In one myth, Manco Cápac and his brother Pacha Kamaq were sons of the sun god Inti. After the nations that were once a part of the Incan Empire gained their independence from Spain, many of these nations struggled to find a suitable origin myth to support the legitimacy of their state. Below are some of the various gods worshiped by the peoples of the Incan empire, many of which have overlapping responsibilities and domains. After the death of Atahualpa, the Spanish were able to claim the title of "avengers" of ill-fated Huáscar and march into Cuzco as liberators. In some parts of South America the Huanca are referred to as “the dog-eating Huanca”. The Incas did, of course, meet more than their match when the Europeans arrived with their cavalry and firearms. As precious works of art poured into Cajamarca, they were melted down and sent to Spain. The pacha (Quechua pronunciation: , often translated as world) was an Incan concept for dividing the different spheres of the cosmos in Incan mythology.There were three different levels of pacha: the hana pacha, hanan pacha or hanaq pacha (Quechua, meaning "world above"), ukhu pacha ("world below"), and kay pacha ("this world"). The favourite weapon seems to have been the palm-wood club which was shaped like a sword and had a double-edge.

Still, "Inca" is often used as a general term to refer to the ethnic group who lived in the Andes and residents of the Inca Empire in particular. After initial dramatic defeats and the loss of their king, the Inca actually won some battles and resisted the superior armed invaders for another 50 years.

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The PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War was without a doubt one of the biggest video game releases this year, having topped the charts in April and being one of the highest rated PS4 exclusives in history. When the battle started proper, attacks were either front-on over open terrain or siege warfare. The Inca were born from Lake Cusco and populated the Andes and worshiped their sun god. [9] As the realm associated with the dead, ukhu pacha is inhabited by the supay, a group of demons which torments the living. [13] As such, these myths show that Inca mythology was strategically deployed to subvert and rebel against Spanish rule in the former Incan Empire. The Inca bred dogs for hunting and scavenging but rarely for religious purposes. The Inca Emperors were considered to be divine, directly descended from the Sun. Agni received the seed and dropped it into the Ganges, where Skanda was born. Kay pacha is often impacted by the struggle between hanan pacha and ukhu pacha. Diplomacy was an important tool and used time and again by the Incas to acquire new territory with the minimum of bloodshed but sometimes they were obliged to engage in battle and several regions of the empire persistently resisted Inca rule. In a desperate battle outside of Cuzco, Quisquis routed Huáscar's forces sometime in 1532 and captured Huáscar. This tale could be interpreted as a Native American's plight story against the Hispanic society in which they find them in, which becomes more believable as this folklore become more prominent after the Spanish Conquest.

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