Data will be processed with the same intelligent awareness algorithms used for skydiving. That by itself makes it worth supporting you guys. Then touch seemed to be stable, but ultimately I had to use a paperclip to enter my WiFi info (needed to setup). Getting to know your device. It’s good because I don’t usually have a paperclip in my pocket on the plane when I need to reset my alti to make the evil GSOD go away. I’d recommend having at least 50 + jumps for the newbies keen to buy one. This one is probably an algorithmic nuisance that won’t get fixed any time soon, but it logs landing with the plane as a jump. Cloud: Arrive at your exit point. Offline Caching:

There’s even a BASE mode coming out soon and there are rumours of using it for other air sports too!

That by itself makes it worth supporting you guys.

I get around to a lot of new DZs and this feature helps me a a lot. GSOD:

It would be cool to be able to set a permanent offset rather for a single jump or until the unit is restarted.

After wiping the entire device, I was able to finish setup, but then touch started acting up again. Includes black mudflap mount plus Dekunu One bumper attachment in black.

Definitely some bugs on initial release. I could write a novel about how much I love these, so try it for yourself! Battery life sucks, and have found it often won't actually shut off so when I go to use it the next day its dead. A lot of the features don't work. Firstly - amazing customer service from Chuting Star. I used to get an SD card error at least once a day in the plane on the way to altitude. 1/15/20. 1 article Device Basics. In my spare time I flirt with minimalism. Have been using the Dekunu One for about 250 jumps, no longer a fan, this thing is just too sketchy, it doesn't even error consistently. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Available in a left or right mounting side configuration, with the appropriate angle to face toward you. The Dekunu One is just like the name says, THE ONE! Full returns and exchanges info at this link. The inside circumference of the wrist band when it is slack is: Flexible Mudflap Wingsuit Mount designed for wingsuiters. It’s very much early access hardware. I was lucky enough to test the Prototype 9 at Funny Farm 2016, so I’ve kinda been using them since the beginning :). Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to write this post. Did you have a previous model, if so, what’s new? Honestly, for me, having to charge my alti daily and sometimes also mid-day is the number one most frustrating issue. Now, on FW 6.0.5 I get the Green Screen Of Death. Just driving in your car, puts it into "ride to altitude" mode and it's impossible to get it out of it. Screen:

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b) I can see it with polarized glasses on.

Reset Button: Cloud - stay tuned for some MAJOR improvements to usability, speed and metric calculations over the coming weeks/months, Weather - from v6.0.5 weather info should still be available up to 5 hours after wifi disconnects, GSOD - I would like to investigate this for you, keep an eye on your inbox for a support email, Landing with the Plane - you hit the nail on the head, improvements will be rolled out in future fw updates, in the meantime we can remove any ‘false’ logs for you if you mark them for review, Battery Life - we can investigate this while looking into the GSOD issue, Water Resistance - totally agree, this is on the development roadmap, DZ Offset & Units - noted and suggestions submitted to developers, Plane Reminders - these will be editable at some point in the future, Micro SD - a new, improved SD card has been introduced since you purchased your device. On contrast, my Alti2 Atlas only starts timer when it feels there's a FF-like altitude change.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~ Bill Gates. A device so intelligent it collects and interprets key insights from your jumps. © 1999-2020 ChutingStar Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It looks quite big in some of the pictures - what's the size like?

It's a new revolutionised altimeter with ALL the extras. Still a lot of work to do but the price is barely more than the new L&B ares so I'm not complaining. Charged to 100%. The Dekunu One – Explorer Edition is a limited edition pre-release offer – date for pre-orders is set for December 21, 2017. Reviews There are no reviews yet. So it feels like a new model every time I go jumping! That being said, I will trust this thing to save my life. Dekunu One Pros - available for pre-order now, due for delivery February - features, tech specs etc confirmed in detail Cons - for a UK jumper, delivery, import taxes and charges etc will make it £400 plus - the big one for me: Dekunu are clearly using the units for data harvesting, which they will sell on. 12 articles Advanced Features. Made to fit every skydiving rig and mudflap shape. I did order one, since I am hoping to start wingsuiting soon. Plane and canopy flight data in real time, on your wrist, the moment you need it. SkydiveMag: Dekunu One Review; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Heaps ! The elastic band tears up pretty easily as well.

Sold mine after 70 jumps.

Everyone on the load loves it. When there was an issue with my device, the customer service has been absolutely amazing! speed, deployment heights, glide ratios, ToolsArtificial horizon, compass and speedo, Post-Jump ReportingJump path mapping, g-force analysis, rate of descent and much more.

The altimeter is excessively big and gaudy. It ripped pretty quickly after that. I still have my audible and chest mount viso, this is just a nice toy that will improve over time.

First off, you guys are great about responding to people and any issues they may be having. Please take a size up from normal when ordering. YES - most good altis on the market are going for around $500 bucks PLUS buying a flysight too the cost will add up to be a lot more than the Dekunu. Watch the video to learn a little more about the unit, or follow company updates on Facebook or Instagram.

This is the first model produced by Dekunu.

I will keep my alti-2 Atlas on a wingsuit mount, and Dekunu on my wrist. They have some glaring issues.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. DZ offset: c) it’s huge and colorful It’s a small thing, but those small features really add up.

Thanks for getting back to me @Tracy! For whatever reason, it actually picked back up in freefall mode with the correct altitude for the rest of the freefall and canopy flight. Sophisticated GPS and other telemetry you used to only have access to when you sat next to the pilot.

Unfortunately, some jumps end up missing GPS data or even all the jump data.

Does it have unique features not offered on other hi-tech altis? Then I am heading out for three days to Zhills to jump so should get about 15-20 jumps on it and will see how it works. If you change your mind about the color or the fit is not quite right, whatever the reason, you can exchange it for another item or return it for a refund. Now I know that tandems deploy around 1700m. So when my DZ's pilot is trying to save some money by starting descend while dropping people, Dekunu goes into freefall mode and starts it's timer.

Also, I forgot to mention that I love the recent actions map! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Dekunu One Velcro Pocket Bumper Attachment, ALTITRACK Electronic Skydiving Altimeter & Digital Logbook, Parasport AloXs Compact Digital Altimeter, View stats, plot your canopy flight function, unlimited synchronised jumps, horizontal, vertical and path distances, opening g-forces, max/min.

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