But when you start getting into like the ’70s Corvettes and that kind of thing, again, there are so many of them and they’re such poor cars. His shop is a world-renowned facility that repairs, restores, and sells classic and antique cars. Go and find the best car someone else has restored and buy it. And, of course, we’re moving into Youtube and social media marketing and social media entertainment systems as well. Don’t think of it as a collector car. We’ve seen that with 1920s cars, ’30s cars, and so on. I went from that into restoring military vehicles. So we’ll see how that all fares out. What has been your most difficult restoration? So far it is a secret but you can tell everyone….no, wait, I am to France in November and will return with a better sense of the future of “Arc of Triumph.”. Twenty-five years ago, I had a really cool 1936 Hudson Terraplane pickup. Publicity Listings Now I have young guys in their 40s and 50s coming in wanting BMWs from the ’70s and ’80s, and we get requests constantly for cars from the ’90s.

And they want a good reliable engine, and they don’t want to be getting six miles to the gallon. I think there’s going to be prolonged and sustained interest in Corvettes because of the health of the modern Corvette line—because that generally spawns interest in the past. We’re also getting more interest in Japanese cars, and I think that could be a savvy purchase. David is the host of a successful worldwide broadcasted television series Restoration Garage, now in its sixth season. The Guild has grown into one of North America’s premier collector car restoration facilities, restoring more than 2500 classics since opening its doors nearly three decades ago. |  If you enjoyed this show, please go to Apple Podcast and leave me a five-star review. Is there a segment of the market you believe is undervalued? One of The Guild’s restorations took a top award at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2015, and the company sells about three cars each year. I think that’s where we’re going. Today, The Guild’s 28 employees perform between 20–30 full restorations per year at Grainger’s facility in Bradford, Ontario, about 30 minutes north of Toronto. This last one is a spectacular car. I mean, I like odd and, quite often, valueless vehicles. Whereas, you go to Britain and their car culture is significantly different. Funeral Service will take place on Saturday 24th December at 10.00 a.m. in Gilmores Funeral Church, 12 The Square, Comber, BT23 5DX, Tel. What’s the future of the American muscle car market? I refuse to admit that I can’t do something. It’s the cars that were created as art in very limited amounts by undeniable craftsmen and artisans that are going to be the ones that stay with us and have longevity.

Someone might want to do some research now on what came out in limited numbers and what was high performance and that kind of thing and grab those before they take off like the Italian cars have. Yes, I think there’s an interest in those because people are generally interested in what they drive and we’ve seen a huge growth of interest in trucks. If you buy a collector car and you put her in the corner and you just put a cover over it, you’ll never enjoy it. Covercraft •  Migliorie Luxury Car Care  •  Edelbrock   •  Christopher Kimball Financial Services  •  Cars Yeah TV. So that 30-years-behind-us wave of interest is going to falter somewhat. I don’t think there’s going to be any growth. It’s not 1935 Oldsmobiles, it’s 1935 Bugattis, Delahayes, and Hispanos. He is also an accomplished professional diver with a history of working with sharks. I think that cars are going out of favor, certainly, with younger people. But just when you think you have the market figured out, it turns around.

I think there are still some deals to be had. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Also Known as Restoration Garage, now in its fourth season. But there are certain elemental truths. What advice would you give someone buying their first collector car? The Guild has been featured on various other TV shows, on radio and in print. He was very patient and understanding. The trends are the same. We already do fewer restorations now than we do restomods. The Guild has been featured on TV, radio and in print all over the world. We also did an Alfa Romeo Special Roadster that was the Paris show car in 1946, so an incredibly historically important car. And that’s saying something when you talk about GM. David Charles Grainger is the president and co-founder of The Guild of Automotive Restorers, a company that specializes in restoring classic and antique cars.He hosts a television series called Restoration Garage (a.k.a Guild Garage), which is seen around the world on various channels, specifically Motor Trend and Velocity in the US and Canada. I think there’s room in Fiats and the bottom of Alfas.

Again, how do you restore a 1999 anything if you don’t have access to original parts? How do you restore something that’s full of computer chips? I think Corvettes might be a good bet. The Guild has been featured on TV, radio and in print all over the world. What got you into the business of the car hobby? David Grainger is well-known as the president of The Guild of Automotive Restorer since 1991.He came to spotlight after being a reality star of documentary series Restoration Garage that aired on History Television Canada. Modern supercars owe a lot to this little Toyota, Electrify your classic Mini with this $10K EV swap kit, World Premiere of Caffeine & Octane S5 Ep. They want satellite. David Grainger enjoys flying planes, riding horses and racing boats. That’s reversed now. Because if it doesn’t appreciate and you don’t like it, you’re going to be pissed. They don’t want to take a quarter mile to brake from 60 miles an hour.

Your opinion matters and I will greatly appreciate your support. They want all-around high-efficiency disc brakes. The two countries, as far as this kind of thing, are inextricably linked. We have to make everything. The Guild has grown into one of North America’s premier collector car restoration facilities, restoring more than 2500 classics since opening its doors nearly three decades ago.

I think there’ll always be an interest. Buy something that arouses your passions. You don’t, you know?

02891 872949, followed by cremation at Roselawn Crematorium at 11.30 a.m. Family flowers only please. The American Car Culture is sort of dying off now, and it’s being replaced with other kinds of high-tech cultures. And I have two other very significant projects. I mean, you know, it’s never greenlit till it’s greenlit, but things are looking very good. I’m sort of on the back burner right now by different production companies. Are there different market trends happening in Canada than in the United States? So we’ll see. They’re just so complex. That’s something they’ve been threatening since the ’70s. They do mechanical work, bodywork, paint, upholstery, fabrications, transportation, and storage. My Bugatti project has taken its first steps towards becoming a movie. I think that the market for cars from the 1940s–60s is going to be about new engines and modernization. Some people say they’re not going to; I think they will. Entrepreneur David Grainger (III) along with wife Janice Stone started The Guild of Automotive Restorers in 1991. “Honestly,” Grainger says, “we stopped counting long ago.”.

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