The width of the rubberband should be about 2 inches. It is a must that the epoxy is fresh.

Slide one split rivet through a hole. Any glue squeezed out can be peeled off, cut with a knife, or sanded down. Next, I got to work constructing the side panels. Place the latch on the case.

Could you tell me where I can buy a metal reinforced perpendicular case handle? The block of wood absorbs some hammer shock and keeps the pin from bouncing on the floor. If you forget to close a latch, it is easy to shear off the hold down.

Do you know where I can get the decorative binding that has a lip that fits in a Grove that goes all the way around a bnjo case? Use the hot glue gun to fix the velvet cover back over the handle on the inside. Keeping your guitar in a case generally protects the guitar quite well, but if the case does not have a soft lining material, the finish can become scratched or damaged. Most of the time you can tap the rivet tines flat with the ball end of a hammer. Guitar cases take a real beating. Throw the stems out immediately. Go to a tire store and ask for an old truck inner tube.

I also lightly misted the back of the lining. Go to a tire store and ask for an old truck inner tube.

These cases aren’t that great but it served the purpose well enough. Be careful not to get any wax in the seam separation.

Well at least I thought it did. Instead of tubing down the river, cut the tube on a spiral to make the world’s largest rubberband. Use the hot glue gun to fix the velvet cover back over the handle on the inside. Don’t ask where to get this stuff. I’ve never done this before so this was another learning experience, but it turned out fairly well. If you can’t quite get in between the lining and the case shell, loosen up a little more lining or place the blade end of the screwdriver on the tine and tap the screwdriver handle with the hammer until the rivet is bent over and firmly in place. I learned a lot during this project. I highly recommend the steel reinforced handles for banjo and heavy guitar cases. To do this I folded a piece of velvet over on it self and sewed a double row of stitches down the middle to create a band. Remove the tape after the glue has dried overnight. Jim was wrestling with a giant anaconda while Marlin watched from a helicopter. (Illustration 3) One is a they are, all you need is what is known in the luggage trade as an emergency handle. It turns out I have some fixing to do. The last common case repair is regluing the case top or back to the sides. Wipe down the outside of the case with Armour All. It came in a generic TKL chip board case.

Place a small block of wood on the head side of the pin. I opted to use a 1/4″ thick dense white packing foam. Tie one end of the rubberband to the case handle.

The same wax you use on your car will be fine. In one hour, you can repair your guitar case and have the handles and Tolex coating looking like new again. Choosing the color and type of the material lets you customize the case even more to your liking. It will need to be replaced.

So watch how much padding you use and do a better job than I did. This was a guest article and Bob doesn’t see the comments here; you can reach out to him at the email listed at the bottom of the post. I couldn’t get the velvet to stretch into the steep arch in the center and stay in place. I guess the lesson is that a shallower box is better than warping the neck of your guitar so when in doubt, make it smaller. What is the best insurance for your herringbone guitar, Tubaphone banjo, or Sears and Roebuck Strad copy fiddle? This prevents the drill bit from wandering when you drill. The rivets should be long enough to go through the latch and the case with about 1/” extra sticking through the inside of the case. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I was wondering is that velvet? I applied a good heavy coat of shellac using a throw away china bristle chip brush. Place the handle back into position on the outside of the case.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Work your way around the case until all loose edges have been smoothed and glued down. Notice how I masked off the edges of the case. (Illustration 1) If the new handle through the loop and back up through the buckle. I checked the fit of the guitar in the case several times during construction, but in the very end I still ended up with too much padding. Pull the velvet covering back on the inside of the case behind the handle until the back of the handle is visible.

Learn how your comment data is processed. They are not indestructible and when they do get damaged they need not be discarded. I didn’t have foam or velvet long enough to make one band all the way around the case so I made four separate sections. If you are lucky, the handle loops on your case will be perpendicular to the top and bottom of your case. Make sure to do this before running the lining over the area where it has to staple. The preferred glue for this job is clear epoxy. The fumes are not strong, but they are not good for you. Most fabric stores have fake fur on the remnant's your … You can add a soft lining to a guitar case you have built yourself or even to one that does not currently have a lining. Hi, Your new latch should fit exactly in the same place as the old one. Hi, I Have Two Guitar Cases To Repair And I Would Like To Know If Do Case Repair. 243.

My father has been bringing it home from work for years. The peaned pin system is installed as follows. Kubuntu 13.04 Black Screen After Login Fix, NVIDIA Display Driver Cleanup with CCleaner. Music Classes They join at each end of the case and at the cross bar in the center. Set the latch aside and drill new holes in your case using a drill bit the same diameter as your new rivets.

It came in a generic TKL chip board case. Tomorrow I’ll have to cut the lining inside the box, remove some padding and re-glue the lining in place. If your handle loops are parallel to the top and back of the case (Illustration 2), you will need to dig out the old tool box and find a pair of heavy duty wire cutters or a hacksaw and a small ball pean hammer.

// Leaf Group Lifestyle. 243. So my only option was to remove all the lining, seal up the chip board and reline the case with new materials. Run a piece of masking tape up the fuzzy side of the lining, over the lip of the case and down the exterior of the case to hold things together while the glue dries.

Before you mix up glue, a “dry clamp” is always in order. in need of repair. In the case of old epoxy, it will not fully harden. Thank you for and advice much appreciated. This will give you plenty of room to work the rivets. Before proceeding any further with relining the case I wanted to seal up the wood in case there was any residual odor in it. Check out our full list of upcoming classes! I pre-joined enough pieces to make one long strip with only one seam at the head of the case. Cooking Classes. It is inevitable that you will get epoxy on your hands. Take two plastic bags and lay one in the bottom of the guitar case. Open the case. With the rivet heads removed, the latch will fall off. It won’t be quite as pretty, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable. I did use a piece of black felt on the bottom of the lid instead of more velvet. Thank You. hey man,

Let the paint dry for 1 hour.

Shaddy began publishing in various magazines in 1992, and published a novel, “Dark Canyon,” in 2008. Hammer the new post loops through the handle into the guitar case from the front. Removing the rivets that hold the latch down requires drilling the heads off. Pull the loose rivets from the handle. What kind of glue and what angles do you cut the material to keep it from wrinkling? Run a piece of masking tape up the fuzzy side of the lining, over the lip of the case and down the exterior of the case to hold things together while the glue dries. Five-minute epoxy is recommended. Remove the tape after the glue has dried overnight. Spread open the post loop tabs on the inside of the case with the dykes and tap them down with the mallet. Wash well with soap and water. The neck support is very flexible so I think it’s the structure of the box that is pushing it up too far. If you are not a frequent epoxy user, pick up some at the hardware store. If you are not sure case repair is your calling, luggage shops, music stores with repair shops and some shoe repair shops will be able to do the job for you. When the epoxy is set, take the rubberband off the case. Once the latch is solidly in place, reattach the case lining by smearing white glue (Elmers is my brand) on the inside of the case shell where the lining was attached. Most hard shell cases sell for between $90 and $175. If you skip this step you’ll have the lid stuck to the bottom of the case pretty tight the first time you close it. Tap the hollow end of the pin with the ball end of the hammer. The following steps are the process I followed. It is not necessarily a rider on your home owners policy. This was nothing but a faux fur glued in place. The serrated pin will need a little brute force to remove while the peaned pin will fall out easily. I carefully laid the fabric in place and pressed it down tight. I bought it at a discount warehouse that gets large shipments of material from drug seizures. What’s the best method for making one on a case that never had it? Split rivets are usually original equipment on cases. This one is constructed of a bent wood frame with steel plates to join the halves. I used a couple of scrappers to shave the remainder of the glue off the chipboard. Rich 2888.

The problem I ran into was that the case and the guitar had been in storage for so long that the case lining had soaked up a musty nasty smell that no amount of cleaning or deodorizing could seem to remove. All of us have had to use shoe laces for a case handle at one time or another. The last photo shows where I joined them. your tutorial is great help! The strap that connects the top to the bottom had unglued itself. First remove the pin that once went through your handle with the wire cutters and hacksaw. Mix up the epoxy on a piece of cardboard according to the manufacturers instructions.

what about the little strap that holds the case open instead of falling open? chris. Glues have a shelf life. Post Sep 15, 2005 #1 2005-09-15T02:38. Shellac is a natural plastic resin made from the droppings of the lac beetle.

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