It was these traits that earned Jean his rank as 6th best among the 104th Cadet Corps. ▸ Eren Vs Annie Training (extra scene) AOT || SNK, Mikasa Attack on Titan Season 3 Top Best Moments HD | ミカサ 進撃の巨人 シーズン3トップベストの瞬間, Attack On Titan - Levi Squad vs Kenny and his Squad [Eng Sub], Eren vs Armored Titan (English Sub Full Fight ), Do small things with great love - Happy Sharing :).

Luckily, Christa arrives with Jean's horse in tow. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately.

Jean jokingly questions his abilities, but like the others, he waits for Eren to decide what action to take. [6], Jean, Reiner and Armin go on their first expedition, Not long into the expedition, Jean encounters the Female Titan.

Reiner is the Vice-Captain of the Warrior Unit and ranked 2nd while graduating from the 104th Training Corps. She does technically. He was clearly in episode 1. Manga Spoilers. While they wait, Armin confides to Jean his belief that their commander had suspected a spy amongst them but declined to reveal this knowledge. Losing hope that beating the Titans is impossible, Jean is left stunned at the arrival of an abnormal that proceeds to fight off the Titans. In her true comfort zone, she can be found sleeping or binge-watching shows. Ymir was the first person to obtain the power of the Titans and was a slave to the Eldian King. The conversation changes to Eren's memories and the nature of the Titans, remembering Ymir and Conny's mother.

Bertolt - ??? Thanks.

[1], Shortly after, Jean and the others hear the sound of gunshots and go to investigate.

Jean is shocked after seeing Erwin and Armin, both half-dead and lying unconsciously. [42], Jean's skill with omni-directional mobility gear.

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[15], During the mission to seal Wall Rose using Eren's Titan form, Jean, Conny, and Annie are given orders to lure Titans close to the Wall so that they can be killed using cannon fire. [10] Jean later criticized Erwin's plan of withholding information from his subordinates out of fear that there was a spy among them, feeling that the plan did not justify the lives lost because of it.

Jean (dog), a female collie in silent films "Jean" (song) (1969), by Rod McKuen, also recorded by Oliver Jean Grey, a Marvel Comics character; Jean Valjean, fictional character in novel Les Misérables and its adaptations; Jean Seberg, a 1983 musical by Marvin Hamlisch Jean is injured by the attack but remains conscious to witness Hange's return and Reiner's defeat at Mikasa's hands. When Eren does not respond, Jean leaves to fight the Female Titan and he helps lead her into a trap set by Hange. He holds no restraint when it comes to speaking his mind, even when he knows it would not be wise to do so or when it could spark conflict.

[21], At the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan, carrying Bertholdt, Eren, Ymir, and Historia on his shoulders as the soldiers pursue them. When Dimo Reeves tricks two Military Police of the First Interior Squad to come with him to a remote cabin, Jean and other members of Levi Squad take them hostage at gunpoint. She tries to free Eren, but is grabbed by a Titan when she misses her attack on Bertholdt. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Biological Information

When Reiner refuses to give up any meaningful information, Hange decides to execute him, but Jean hurriedly argues that Reiner should be kept alive so that his Titan power can be taken away with the Titan injection.

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[22], Though Bertholdt breaks down beneath the weight of his guilt, any possible resolution is interrupted by the arrival of Erwin and the horde of Titans chasing him and the rest of the military. [37] Seeing that Reiner has once again recovered from his injuries, Jean begins to lose hope and turns to Armin for advice. Too soon? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. On the day of his enlistment, Jean admits his desire of joining the Military Police, and receives a headbutt from Keith Sadies for his troubles.

Are Armin And Eren Still Friends? Eren Yeager is currently the strongest character in the Attack of Titan.

As a human, his significant trait was his physical strength, which helped him develop great combat skills. Gender

You must be logged in to post a comment. Residence Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [4] He was also willing to risk his life even if just to slow down the Female Titan, as refusing to do so would have certainly resulted in countless more deaths.

Hange's response, that Reiner is too dangerous to be kept alive, surprises Jean, who comments that Hange has never been the type to simply accept not understanding something.

She can also use the ‘scream’ to attract Pure Titans to her.

Being an Ackerman, she also taps into her awakened power that provides her great fighting instincts and self-control over her body. As they contemplate their options, Eren begins apologizing and doubting himself. Jean Kirschtein ジャン・キルシュタインJan Kirushutain As he is yelling at them, Jean and his comrades are caught off guard by a roar from Reiner's Titan. He is shown to be an effective learner as he trains for his hardening abilities and control over the ODM gear — both of which he masters. She was used to wiping the rebelling Marleyan forces with her immense power.

As the flare rises into the air, Jean notices a quadrupedal Titan approaching Hange.

104th Cadet Corps

He'll mount the world I tell ya!

As the situation looks desperate, Eren punches the Titan attacking him and Mikasa and triggers something that causes all the other mindless Titans present to tear it apart.

is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps, among whom he ranked 6th best.

Taking shelter inside of an abandoned building,[16] Jean spots a nearby corpse equipped with gear. They are interrupted by the approach of soldiers,[26] who turn out to be Hange and Moblit. It's -6 feet. Scout RegimentSpecial Operations Squad As the squad only has three Thunder Spears left, Jean devises a plan to blow open Reiner's mouth with two, before firing the third into his mouth to blow him out of his Titan's nape.

[18], He finds Eren pinned beneath rubble and learns from Armin that Annie is the Female Titan. However, what Levi needs is good old Elevator shoes.

Name He is one of the best soldiers in the 104th training corps with the Maneuvering Gear. Trost District Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Jean displays leadership qualities with his level-headedness and sharp ability to gauge situations and take command.

Jean is of average height and muscular build, and has a scowl similar to Eren's but is said to have a long face (a \"horse face\").

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Armin devises a plan to clear out the Titans in the supply room using the rifles to blind them so that others can cut their napes. Jean yells at Eren for being unable to transform when everyone, including himself, is counting on him. After Conny and Sasha successfully block off the kidnappers' route out of the forest, Marco is able to determine which of their carriages they are carrying the cadets' stolen goods in, and alerts Jean and Eren so that they can attack.

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