The bat transfers the force from the body into the ball so it undoubtedly plays a large role in ball velocity, but how much do bat length and composition really affect exit velocity? The research concluded that for every 1 MPH added to exit velocity, the ball

All said they were interested in him being part of their program but none offered a scholarship which can only becomes official at National Signing Day of the players Senior year. There is no magic technique that can guarantee a 100 MPH exit velocity, as seen by Lake’s video. He's got good size, speed, +Arm, and ++Power, so hopefully his dreams will turn into offers by the end of his Junior year. With that said, I am going to discuss the exit velocity test and five tips for improving it. Good testing can't tell you if a HS kid can hit at the D1 Level but it certainly can tell you who can't compete at the next level.

Of course in HS you can hit well with a 75 mph exit velo if you have contact ability but in d1 that is probably not going to work. Hitting into a screen or net will also give you an accurate measurement.

est if you have a helper with you to hold the radar gun and do the recording.

We're sorry.

Exit velo doesn't mean you can hit but it is a baseline for physical ability and it also means that there is a higher chance to succeed at higher levels. Two players might have the same swing speed, but one will show a higher exit velocity if the bat is traveling on a level plane at contact. That’s just how it works. Hopefully all his dreams will come true. D1 baseball, and all college baseball by and large, is not just about the HR ball. Your email address will not be published. However, if they are still accelerating or even decelerating at contact, ball exit velocity will decrease. It's just about having an objective measurement. My 2021 grandson is 6'3"/195 very athletic with +Skills across the board, and while he’s only gone to a couple of Showcases he’s been told he is getting noticed. Once the body has reached its power potential, the only way to continue development is to increase the amount of force the body can produce. I used to use the wow factor. Exit Velocity seems to be getting more and more notice from scouts. This is crucial so that the hitter can utilize the strongest part of their body – the lower body – to provide the power for the swing. Grandson’s improved Exit Velocity = 103 mph (Avg 91+/ High 103). . Most kids throwing 90 before junior year have offers. You seem to be a big fan of your grandson. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. As I mentioned previously, the exit velocity test is a measure of how much force the player can transfer from their body through the bat and into the ball. Coaches and scouts talk and if you have +Skills and can play word gets around. Rather than focusing on timing and identifying the pitch, hitters are concerned with mechanics. Loose muscles are efficient muscles so having a rhythm and flow to the swing will produce a higher exit velocity than a tight and robotic swing.

You do not need a full length batting cage or an open field to record exit velocity. Scouts have told me, Skills Tests tell you who has the potential to play at the next level.

But what is exit velocity?

Exit Velocity off the Tee, from 84 to 95+mph, 60 Speed from 7.4 to 6.92, Size from 6'2"/175 to 6'3"/195 of muscle.

Finally, you'll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. Then when the batter would play in the games, his line was K, K, K. "But we can teach him.. and when he hits the ball, it really goes". I know PG uses wood, but do they have you use a standard bat (since they collect the Diamond Kinetics metrics) off the tee?

The number that pops up on the radar gun is your exit velocity! A brand new baseball is going to give you a higher exit velocity than an old, beat up one. The elite power guys max at 115 so they would need to hit 100 off the tee. At a recent showcase, a sophomore BRX athlete stepped up to the mound and proceeded to throw 87-89 MPH, five MPH up from the last time he completed a showcase from this particular scouting service. As for bat size, experiment with different sizes and see what works best for you. 420' HR was in a game at CSU Monterey Bay. If the bat is traveling at any angle besides directly towards the radar gun at contact with the ball, power is being wasted and exit velocity is not at its peak potential. In talking to a scouts at a recent showcase, I was told all these skills tests are just bench marks. That usually happens prior to or concurrent with pro scouts taking notice. If your grandson performed that way all summer, coaches should be asking him to call...regardless of Sept. 1.

Compare a hitter’s body to the horsepower output in a car’s engine. He has been contacted by 6 different colleges.

My son is attending a Perfect Game showcase this weekend locally. Offering a scholarship and verbally committing are a component of finally getting to the National Letter of Intent, but you won’t get to sign that NLI without an offer and a verbal commitment prior to that. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The hitter’s hands must be in a strong position to do so. Btw mlb hitters who can hit more than 25 homers mostly have a max EV of 110+.

They did skills tests for Exit Velocity (Tee), Raw Throwing Velocity and the 60 yd Dash.

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