However, my 90 year old mom in Warwick, RI has one living under her lawn shed. Looking up their supposed North American range, they are not supposed to be living here which I can only assume bodes well for them.

If they pass by your house once without interference, odds are they will do it again. Too many butterflies flying about with shredded wings are a testament to the damage of feral cats jumping up and swiping with claws extended. I have hunted, camped, explored, scouted, and walked a lot of Montana. Beautiful animal and I was pleased to have had the chance to see one. I sent the photo to my nephew the great woodsman who suggested a Fisher, but wasn’t sure if they were found in lower Michigan. I have heard this sound many times around Concord and Canterbury, NH. of Great Falls, Mt. I would like to see it just to know I was right, but we have cats and dogs all around here, and I wouldn’t want my pets to go missing. I race from window to window, then decide to go to the front door and open it (has a screen door) just to get a bearing on where it’s coming from. I had to google it to know wat kind of animal made that awful sound.

Fisher cats are definitely dangerous due to their predatory nature but they are probably made out to be more dangerous than they really are.

The sounds here r louder longer and scarier. Sounds exactly like a fox alarm call.

I live in the northern portion of NH and have heard of them, but have never seen one. But when I hear the squirrel alarm call I know there is a cat nearby. Something attacked a whip-poor-will in my backyard (we next to a large wooded area) and it made sounds like a raccoon but it was much bigger than a raccoon, I am guessing. 70% of NH residents are also mistaken of circling flying birds up high above in which they call “Hawks”…., when in fact they are Turkey Vultures/buzzards.

this is SO not a fisher cat. . I’ve seen & heard ,there’s no mistake It’s a fisher, saint James ,Maryland, Mark! I mean, click my name and the video pops up, it shows an injured fisher cat screaming. Fisher Cat. Fisher cats, or fishers, are the N.A.

And they’ve attacked two people in Rhode Island; one woman in her front yard walking her dog, and one young child at a bus stop with other children and moms. we lived in nh on a back side of a mountain we had a fisher cat come right to my glass door and cry at my cat in the house it had killed two of my other cats pulling one threw the cat door with us in the same room and two of my uncles and a neighbors and a small dog it was a mean looking thing and its cry was like a cat fighting with another cat very loud sold that house moved to vt got up this morning to the same noise but louder hubby went outside and we had two outside our living room window not sure what they were doing but very loud and didnt move until a car went by and that scared them away. We have to adjust to it and take every procaution to protect our animals, and children. At our home in West Greenwich we have fisher cats come & go. I believe it was a fisher cat since they were seen and heard in this area. ...choose your own adventure...Sailaway cat can provide it all. He was rummaging in our garbage bags! Not asia as someone stated in the comments. Either way now i have some kind of idea on what it is.

Thick coat on body and tail. There was an animal cry I had never heard tonight and I thought it might be a fisher; it made sounds like the vocal here but we also have red fox so who knows!

Fishers are not nearly as common as people think. I had heard the 3 previous nights, screams of two animals. Another photo taken before I seen the movement shows something curled up in a dark corner, on a shelf, of a deteriorated wall. (not a happy camper about that). Due to this reason they are used for controlling porcupine population naturally. I’m telling you, these fishercats are FAST and sneaky and will pop out – what seems like out of nowhere, and kill your pet when you’re not looking. Domestic cats shouldn’t be wandering about, anyway. Captain Matt was very hospitable and we were able play our own music and take along snacks and drinks as well. And this is the cry he had. Clinton, MA We r from Orleans, MA (Cape Cod) what I hear is blood curdling too not so much like this video. It’s the joy mixed with the fear / pain of country life, I suppose. When I hear of someone shooting them, or trapping them, I want to celebrate. Again I am so sorry for your loss. We took Runty to the vet that evening, (thank you Christine Welsh!!) i was outside last night and i heard something knock over the pile of logs in my back drive way. COMMENT ON 2/27 2012. *** what a GREAT mama…she stomped it dead!! 42″ tip of tail to nose when stretched out running/leaping. Fishers are nuisance vermin who not only attack house pets but livestock and occasionally will go after a human ( I speak from experience ) Their main food source are squirrels in the wild and the reason peoples pets get devoured by the little killing machines is because they come looking for an abundant supply of easy pickings rodents who are likewise attracted to the bird feeders overflowing with seed by well meaning nature watchers. He grew up in the deep woods, hunting, fishing, trapping – living off the land. Its 2am in Vermont. I have also heard their screams from the woods along with their unlucky victims. Our other cat, Spooky, was never seen again as well. An interesting thing about Fisher cats is that they are one of the few predators of the porcupine and have developed a method to attack and kill porcupines. Too close for comfort for me this time. and obviously they do hunt ,my wife witnessed one dragging a chicken from our hen house.THANKS RAY R. I live in Illinois near a wooded area. We’re trying to get city or state to come trap it, or whatever. I live in Quebec. To Dan May 17th…The delicate ballance, are you for real? Territorial, warning, randy females, mating, etc. that’s a red fox not a fisher for crying out loud. God Bless and Know someone is thinking of you and your dear lost kitties. The views and atmosphere were gorgeous! Often my cats lay there as it is cool. Hi, I live in East Prov RI, I have heard a few people say they saw a fisher cat in the neighborhood, I have never seen or hear it. its a fox. !” that lasts for about two beats. I believe my dog went under the deck to investigate. Seldom venturing into the high, cooler inland

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