery plus heal. (for more info see last line and "unintuitive mechanics guide") Once specialized, we can put points into the best perks that increase the uptime for Reaper Form, and improve healing effectiveness. Last Epoch tools. I have a question regarding uniques.

[A nerf is expected but even at 1/10th of it's current strength it would be worth it. Idols are good way to augment your character, and for this particular build, we have several options to build towards. Even more so if melee.

Last updated on August 26th, 2020. The best thing about Draalsting spear is the melee poison chance, which is useless for us, we poison by spells, not melee attacks, so it’s huge wasted opportunity, but feel free to experiment with it, these guides are meant as a way to inspire people to try new things, not hand hold them into taking exactly the same steps. I'm afraid they'll be nerfed even more. I like pet builds, but I don't like them enough to play them if they're trash. Afterwards, put one point 1/8 in Three Plagues, and 5/5 in Contagion Engine, this gives a huge buff to our damage over time. This basic information is mostly intended for players discovering Last Epoch and perhaps also for those whom are having a tough time making their first character(s).

Ward behaves the same except that it increases the pool of your HP that is easier to regenerate as a Mage. Press J to jump to the feed. Get defenses and plan which ones you'll use. All of these are global modifiers that help all other spells we have in our arsenal, so Reaper Form can still perform well, even if you not use Reap itself. This site is not affiliated with Eleventh Hour Games.

This helps the build to not rely on standing still in one place for long periods of time, but let the player manoeuvre more quickly, before being overwhelmed by enemies. Wandering Spirits will maximize the damage output, as we aim to increase the reveal rate, duration of spirits, and reduce the cooldown of the spell. Follow with 5/5 Thin Veil together with 4/4 Lingering Souls to maximize the uptime of spirits, increasing potential to apply more poison stacks on enemies. One of the nodes in that skill tree currently adds ward generated based on Intelligence, making INT a great investment for both damage & survivabilty. Feature updates for Windows 10 are released twice a year, around March and September, via the Semi-Annual Channel.

Let's discuss health vs. other defenses though. Fun is subjective. Pick up 8 points into intelligence.

There really should be a decent passive for 2H players at that stage of the tree to get to the higher passives that are desirable. - Pick up 8 points into intelligence. We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. - Teleport is both really good utility and amazing defense as it can generate a lot of ward, especially with the INT-scaling passives, and also taunt ennemies with clones. Finally, get 2/3 into Venomous Coating and 5/5 in Herald of Rot. Arab hardcore PC gamer, I'm from Egypt, and I've been gaming on PC and writing since 2003. Builds are player and community created specializations for characters. I didn't see much spell casting on Druid watching twitch. Since we have a huge focus on Damage Over Time and mobility, I have recommended the ones that synergize best with this particular playstyle here. You'll find quite the active develloper and community members presence to help you out. Players tend to hold onto it and not do anything with it until later levels, while they could use them and get the upper hand against tougher content. I usually prefer resistances for such builds, because it prevent being 1 shotted. Even more so if melee. Then Vipertail belt, which comes with no negative effects. Poison seems weak but each poison stack increases poison damage taken by 8%, In the example above, Warpath DoTs applied won't scale with melee damage, or ignites applied by fireball won't scale with spell damage, Another example would be bleeds applied by a skeleton warrior - it would scale with intelligence (4% global damage per point), minion damage (global), minion physical damage, and minion damage over time %. Seek a weapon with some of these stats, and open Affixes, so you can craft the rest of these modifiers. If you can out do your enemies in damage then you have little to worry about when it comes to taking damage. The survivability of this build can take you far, that you will feel like a true Immortal, but Reaper Form health degeneration keeps building up over time, so after few minutes, it will tend to decay much faster. Here’s a few tips for starting out in Last Epoch and making your own build.

It won't scale with minion melee damage or your stats (character physical damage, etc), Blocking a physical hit adds both your “block protection” and “, Formula is: Damage = (base damage + added damage effectiveness * added damage )* (1 + sum of increases from skill nodes) * (1 + sum of increases from stats) * (1 + more modifier 1) * (1 + more modifier 2) * (1 + more modifier 3)…, “increases from tree” refer to the active skill tree used.

As far as watching streamers, the Druid looks fun, and seemed pets were holding up well. Here's a few tips for starting out in Last Epoch and making your own build. E.g. Make sure you know how your intended main spell/skills scale, and plan ahead in passive tree/gear.

From here, there are many good choices, but I prefer adding a ranged projectile to the skill, by taking 2/3 Vulnerability, and 1/1 Poison Bolt. You start with Acolyte tree by default, and it’s required you to spend 20 points here to unlock the master class trees, so put 8/8 in Bone Aura, and 7/8 in Stolen Vitality for armor and resistances.

We will use 1/1 Infectious dead to convert Necrotic damage of initial hits into poison, so it benefits from poison damage modifiers, and finally, 3/3 Spirit Swarm reduces cooldown of skill. Pick up +hp/mana passives, they are both offense and defense (offense because more mana before kiting/regening/mana striking), unless you plan on stacking a lot of ward (which is very easy to do as of now). If melee, use a two-handed weapon, there’s very little reason to use a shield as a, If you’re a summoner, be careful about attribute scaling and chose whether you want to scale. As we will go deep into the Lich tree, we only use skills from Acolyte Base class, and Lich Master class: This spell unlocks after spending 5 passive points in Acolyte passive tree, and is the first skill we specialize in.

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