They might even get you to try running for the first time. It’s a weekly 5k with a difference - the focus isn’t on setting a PB or racing against your neighbour, but listening to them. You know the drill…All that other stuff you love is there…and Ivor!! An inspirational listen that might just prompt you to head out and talk. We have all heard time and time again that running isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your mind too. Lamb, with Marc Hughes, hosts the BBC 6 Music mid-morning radio show. George shares elite training tricks, talks about what it’s like to run with Mo and gives great advice to all aspiring runners.

X, EP 97……GRAVITY SPESH….The New Scientists very own Michael Brooks joins us in the studio ( unfortunately ) to walk us through gravity….Weve also got the top Base Jumper to the starts dropping in ( a Michael Brooks joke…Hens teeth ) to have a chat….You know the rest makes sense..BLA BLA BLA….Push the button…Weekend sorted..Float on and Shablish X, EP 96…….NAKED SPESH ( The history of pornography in London )…..Social historian to the stars Dr Matthew Green is back in the studio due to popular demand talking about the history of Pornography in London…We are also joined by Art Historian and author Dr Francis Borzello who talks us through the history of the nude in fine art…..BOOOOM You know what to do…Push the button Shablish X, EP 95……PI SPESH…..The food and the mathematical constant!! Find a place to host your files5.

He is a leading voice in this field and his book The Truth About Vaccines is widely respected, helping parents make a more informed choice when it comes to their children’s health.Richard’s discusses the alternatives approach BabyJabs takes to the standard vaccination program by creating a tailored approach to suit each child’s needs, from pregnancy right through to their teenager years.Other topics include how breastfeeding helps to build immunity in children against certain viruses, the unreliability of published clinical research, the effectiveness of probiotics increasing protection from vaccines, as well as the lack of an open debate around vaccines in general.If you enjoyed this episode then please share this with a friend & subscribe for future episodes, and be sure to check out the show notes on our website: this podcast:, Ep 54: Colin R. Turner on how a money-free world can work for everyone, In today’s episode, I was joined by Colin R. Turner, who is an author, musician and social activist. An incredibly worthwhile and inspiring listen, you’ll be reaching for your trainers after this, that’s for sure!

X, Paula Radcliffe is back! Tom and Jenni bonded over their inability to do a pull up in the gym, and now you can find Tom mastering the handstand press up on his social media. "I’ve never been so scared in all my life. Mo-Joe, is available now , free with Audible’s 30 day trail. Ever since launching RunPod, Jenni has been inundated with suggestions for episodes from you. Being Freelance - The freelancing podcast with Steve Folland and a stack of inspiring freelancer stories. Did it work for him?!, Every guest on RunPod has an amazing story to tell along with the ability to inspire and motivate you to run further, faster and for longer. One was a part of the 2003 England World Cup winning rugby squad, the other has dabbled in rugby, triathlons and plenty of marathons. If your at a stage in your life where your wondering what it’s all about and looking to make change this is a must listen. Tips on staying fit as winter approaches, suggestions on how to stay on top of good nutrition and a general great all-round motivational chat about all things running! !Have a listen, enjoy, be inspired and be’ll definitely want to go for a run afterwards. Being initiated into the Runpod run club this week is author, presenter and fellow podcaster Katie Piper!Katie talks us through her running journey, how she ran away from unhealthy coping mechanisms (literally), building up to running a half marathon and finding a new love for it. In this episode, Major Tim Peake joins the RunPod run club and they discuss what on Earth it’s like to run in space! She’s pretty good at it too and has even represented GB. Tom chats through how he started his fitness journey, finding running after his brother dragged him out during lockdown and starting crossfit, how it affects his mind, improves his performances and work output, and how he’s building fitness into his new on-the-road routine. A fascinating listen, with a man who is one of the tough guys on the telly. Also since Eilish is known for running the 5000m, she has plenty of tips for us to improve our own 5k time. Let us know what you think of the website. "I just remember looking up at the ref and just waving saying ‘no more, you don’t need to count.’, "It was a lot of punches, and jokes aside I was concussed for about a month.". They chat about the level of physical fitness required to become an astronaut, what happens during the selection process and discover the gruelling side of the training programme. She joined the RunPod run club earlier this summer and now she’s returned with a ton of advice especially for you. Enjoy! "I feel blessed to meet these people, like going rowing with James Cracknell, where do you get to do that? In this hugely inspiring episode of RunPod, you’ll hear the story of the fabulous Emma Campbell who quite simply loves running. In fact he’s loves running so much, he’s run more marathons than he’s had wives (in the show obviously) - and that’s a lot!!! !Have a listen, enjoy, be inspired and be’ll definitely want to go for a run afterwards. Lamb has now focussed his attentions on running the 2018 London Marathon, and is recording his training diary as part of the Audible podcast series 'Mo-Joe'.

During this time I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create a successful podcast.Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about how to start a podcast so I’ve created this episode showing you step-by-step instructions.In this episode I share these 5 Steps:1. Ep 55: Dr Richard Halvorsen on vaccine safety & parents desire for greater choice for their children, In today's episode, I was joined by Dr Richard Halvorsen, who has worked as a GP in London for over 20 years and is medical director of BabyJabs, a company he founded in 2007, in response to parents’ concerns about vaccine safety and their demands for a greater choice for their children. Well she has listened! George Martin Lamb (born 20 December 1979) is an English radio and television presenter, currently presenting Football Tonight on BT Sport. So see this episode as a public service! Give it a listen! In this episode we talk about her intense training schedule and what life is like for a professional runner. Matt shares with us the importance of exercise for his health, his marathon running experiences, his affinity for sprint training and he swaps supplement tips with Jenni.An inspirational listen that will have you reaching for your trainers! And this week on RunPod, we hear from a someone who has worked out how to combine talking about your mental health with doing something about it.Jessica Robson set up Run Talk Run three years ago in a bid to make both running and mental health support more accessible. The Do Good Podcast, hosted by Rob Watson, shares people's inspiring and uplifting stories from around the world. So see this episode as a public service! This week he gets his RunPod Run Club membership and chats about why he loves getting out there in his trainers, rain or shine. The Do Good Podcast, hosted by Rob Watson, shares people's inspiring and uplifting stories from around the world. EP 90 BACTERIA SPESH…..This weeks ep tackles bacteria with everyones favourite professor Adam Hart with all that other stuff you love…Ivors Question Suggestion Quiz Contest Wrap It Up….etc etc…You know the drill!! One was a part of the 2003 England World Cup winning rugby squad, the other has dabbled in rugby, triathlons and plenty of marathons. Weekend sorted…De nada Shablish….Stay Steggle!! .George Lamb (born 20th December 1979, Dundee, Scotland) is a British radio presenter, television presenter and producer. I’ve been listening to this podcast from the start. We’ve all heard how running can help you feel good, well this week on RunPod, we hear how it can get you looking good. In this episode of RunPod, Jenni chats to 2 guests who have both run a lot over the years. He was a sprinter when I was a kid, and famously in Barcelona, he bust his hamstring in the semi-final or the final, and his dad jumps over the barriers, and he carried him round basically the last half of the race.

George is training to run the 2018 London Marathon with the help of Body Coach Joe Wicks (L), The Body Coach put marathon hopefuls including George through a HIIT workout, The high-intensity fitness session took place on a rooftop in St. Pauls, George squats as Joe watches on during the training session, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Joe Wicks quids in as fitness guru earned £5.5million last year, Piers Morgan celebrates 'splitting up' Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Piers explained on Good Morning Britain today that he had found a golden helmet in his dressing room earlier with his name on it, Phil Schofield snaps at Care Minister Helen Whatley 'you look cold and heartless', Phil Schofield snapped at Care Minister Helen Whatley as he told her she looked "cold and heartless" as care home residents cannot hug their families, Bill Turnbull reunites with Susanna Reid on GMB as he gives cancer update, Bill, 64, spoke about how he was doing after having to shield after being diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer in 2017, Teen sex worker says she sees up to 21 men a day with clients just minutes apart, Channel 5 show Adults Only is about to lift the lid on the sex trade as featured Ellie, 19, says she can earn up to £1,500 every night - and told how she can see men just two minutes apart, Strictly's Anton du Beke breaks silence as fans call for him to become fourth judge, Strictly favourite Anton du Beke, 54, has addressed persistent rumours he'll be joining the judging panel after crashing out of the dancing contest early again this year, EastEnders' Denise battles to bond with Raymond and seeks help from his pastor.

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