One is more power and the other more fuel. There is no doubt in my mind that the 1500 + hours since the American Aviation System has been installed we have enjoyed substantially improved performance and engine life.”Read more…, “By installing the American Aviation Ultracooling system, it was possible to increase maximum engine power to 310 H.P. Jerry, that's a great sample set of both types. I looked at the Baron, Meridian, Malibu, etc.

The lineage of the 421 and 414 traces back to the 411, the 421 beginning life as a pressurised development of the 411. The customary advertising claims throw all the seats, gross weight, maximum fuel, and maximum performance into one arena.

Cessna 340/414 Owners: Enhance Your Investment! Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. The plane lands itself. By that I mean it had more power than was actually being produced by the RAM airplane’s engines which was breathing superheated air due to the inefficient stock intercooling system. The twin Cessnas were the only ones that 'work' if I factored the cost of the capital, and the operating cost. This is because at the same manifold pressure and RPM, an engine that is injesting hotter and hotter air, loses power rapidly and requires extra fuel for cooling and detonation protection. The increased power would result in a fuel saving as they would be at rich climb fuel flows for less time. @Copyright 2014 • American Aviation Inc. • 2265 West Aerostar way, Hayden Lake, ID 83835 • 208-762-8815 • 800-423-0476 • Featured Image: Courtesy of Jessica Ambats. A family of four can hop in a 340 and get out of town for the weekend, with standard full fuel tanks, and have a range of 1,000 miles with reserves. A Letter From Your Pilot: the Germanwings Tragedy. It does what I felt had to be done a few years ago after flying a Cessna 320 on a high altitude flight to Mexico City, using oxygen mask. These tip tanks hold 50 gallons a side and are complemented by auxiliary bladder-style tanks within the wings themselves. The rear four seats are arranged in a club configuration, with the middle row facing backward, giving passengers a little more legroom when they’re not knocking knees. Max Karant, AOPA Pilot, January 1972. That was not unexpected, as the modified engine uses even more manifold pressure resulting in more heat of compression in the induction air and with RAM conversions, the original intercooler is simply reused as in the standard airplane. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour.

We are making this tape available to all 340 and 414 owners on a complimentary basis. The primary reason is it's significantly quieter than the 340/414. I was considering the DA42 as well as the Aerostar and C421 / 414 and 340. Top models include CARAVAN 208B GRAND, CITATION II, 414A, CITATION ISP, 340A, and 421C. No flaring nose-up and sitting it on the back wheels.

Not only that, Cessna’s detailed engineering report on the 340 says the wing is the same as 414, as are the flaps and ailerons. 414A S/N 414A0001 & on . If you laid all your receipts on the table for each, what would you guess the delta in costs of the 421 is over the 340 (capital costs aside)? It’s interesting to note that at 38″ and below, a RAM modified engine is virtually identical to a standard engine, and the stock intercooling system remains unchanged. Plus, you’ll have the advantages of better engine detonation protection, improved twin engine climb rates, and higher cruising speeds. There are also options to convert the wing nacelle storage lockers into fuel tanks, on either one or both sides, for an extra 20 gallons a side, yielding 203 gallons total capacity when both lockers are configured.
When you combine the 100 % pressure recovery from the inlet with high flow manifolding and proper heat exchanger design, the results are near constant inlet air temperatures at all altitudes and power settings.The benefits of this work extend throughout the entire spectrum of the aircraft’s performance.

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