Gannicus was the one who raided the cart, killed the six guards and kidnapped Ilithyia.

Batiatus is eager to impress the man to gain favor, and offers demonstration of Gannicus, who trains down in the Ludus, to battle. If true, Gannicus may be of the Allobroge tribe.

Gannicus and Sibyl hiding from the Romans.

We wanted to keep it in, but my feeling was it just kind of delayed what the episode was really about, so we had to snip that out and Lugo got to live a little while longer. And it was just a joy to see it develop. Upon hesitation, Oenomaus is enraged and begins to deal heavy blows against him. Marcia is a slave girl Gannicus met in a brothel when he returned to Capua. Gannicus is attracted to her but is moved by her innocence.

The severity of the storm outside shakes the cart dangerously and Sibyl, in their close proximity, moves into Gannicus' arms who automatically holds her. Sibyl and Gannicus make a move on Heracleo, Gannicus threatens him with a sword and the Cilician responds by saying during their fight his sword might slaughter Gannicus' woman (indicating Sibyl), Gannicus says that she is not his woman and attacks him.

His love of wine and women, coupled with his unwavering arrogance, is unmatched by any of the other gladiators.

Following their escape and arrival at the new camp, Gannicus and Sibyl part ways, but he turns down Saxa's advances when he realizes that Sibyl is watching them. Titus Batiatus, the father of Quintus, returns from Sicily unexpectedly and begins to show disapproval of Gannicus being the champion of his house. After Titus became ill and moved to Sicilia, Quintus became the Dominus of the house after which time he began to utilize Gannicus in the arena more and more.

—Gannicus, "Every night is a time for drink."

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He left her but said he would enjoy the memories of their encounter, as she was flattered and smiled at him which he returned. Also at Crixus' funeral games, he drops one of his swords while fighting 3 Romans and still manages to defeat them with ease.

Gannicus reads what she is not telling him and asks her if there was someone who tended to her injuries. Gannicus and Melitta's final interaction. She meets his gaze and tells him that he has "made all in the world"  This has been seen from his fights with Otho, Barca, The Egyptian, and Crixus. They met again after five years where Crixus has rebelled and condemned to die in the Arena.

Gannicus is then crucified on the orders of Crassus. Sibyl waits outside, holding her idol in her hands. He sees her discovery and through it learns the truth of another incident and goes to confront his fellows of it.

Agron was willing to attack Gannicus when the rebel's possessions went missing but watched as he and Spartacus fought.

During the capture of Ilithyia, he single handedly took down an entire squad of bodyguards through the element of surprise and the aid of night time darkness, as well as a group of hunters who later questioned her presence around the gladiator. When Gannicus was forced to have sex with Melitta, he was hesitant for Oenomaus was one of his closest friends . That evening, Oenomaus hears drunken singing from outside and finds Gannicus swaying dangerously on the cliff precipice, an amphora of wine in his hand. He recognizes Ulpianus and asks if he was the man that Attius helped free.

After the destruction, Gannicus implored Crixus and Spartacus to help him get the unconscious Oenomaus to safety.

DeKNIGHT: Oh, yeah. Oenomaus then tells him to fight for Melitta to which Gannicus immediately agrees to. Gannicus and Castus met their end in Lucania, near Mount Soprano (Mount Camalatrum) where Marcus Licinius Crassus, Promptinus, and Rufus entrenched their forces in battle and defeated them. Gannicus also appears to be able to enter into a berserker rage in combat, which greatly augments his strength and overall ability. Gannicus is playable in the Spartacus Blood and Sand Iphone game.

She remarks that Diotimos showed her kindness.

He smiles at her admitting that he's beginning to believe in her gods. Heracleo betrays Spartacus and reveals that he has brought Roman soldiers aboard his ship back to the city. He really, really wanted to give a nod to everybody who had had a speaking part on Spartacus and we also wanted to find a way to pay tribute to Andy in those final moments. After a few minutes he seems to escape out of whatever trance he was in and tells Sibyl to gather her things and leave.

Gannicus is the only one of the rebel generals who didn't see his nemesis die.

Ending a series is always a monumental task and many a greater man than I have stumbled ending a series but in this case I just think it just all came together beautifully.

Melitta, Oenomaus' wife, enters and hears Gannicus joking about killing Oenomaus in the arena, if it came round to it.

Varus requests metal swords used instead of wooden swords, and Batiatus hesitatingly agrees. Though no longer a gladiator, he kept up with events that transpired in Capua. The gods had guided him to her so that she would save him. Gannicus' fighting style suits his way of thinking. But Spartacus says he wouldn't have Gannicus still remains unconvinced but Spartacus still has hopes on Gannicus taking his rightful place.

Gannicus proves himself still the God of the Arena as he easily defeats his opponents. No matter what — the good guy will always meet the bad guy on the field of battle, and one of them will kill the other. Same with Ghannicus as he was not a real person. And from that point on, it was pure joy to work on. (, Crassus Soldier - During assault on camp. His rescue caused her to become immediately infatuated with him.

When they return to city walls, Spartacus, Agron and Gannicus fill Crixus in on their strategic plan against Crassus and his legions. Gannicus reports "We fought, we won". Delete She asks is he with "Little thing now?"

And you can follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss. He will be showing up at a later date as a boss in the new Nemesis Fights. Spartacus holds off the guards while Gannicus opens the gate.

They embrace and later Sibyl's idol is seen securely tied to Gannicus' belt as he goes into battle. Melitta tells Gannicus that despite her words she also has feelings for him and they begin to kiss and nearly had sex but then she begins to cough up blood and Melitta swiftly dies in agony while in Gannicus' arms. But they really did have to cram it all in there. He defeats every opponent he faces and after seeing The Egyptian best Oenomaus he quickly comes to his aid and knocks down the former and saves his friend's life.

Caburus wounds Crixus and prepares to kill him, but Gannicus knocks Crixus out of the arena to save his life.

Gannicus is shown to be a close friend to Oenomaus and his wife Melitta, despite taking Oenomaus' place as Champion in Batiatus' Ludus. DeKNIGHT: That went through many different versions.

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