Mythology is not my strong suit, so when I stumbled across a Greek mythology readers theater book, I was ecstatic. Now, having your students perform them using readers' theater is even better. ★ Midas & the Golden Touch This Greek Mythology Readers' Theater includes a set of four different plays. -The Seven Pomegranate Seeds (Persephone and the Seasons) The first, The Battle of the Greek Gods, is how Zeus first came to power. Student's will make inferences about the meaning of text and use vocabulary that meets grade level requirements for 3rd - 5th grade. 6QT��~��E���j� X�H��� �O;���1� ����y�!����=̚=.�%���H����Ŝ�O��T�h"nCK�*���~����,U�$�� *��{:�$�@�k?k��4��O��G�x�1=YHx� 7�� ϭB�&wD���~$�ªݥ��A�I��!Z�רz���j����D�T��@B�t�(qg��J��р$���s=Aǿ7֟�i�i=�

This selection features all of the Olympians in a clever and witty attempt to have a party. The fifth century BCE was the golden age of the city of Athens, with art, the economy and the new notion of democracy thriving. I use all of my Reader's Theaters to help s, Readers' Theater - Greek mythology readers' theater scripts: This 156-page readers' theater Greek Mythology Bonus Bundle is a 6-script readers' theater bundle that provides traditional and mangled-myth versions of the following Greek myths:>THE TROJAN HORSE >PERSEUS & MEDUSA >KING MIDAS, The Trojan Horse Greek Mythology Readers' Theater Scripts: A traditional (but funny!) This work is lice. Five one-page skits (31 parts) give the stories behind commonly-used words such as "Achilles heel", "the Midas touch", and "tantalize".

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Readers' Theater Fairy Tales, Maureen Gerard It also includes a brief introduction to readers' theater, an introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology, and Activities and Questions for Discussion After Readers' Theater. This Greek Mythology Readers' Theater includes a set of four different plays. PDF (4.83 MB) You'll have no problem getting students to re-read for fluency when they are having fun with these scripts.

Greek mythology, an important part of the curriculum for middle and high school students, serves as an exciting source of creative inspiration.

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