THANK'S FOR LOOKING, Model 1952 BSA A10 Golden Flash Frame number: ZA7S 10223 Engine number: ZA10 15686 One of BSA's most beloved engines, the new 650cc A10 twin joined the 500cc A7 model in 1949. It has a brand new engine.

All original condition. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for BSA a10 for sale. Here we have a BSA A10 Golden Flash which has undergone a complete nut an bolt restoration.

BSA A10 Plunger Springs (return).

A four-speed gearbox bolted directly to the crankcase in a form of semi-unit construction. Lots of rare parts all on one bike. LOOKS LIKE FRAME # FA711099 AND THE MOTOR # CA10R8886 GREAT FOR PARTS BIKE RESTORATION OR CHOPPER BOBBER CUSTOM BUILD. For sale: New boxed bsa a10 . Heavy Duty Norton clutch and Belt drive primary for reliability. I have not attempted to start the bike since I purchased it. I am selling my BSA A10 because of reoccurring Hip problems. verified genuine engine ... 1961 BSA A10 R Super Rocket Canadian Spec ,  Exported to Percy McBride LTD , Toronto , Canada  Consignment number 4499 . I can send extra photos if needed - just let me know what you want to see please.


Have about $10k into this bike. MANY GOOD PARTS ON MOTORCYCLE. Price € 7.750. But it does kick over. These are getting harder to find- especially like this one.

The reason is simple: old British bikes are needy little maintenance machines notorious for the odd oil leak. Engine number CA10RR1120. MOT: Exempt

These have been temporarily saved. Just Bikes is the place for classic, vintage and rare bikes $4995.00 Call:[days] 508-653-1194 [evenings and weekends] 508-429-5443. Been stored for over 20 years. Head was modified for more flow and Stainless steel Valves were added.

BSA Bantam D1 D3 D5 1948-58 Pair of Fork Gaitors 90-5081.

In addition to these two originals, some of Carter’s Giclee prints will be available. Alert me by email if a price drops or a special offer is available. Recorded as an A10 Super Rocket built to USA specs. Recommendation is that motorcycle will need going through before starting/driving - just as any bike that has been in storage for a period of time I have a clean and clear ownership in hand. It's not titled and needs a few things done before it's roadworthy and safe to ride. $7700. a very nice bike that looks almost new. all electrics working, clean bodywork, 46 miles on clock since rebuild. More than 2,000 attendees visited America’s Car Museum for its 3rd annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival ‘The MEET’ last weekend in Tacoma, Washington, where over 300 motorcycles and scooters were showcased on the Haub Family Field at LeMay. Rainier. SO STOP IN TO SEE THIS BIKE OR ANY OF THE HUNDREDS OF MOTORCYCLES WE HAVE WE FOR SALE OR CALL JEN AT 724-282-7278. BSA for Sale. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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You can cancel your email alerts at any time. Engine number CA10RR1120 Launched as the top of BSA's range in 1954, the BSA Road Rocket had an A10 engine with an alloy cylinder head, high compression pistons and a high lift camshaft, producing 40 bhp and a top speed of 109 mph.


Browse our range of new and second hand BSA Air Rifles for sale. 1963 BSA A10 Super Rocket.

The oil on canvas piece is 36” x 60”. Named Golden Flash, initially the new 650 was strikingly finished in pale beige metallic, a sure standout when black predominated. Super Rocket A-10, 1961 Super Rocket A-10, This is a beautiful preunit that runs awesome,starts good and is ready to go!! What you see or know may vary from mine and that is fine. All original condition. 1957 BSA A10 Super Rocket, 1957 BSA A10 BIG VALVE SUPER ROCKET TOUR MODEL EXCELLENT CONDITION FRAME UP RESTORATION 15 YEARS AGO. MANY GOOD PARTS ON MOTORCYCLE.

Shipping is sole responsibility of buyer ( U Ship works good ) . It was ridden by the previous owner/rebuilder on occasion ( speedo says 3283 miles - knowing speedo was rebuilt, this is probably the miles he put on it post rebuild but am not sure). Get the Flash Player to see this player. Model appears to be stock frame engine tank wheels ,oit tank toolbox original ,please call me for more details 503 680 8681 LOW RESERVE.

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