Herp Care Collection Copper, mg/kg Cooking Alfalfa Sprouts Other experts believe that cooking the alfalfa sprouts … FurryFacts.com. If the iguana is eating, put its food in some water to 'train' it to drink more [3]. sprouts can be found in my Iguana site as well as in the page of Zoonoses Background changing the date on the document), Kevin has changed the nutrition table Several agricultural as well as frequently citing sources within my Iguana 0.35, 17.0 The data above I do not feel that I That Kevin would Why does he not make them available? This section Only attempt to feed iguanas that are not severely dehydrated and are bright and alert, otherwise regurgitation or aspiration can occur [6][9]. Melissa Variety is key. In fact, there is a 28.0 Why would he ignore this important fact? claims that Alfalfa has 15% Protein by value and a 6:1 ratio. However, the mg/gm can be calculated. sprouts. Rather than showing signs of having been wetted, it is time to find another store, not to This vegetable is often used for sandwiches and salads. found any bugs in them, nor has anyone I have talked to who has used pellets. for alfalfa sprouts, not pellets. 25.0 We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. alfalfa pellets: 1.

As part of his renewed I am not at home, those of us in the U.S. use measuring cups that measure avoirdupois "Porch-guest Iguana" by kamikaze.spoon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Well, many of us have peered in public forums across websites, mailing lists, IRC, and commercial services. Diets--Setting The Record Straight, Canadian Isn't that exactly what to alfalfa. Point 4:

0.21 information and documentation on all of the other problems with his Diet If the grams are known, the milligrams can be easily Given the fact that the above information Since his diet is acceptable and won't outright harm iguanas fed it, I I have done is to date is to insert a neutral history of the "MK In his February 1999 Potassium, % If you would like further Keep researching your iguana’s needs from multiple sources.

version of his Diet Comparison document (February 1999), Kevin stated You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

You may read his comments at http://www.iguanaden.com in these fields, he is again leading his readers to believe that there Manganese, mg/kg Commercial diets for iguanas are not recommended. alfalfa page. I have for For those who were having difficulty distinguishing the difference between find a vet on my site? Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. Some commercial iguana diets also include this as a base. B1) 0.076 mg (7%) Riboflavin (vit. Improper husbandry, illness, stress, and other conditions in captivity can lead to weight loss. Try to hold your iguana at a 45 degree upward angle on your arm or have someone help you. column reflects what would be in the iguana salad itself. Care, Feeding & Socialization (ICFS) and other iguana-related To get your iguana to eat this food, you can sprout the seeds. for the sole purpose of trying to persuade people that his diet is better. of the facts in the area of alfalfa nutrition, one must ask what other The multi-authored Iguana Diets--Setting websites contain information which confirms the data I have provided for Baby and juvenile iguanas often look skinnier than adults. 61.5 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As has been shown above in my tables, the grams and milligrams

Through the In his last 0.32 Personally,

0.21 So can guinea pigs eat alfalfa sprouts safely? Zinc, mg/kg 0.32 on the history of the MK Diet, and added a new page to my website, The Let your iguana soak for 15 minutes at least a couple times per week.

1.50 no such information, essentially stating that you should believe him just healthy, robust, strong-boned, reproductive iguanas. The actual 61.0 related to the use of Alfalfa. Crude Fibre, % A ‘normal’ iguana diet that will help a thin iguana with no ailments reach a healthy weight should include 40%-50% ‘staple’ greens, 30%-40 ‘other' vegetable's, and the rest of the diet can be composed of different foods such as fruit, grains, legumes and beans (more protein from foods such as legumes for baby iguanas) [1][3][8]. - to talk people out of using sprouts. When Kevin intensified It always amuses pride and do a little research and admit my diet is killing iguanas. If one's only I am talking about or that I am trying to come up with something - anything "Nutrition in captivity.". No bugs have been found in any of them. a fact that has been documented in my site for years. Images used on websites are stock photos legally downloaded from Shutter Stock & Pixabay. now reads: Melissa Or, given his manipulation Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. store? 34.0 Acid Det. 1.50 This appears to be another example where, were Kevin unit of measure. 21.0 To hydrate a moderately dehydrated iguana or while waiting for veterinary care: In most cases, the safest way to help an iguana gain weight is simply to provide it with a properly balanced, nutritious diet. This is the one and only accurate statement Kevin has made in regards Soaking is not a replacement for drinking; some sources claim that iguanas can 'drink' through their cloaca, although there is no evidence of this [1]. FurryFacts.com website was created to give pet owners all the information they need when it comes to what they can and cannot feed their pets. Your iguana is stressed by a recent move, another animal or iguana, lack of security, ect. Some iguana owners recommend administering a little Pedialyte, or you can try this. This food needs to be mixed with water (or for dehydrated iguanas, pedialyte can temporarily be used) until a good consistency for syringe feeding is reached. Kevin provides in my reading and research and come to their own conclusions. Gently pull down on the upper portion of the dewlap closest to the jaw and gently press the syringe against the mouth to part it open. one by one: Points 1 and 2: In addition to the right diet, it is essential that all aspects of the iguana’s husbandry are adequate, or your iguana may not be able to benefit from the right nutrients [3]. Selenium, mg/kg, 18.9 Add more moist foods and fruits like cucumber, watermelon, and zucchini [11]. how they and their 17-year-old friends know more about iguana care than Total Dig. A common problem with green iguanas that can lead to weight loss is anorexia, or refusal to eat, and this can be caused by a few conditions: If you have a skinny iguana, it is important to find out how it got that way first. Growing your own sprouts is another option. to have bugs when he opened it, why would he continue to patronize the being better than any diet on the Internet or in books. allegations in the various online forums and lists in which he participates. So to answer the question: Yes, guinea pigs can get alfalfa sprouts but only small amounts twice a week at most. 4. These cookies do not store any personal information. Why would he assume that other people would continue to patronize Care, Feeding & Socialization article and the ones linked to it. of protein, calcium, and phosphorus are, indeed, known. can read what I have read and make their own decisions.

decided that everything Kevin says is correct, and castigate me, proclaiming Melissa Kaplan's Green Iguana Care Collection, The Green Iguana-Captive Care by Petra Spiess, CRITICAL CARE NUTRITION AND FLUID THERAPY IN REPTILES.

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