The IR2 visa is a US immediate relative visa for unmarried children under 21 years old of a US citizen. i am also being petitioned by my dad. My dad filed the petition last November 2016 and I received the appointment letter last May 2017. And I didn't want to ask him if I'm approved (duh). 1. Here are 70 sample spousal visa interview questions, which are examples of the kinds of questions you may be asked during the interview. The courier, by the way, is 2GO. The IR2 visa file must contain the following required documents: Every immigrant applicant for the U.S must attend an interview at the U.S Embassy or Consulate where they are applying. But right now due to COVID it will take longer especially that President Trump suspends entry of Immigrants until December 2020. Although I was not really expecting too much since the consul did not even tell me if I was approved or not! The U.S citizen will be notified about the status when the processing is complete. -How do I talk? Good thing I was a minor when my dad filed the petition. A Schengen Visa interview isn’t only a meeting where you provide supporting documents for a visa application to a visa official of a respective country. Have adopted the child from a foreign country and lived with them for 2 years. It took me a few weeks only. Afterwards, they will be putting stickers of the barcode in your DS-260. The package will also include the case number and invoice ID number. Only a licensed doctor who will sign them can complete the documents and the check-ups. and btw, do u have any plans on becoming a US Citizen yourself so u could petition ur mom? Below are common embassy interview questions on marriage: What is your marital status? a few days ago, my case has been completed. Since the IR2 visa does not have annual caps, the processing times are also much shorter than the Family Preference Visas. Common interview questions available in this article are NOT solely intended for the Schengen visa interview, hence they are usable for any type of visa interview of any world country.

70 Spousal Visa Interview Questions.

The child will be asked questions about who they are and the officials will determine whether the child can get the IR2 visa. When we arrived, we were asked how many 2x2 photos I have brought. Yes, you will have access to healthcare in the United States as an IR2 visa holder, however, the costs of getting medical treatment in the US are one of the highest in the world. Only the U.S immigrant officials at any U.S point of entry will open it and decide whether the applicant can enter the country or not. Hahaha. If the petition is denied, USCIS will let you know what the reasons were for the denial. Usually, the alien beneficiary would expect to answer between five and ten questions. Ultimately, the child has a Green Card and is able to work without the need for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in the future. So my mom and I went to the embassy at 4:30AM. (There would be instructions together with the visa packet so no worries) The delivery was fast! Has been living with adoptive U.S citizen parents for at least 2 years. The NVC will then be your main contact for the IR2 visa. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Consent to adopting an unmarried child under 21 years old from a foreign country. The main categories of fees that must be paid are as follows: The processing time can take from 3 to 12 months, depending on the individual circumstances. The U.S immigrant visas have various categories within them. How Long is the IR2 Visa Processing Time? When you submit the DS-260 form, you will get a confirmation page and number which you must attach to your supporting documents. I finally got my appointment letter last Dec and I am scheduled for an interview on January 25.. which is in 4 days... i hope mine would go as smoothly as yours! Before I was interviewed, I had a pledge saying that I should tell the truth (and nothing but the truth so help me God haha). Hi mam if our parents are seperated what questions will they ask? and, also how did your father acquire his US Visa? A local immigration lawyer will know the local CIS examiners, and the kinds of questions and issues that frequently come up at your local immigration office. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

You should not open this package under any circumstances. Yes I was planning to apply citizenship din to petition my mom. Form DS-260, Immigrant Visa Electronic Application is the form which all applicants for immigrant visas must submit.

Since in this case, the applicant is a child, they may be accompanied by a caretaker. There is also a fee which the U.S citizen must pay in order to process the petition. AND the personnel told us before the interview that if the piece of paper is given to us, we can go home but if the consul gives back the DS-260, we should follow some instructions given. :) After the interview, he gave me this piece of paper (steps on how to register the address for visa delivery) and told me that he'll be reviewing my documents. My appointment was very very early. The CR1 visa interview questions are the final test for the spouse of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. Ako kasi walang dala talaga. You should pick a health insurance plan that fits you best, which overall is also affordable and covers your needs.

The NVC will send a package with information and instructions to the applicant in a foreign country. They'll be informing you first (via text) if your visa packet will arrive. Hi Jess!

How old is your marriage (if applicable)? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I just brought 2 pictures based on the checklist.

Didn't have a problem with it. health insurance plan that fits you best, IR3 visa for children adopted abroad by a U.S citizen, IR4 visa for children to be adopted within the U.S by a U.S citizen, IR5 visa for parents of a U.S citizen who is at least 21 years old, fees that the petitioner and the applicant must pay throughout the application process for the IR2 visa, SPJ: Journalist Visa Restrictions Proposed by DHS to Affect US Media Abroad, Trump Administration to Scrap Lottery System that Selects H1-B Visa Applicants, USCIS Increases Premium Processing Fee – Including for H-1B, DHS Issues Interim Final Rule for H-1B Visa Classification, Australia’s English Test Requirement for Visas Could Keep Families Apart. Like you, I was also petitioned by my father when I was 20. Do I Become a U.S Citizen Once I Get the IR2 Visa? I told her I didn't bring those documents kasi all the original documents have been submitted already. I was 4th in line when only 2 consuls are present. And the questions were easier lol. How was your interview? I am in the same boat as yours and I just wish Trump's RAISE Act would not pass so my plans on petitioning my mom after I got there (and become a US Citizen) would not be disrupted.

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