The first was the Chookie Burdies on the lamposts and the other was the Tenement House. This is actually the predecessor of Yorkhill hospital which was opened in 1914. But is a lovely piece of street art. google_color_url = "304625"; /* 160x600, created 30/10/08 */ , Return to the Glasgow Guide Images Main Page.

google_ad_height = 600; Suppose this is a good time to get the "Glasgow Street Names" by Carol Foreman out again and explain the origins of Garnethill.

Stories of dragons and knights are part of all our childhoods and something about them still appeal to me. It says on it "Sick Children's Hospital Dispensary" and dated as 1884. SC045925.


Hope you can make them out.

The Tontine Building is located at 20 Trongate, G1 5NA.

This mural at the Glasgow School of Art.

Garnethill Convent Secondary School on Hill Street in Garnethill, early 1970s. My brother drove me to where the school used to … Checked when I got home and there is another building I have missed on Garnethill.

google_ad_width = 468; Please Login or Register now. So that left lunch time to have a wee walk about in Glasgow. The School is easily accessed from all major approach roads, including the M8 …

Architecture Notes.

This was up against the wall at the Lexus garage and caused a funny moment when myself and 2 people coming in the other direction all stopped to let each other past. Try Glasgow Women’s Library’s Garnethill Women’s Heritage Walk; Find out about Garnethill’s ‘chooky burdies’ County/Unitary Authority: Glasgow City Site Name Glasgow, Garnethill, 91 Buccleuch Street, Garnethill High School For Girls, Classification School (Period Unassigned), Alternative Name(s) 41, 43 Garnethill Street, Permalink It really is unqiue with it's shape and those columns. google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; St. George was actually said to be a Christian Roman soldier who was beheaded for protesting against the torture of fellow Christians and refusing to give up his faith. Collections.

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The Garnethill Campus is approximately 20 minutes walk from Glasgow's Central and Queen Street mainline railway stations.

Country: Scotland Seemingly this statue dates from 1897 and used to be part of the facade of the St. George's Co-op Society building. Ordnance Survey licence number 100057073.

This one a lovely little Roman Catholic chapel just tucked away next to the Glasgow School of Art.

google_color_link = "304625"; Took a photo of these two on the lampost next to the Beresford Art Deco building. // -->,