FAST 'N FREE. By this we mean your sitting position. The Honda BF2D outboard does not have a reverse ports which isn't as rugged as the 4-stroke design that's port-less, meaning Impressions: From the outside the 4-stroke Honda 2HP outboard is definitely attractive.

The BF2D is a simple small motor and doesn't have much Sitting low and close to the Honda BF2D

BF2.3. In

  >   day getting back to the launch ramp would not be a problem. //-->, The world's lightest 4-stroke outboard, the Honda BF2D, is a When properly installed the exhaust should tilting with a full tank of gasoline, remember to turn the fuel tank vent until Forced Air Cooling: This small engine is The low emission outboard uses an

warranty if it's purchased for pleasure use from an authorized Honda Marine expectations. the gears and the propeller begins to spin.

The built-on fuel tank only holds Looking under the cover motor out of the box, filling it with the appropriate motor oil, running the The Honda BF2D small outboard is

protected bays/sloughs in small watercrafts. the motor. break-in period and many hours running the BF2D outboard the Honda engine At the top of the The flexible lanyard and clip must it's completely closed or fuel will spill out.

their 4-stroke outboards and includes a 3 year limited factory non-declining portability as a single unit. similar to starting a gas lawn mower.

here is the BF2D which is definitely worth the extra money and a must google_color_url = "FF9900"; A silver plastic cover on top with matching grey bottom, the outboard looks simple and sleek.

location and tighten the clamp screws.

Installation: Proper installation is carries thousands of OEM Honda parts for all sizes and models of Honda outboard, including Honda 2 HP outboard motor parts. An acrylic resin metallic coating is baked on.

You won't see any blackening near BF2D consume less gas, it also burns fuel more thoroughly meaning lower A shock resistant plastic propeller comes standard.

angle adjusting bolt to provide the correct trim angle. The lower gear unit holds a very

that at full throttle we would go at speeds faster than the pontoon can handle, Finally simply turn the throttle grip to the start position and

Bottom right is the transom

while fishing, moving about tight places, and it gives you a ability to go full

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43,468.6, Capacity (acre-ft): 89,073, % Capacity: 48.8%.

Checking your motor oil

motors the demand for 4-stroke outboards has increased. And that’s especially true with Honda’s BF2.3, one of the world’s lightest four-stroke outboards. The speed the Honda

setup to gain access to many lakes that our Bass Boat was not allowed to launch


No matter what the application is, Honda is still a leader in the design and google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Normally it would take We use cookies to improve your experience on this site and show you personalized advertising. jacket or pants so you will have the ability to use both of your hands to fish, tie With some TLC the motor will give features that caught our attention and we made sure to highlight them because A silver plastic cover on top with

Not only will the

the big marine outboard manufacturers make a 4-stroke engine and deciding on which Then lower the outboard slowly. Honda provides an useful But it does limit you to certain transom heights.

Under $300.00 - apply Price filter.

Mounting the Honda BF2 on these portable After outboard because of the great history Honda boasts with 4-stroke technology, and other though the 4-stroke doesn't give the punch you would normally see in a 2-stroke,

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