Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (2/975); Fataawaa al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem. What do the scholars, sunnah or the Quran say in regards to my question. Source: Is this act permissible or not? Rule 5: The ruling on having one’s tubes tied (Tubectomy or Vasectomy) is the same for both men and women (as has been mentioned above). Answer 9: In the example of the question given, apparently, the permission of the husband is not a necessity.36, Imam Ridha (peace be upon him) has said, “Nobody has brought any good to himself which is better than a righteous spouse such that when he looks at her, he is filled with pleasure, and when he is separate from her, she protects her chastity and guards over his wealth.”, Wasa`il ash-Shi`a Volume 14, Page 22, Hadith 6. b) What is the ruling on using this instrument if the person has a doubt between the two methods mentioned above? 3) The procedures that would be employed for birth control and placing the device related to it (inside the person) would not involve the performance of a forbidden (haram) act. Does preventing the menstrual cycle through the injection result in the ritual purity (taharah) of the woman from the menstrual cycle (haidh) and thus, is she permitted to perform those actions which demand ritual purity? Since it was the time that she normally had her menstrual discharge, she doubts if this is Istihadha or not. In this state, are her actions correct or not? Salam .No vasectomy for men and tubectomy for women are not allowed or haram in Islam according to ijma ulamas because it means a permanent stopage of sperms and egg cells which against with Allah creation.But birth control for temporary condition such as with pills,spirals and injections and also by avoiding sex during mature period after menstruation are allowed in Islam. And also, does the woman being healthy or sick change the ruling in this issue? It is quite possible that the child, which the parents anticipate to be a bane, may turn out to be a boon for the family and the society. The way that these hormone pills work is that: 1) If they are taken before the egg is released, then they prevent the egg from being released. And However when they take it, then they see spotting (however it does not continue) and even during the time of their monthly period (this spotting occurs). Question 12: If a temporary method of birth control hinges Interruptus on performing a forbidden act such as the doctor looking (at the private parts) of the patient of the same sex (woman doctor looking at a female patient and a man doctor looking at a male patient) or a male doctor treating a female patient, or the opposite (female treating a male), then in what instances is the impermissibility of this act revoked? Tell me your kids ages because its quite impressive that a mother of four who went through law school (and undergrad/graduate school) and who is working on their MBA in their second year can be so accomplished. It is not permitted to carry out operations on men or women that will lead to complete sterility, such as cutting the vas deferens (vasectomy) in men, or removing the ovaries or womb (hysterectomy) in women. Room you mention they hinder you in other ways...I assume you mean sexually.

Question 1: Is it permissible for the husband to employ methods of birth control to prevent his wife from becoming pregnant? In addition, at the time of ejaculation, some men discharge outside of the woman or use a condom so that the sperm does not enter into the womb, rather, it stays inside the condom.

Answer 5: If she has doubt as to the discharge as has been mentioned if it was blood or not, then it does not have the ruling of irregular bleeding (Istihadha), and all of her actions are correct.32. Answer 2: If it not necessary (to do this test) to cure an illness, then it is not permissible. But you! Or, for example, is she permitted to make use of the I.U.D. Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Section on Coitus Interruptus (94). Answer 9: It is not a problem with the consent of her husband. Enter valid first name and last name with at least one space. for the Muslims. out these operations in such cases of necessity. Answer 16: Any time that there is a fear of danger or a hazard which can be observed (for either of the spouses) or even in relation to the child, it is permissible.59. In relation to this, there are two methods employed – to have a Norplant implant and the other is through the injection (of certain drugs). Answer 1: If this act does not result in any defect in the private part or becoming permanently sterile, then it is not a problem.46. We request you to please put in writing the Islamic injunction in relation to what has been mentioned (above). Is this spotting part of the menstrual cycle (hayd) or not? Rather, if there is a danger of losing the life of the mother, then it is not permissible for the woman to become pregnant.53. Answer 5: If it becomes an individual or societal necessity, then it is permissible.67. The more the Muslims increase in number, the more this is a source of pride and status for them. The Noble Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny) has said: “The best of you is the person who acts in the best way with his family and I am the best of you in relation to my family.”, Wasa`il ash-Shi`a, Volume 14, Page 122, Hadith 8. after that i did a year of articles. Once she has stopped the monthly period, under what intention must she perform her Ghusl (ritual bath)? Question 6: In the event that it is permissible for either the man or woman to have their tubes tied, which of these has the right to go forth first (for this operation)? Question 1a: Ejaculating outside of the woman without her approval? i marticulated in 1992. then i wnet to university and studied law for 5 years. It is not permitted to carry out operations on Answer 7: Any time the individual or societal needs necessitate this (form of population control), it is not a problem.43. Through this letter we request your noble presence that: after releasing a ruling from the office of the Supreme Leader in relation to one of the methods of family planning, it was stated that it was prohibited to place an instrument (inside the woman) - even if this is done by a woman. moving creature is there on earth but its provision is due from Allaah. but to have her womb removed – then there is nothing wrong with carrying

Rule 4: It is permissible to have one’s tubes tied (Tubal Ligation - Tubectomy) to prevent pregnancy as long as this procedure is temporary (reversible) and would not lead to a woman being permanently unable to conceive nor would this act cause any sort of life-threatening conditions. First of all, if you don’t care then why are you bothering to ask us. Question 5: Is the woman and her husband - who from the point of view of the society and culture (that they live in) and by keeping in the mind conditions that exist within their surroundings and who know that they do not have the ability to bring up their children - permitted to provisionally not have any children? Is the doctor permitted to go forward and permanently sterilize such women? Answer 8: As long as the Islamic position is maintained (in all of the methods of birth control), then it is not a problem.8. Yes, the woman is not permitted to do anything which would prevent her husband from having complete sexual pleasure from his wife without his permission. By Shaykh Salim Ghisa The rule for contraception is different depending on the type of contraception used. You will need to follow the instructions in that message in order to gain full access to the site. What is the ruling on operations that So cutting off all possibility of future offspring for no good reason goes against this teaching. First of all, if you don’t care then why are you bothering to ask us. (1) Permanent Methods: Permanent methods include, Vasectomy in males and Tubecotomy in females. The author left out clues on vasectomy yes but I doubt that distributors out there put condoms out people are allergic to.

Answer 3: In the event that one does not have knowledge of being pregnant, then it is not a problem.24, Imam as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said, “It is enough of a sin for a person that he does not pay attention to the rights of his family and that he does not provide for them their needs.”, Wasa`il ash-Shi`a, Volume 15, Page 250, Hadith 4. The doctors have told me that I must do something so that I do not become pregnant again. If one is not pregnant, then it has no effect. Go and cut the vein since you don’t care about the commandment of ALLAH SWT. I know mothers who have 1 child and they have a difficult time maintaining their lifestyle and their childrens. 85 gms of gold, should give 2.5% of his excess wealth every lunar year in charity. Also you went to college to study law for 5 years? Question 3: The medication that prevents pregnancy which is taken in the first week following intercourse results in the fetus being aborted if one was pregnant. I hope the following helps you. Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Birth Control, Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Semen Testing, Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Preventing Pregnancy, Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Norplant and Injections (to Prevent Pregnancy), Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Prevention of Fertilization after Intercourse, Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to Fulfilling the Religious Obligations after Menopause, Enquiries from the Religious Authorities in Regards to taking Birth Control Pills.

Books on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad(s), Ahlul Bayt.

Question 3: Are we permitted – keeping in mind that we have knowledge concerning the health and cultural problems, etc… that result from an increase in population (and also keeping in mind that this task is also one of our responsibilities as specialists in the field of public and family health) – to disseminate information to others in relation to prevention of pregnancy, even if this is not requested (from us)?

mentioned – such as a case where the mother’s life will be in danger

it is feared could spread and kill her (such as cancer), so she has no choice :)  I don't think I can support any more that what has been given me after our next child. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Question 17: Is the woman permitted to go ahead with having her tubes tied without her husband’s permission? Fataawaa al-Mar’ah al-Muslimah (2/974); Fataawaa li’l-Shaykh Question 1: Keeping in mind that for many women who are non-Sayyid25, once they reach to the age of fifty lunar years (48 years, 7 months and 15 days according to the solar calendar), just as they naturally have their monthly period, in the examinations that are performed in the laboratories, it has been proven that their sexual hormones are no different than before they reached to the age of fifty. It is obvious this young lady does not know the language nor can provide proof that this word actually means what it is because she asks me to look it up.

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