Since the resonance stabilization of the phenolate conjugate base is much greater than the stabilization of phenol itself, the acidity of phenol relative to cyclohexanol is increased. The attached atoms are in a high oxidation state, and their reduction converts these electron withdrawing functions into electron donating amino and alkyl groups.

Synthesis of 2, 4, 6-tribromoaniline from aniline, A g.mol of Aniline with 3 g.mol of Bromine yields a g.mol of Tribromoaniline, 159 g of Bromine yields Tribromoaniline = 329.8 g. If reported Practical yield is 8.5 g, then. of bromine is placed in C carefully, and it is covered with about 40 ml. The chief products are phenol and diphenyl ether (see below). Since meta-substitution favors a single product, separation of trace isomers is normally not a problem. The -NH 2 group attached to the benzene ring in phenylamine has the effect of making the ring much more reactive than it would otherwise be. In the second, fast step, a proton is removed from this intermediate, yielding a substituted benzene ring.

2,4,6-tribromoaniline @p-bromoaniline d. mixture of o- and p-bromoaniline Tin dah. . An example of this method will be displayed below by clicking on the diagram. of the bottom of C. 4 ml. If you want a simple chemical test, test their solubilities in sodium hydroxide solution and in dilute hydrochloric acid. distilling-flask C, care being taken to ensure that the two glass tubes touch one another inside the rubber connection. 1. In contrast, a nitro substituent decreases the ring's reactivity by roughly a million. The first solution is added drop wise to the second solution from a dropping funnel. of water.

D = Electron Donating Group (ortho/para-directing)W = Electron Withdrawing Group (meta-directing). Although the activating influence of the amino group has been reduced by this procedure, the acetyl derivative remains an ortho/para-directing and activating substituent. Hydrolysis of Sulfonic Acids The potential reversibility of the aromatic sulfonation reaction was noted earlier. THE REACTION BETWEEN PHENYLAMINE (ANILINE) AND BROMINE WATER. Characteristics of Specific Substitution Reactions. Addition Although it does so less readily than simple alkenes or dienes, benzene adds hydrogen at high pressure in the presence of Pt, Pd or Ni catalysts. Because of their high nucleophilic reactivity, aniline and phenol undergo substitution reactions with iodine, a halogen that is normally unreactive with benzene derivatives. Similarly, phenylamine would be no more soluble in sodium hydroxide solution than it is in water.

Consequently, all these substituents direct substitution to ortho and para sites. The yield is about 10 g (55.6%).

It is noteworthy that the influence of a nitro substituent is over ten times stronger in the para-location than it is meta, despite the fact that the latter position is closer to the hydroxyl group. Bromination of both phenol and aniline is difficult to control, with di- and tri-bromo products forming readily. To see an animated model of this reaction using ball&stick models   . The second factor that becomes important in reactions of substituted benzenes concerns the site at which electrophilic substitution occurs. The first two questions review some simple concepts. 1. Oxidation of Alkyl Side-Chains The benzylic hydrogens of alkyl substituents on a benzene ring are activated toward free radical attack, as noted earlier. Thus, nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions were common for alkyl halides, but rare with aryl halides. Electrophilic Substitution of Disubstituted Benzene Rings When a benzene ring has two substituent groups, each exerts an influence on subsequent substitution reactions.

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