First of all, my friend recommended your site because we’re full time RVers moving, hopefully next year, onto a Cat.

You didn’t miss the crossing. I didn’t see any painted on the new one. Both were touted as easy to get parts from a worldwide dealer network (also because of popularity around the world), low maintenance needs and generally reliable. Love your blog. Can’t wait for more videos from your tropical travels! Hypalon does fold but not as well as pvc. It would be an honor to show you all around my islands of the Caribbean. Pull up the rubber non-skid panels and a few threaded holes are revealed. I was surprised being the self proclaimed “tree huggers” that you didn’t opt for a better environment option like a propane “Lehr” outboard or even a “Torqeedo” electric outboard. Perhaps the savings would be enough to have a captain bring the boat around to cali after purchase? Seats have cushioned canvas covers with storage pockets, and they are fully removable to make way for gear. Warm regards! I just love watching you two. Annexe HIGHFIELD Classic 310BLT Artic Color - Hypalon Orca - Année 2017, Annexe HIGHFIELD UL340 Artic Color - Hypalon Orca, Vidéo comparative : l’Ancre M2 MANTUS VS l’ANCRE Rocna Vulcan, 05 46 52 16 42 - Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12h et de 13h à 17h.

For the past six months we’ve been researching, talking to fellow sailors and picking the brains of every cruiser we’ve shared a sundowner with. Excellent adventure update. The center console sold for $8,500 and we are still very happy we traded it in.

/ Discover sailing dinghies Highfield for sale on Uchimata-Shop. We have a 5yo, so he’s a part of our equation as well. Luxury. “New RIgging, Nav gear & Crew”. ….. what about ” Curio ” for the Dinghy ??? The benefit of the 11 would have been: That’s about it. We’ve taken all the information, coupled it with our personal needs and now we’re swapping out our plush dinghy for something more practical. Will we be able to service it ourselves or is it so complicated we have to bring it in? Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Love your vids. Because weight does matter, this single deck dinghy has been conceived keeping that motto in mind. Please consider dinghy chaps, sooner, rather than later. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). Can you tell us the reason why the change . Moisture WILL find a way inside and corrode them. Names and logos can be attached to the cover.

Love watching the two of you. too late. involved. You want the ride to shore to be as bulletproof as possible.

Try sitting on the starboard side of the dinghy and holding the tiller with your left hand. We all do things a little differently and we learn from each other along the way. Random question – did you guys ever come out ahead on the dinghy swap?

Second bow locker to keep our anchors and fuel tank separate, 20HP Engine is ok (we wouldn’t be above the recommended HP). The unique composition of our fabrics, along with our exceptional standards, means you can rely on it to be easy to clean and fade resistant. SP700 We're looking for dinghy chaps for our Highfield 2.9m tender. PA460 After a bit of use and neglect (because no one retunes their engines to deal with atmospheric changes, and people are really bad about keeping their carbs tuned to compensate for wear) it would actually be cleaner.

1. Hi guys, i know it may sound a little odd but, what if you name your dinghy? Who doesn’t like flexibility!? Sailing Across The Gulf Stream, BOAT PROBLEMS: Our Fuel Tanks Are Trashed. We need space for dive gear, folding bikes, big provision runs and who knows what else. 44cm (17″) diameter tube available in some countries.

Double deck hull (any water drains down to the lower hull to keep feet and belongings dry, helpful when provisioning). Love your lifestyle. Don’t scrimp on your dink as it’s like your car, you use it everyday and you rely on it to hang in. They are heavier and smaller but they can also be used as a self-rescue boat. Keep it up. You are to be admired and supported. Marine Supplies – Best price on marine electronics and boating supplies. I suppose that is a good sign. You made It! Did you mean “emits” instead of “omits” when talking about the pollution the 2 cycle engine produces? engine when you pull the dinghy out of the water (only is using in salt water). CL290 These little boats can be launched and recovered by a single man and are easy to be transported on a roof rack. Yamaha and Tohatsu seemed to be the two prominent brands among cruisers. AB Inflatables continues its expansion through Europe, Canada and leadership in the Caribbean region. Just finished a year in the Caribbean and am in Miami now. This material is inexpensive and durable and choose by many commercial companies. The Specs: 2014 AB VSX: Fiberglass / Overall Length 10’6” / Overall Beam 5’ 7” / 4 Person Capacity / Weight 262lbs (no motor) / Honda 30HP Motor.

If a longer dinghy just fits, would there be a potential chafe problem as the boat rolls side to side? I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. The simple layout is combined with an uncluttered design and numerous standard accessories complete the picture. With a 20hp engine it’s quick and easy to get from the boat to the land, with a tiny engine a 2 NM trip could take a half hour in waves and wind making for an unpleasant ride.

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