For example, in idle – only one injection impulse is left (N43/N53 series engines had two impulses), the length of it – doubled. MSD80/81 was replaced by MSD87.

Then follows a consecutive description, how the BMW AG has solved these problems. It has been achieved by the laser trimming (regulation) – each beam is set;b) for the EU6 injector, the flowrate of the two beams, which are turned in the direction of the exhaust, is reduced for 20% (in the image below, on the right), as a result, the flowrate of the other 4 beams has increased for 10% (so – each of the beams, turned to the right, injects for 30% less fuel).

Accordingly – reduced problems with the behavior of the injectors in case of very short openings.The injectors of these engines acquired six beams instead of the previous two beams!

For many years already, the actual (last) release of the injectors: 11.

Tested MOSFETS for continuity but all checked out fine. Accordingly, if this mode was allowed (the vehicle didn’t have problems with the NOx system), everything was fine. Rough run. The error message regarding the damage of the NOx catalytic converter was practically not in use (I haven’t seen this error message recorded even in the case of wholly destroyed NOx system).

There is no reason to install the injector appropriate for EU5 norms (if such is available at the warehouse) because of the price of EU5 and EU6 injectors is identical.Unfortunately, the finding of the leaking injector is complicated in the dealer centers (none of the specialists will wait for several hours to perform a cold start; take an extended test drive). Yes, the stability of keeping idle was lost, but at least there was no permanent vibration as for E series;b) more powerful MCU was used for DME, which allowed to measure the changes in the speed of the flywheel not only in idle (as for E series), but even till 1500 RPM, which helped to optimize the fuel mixture of cylinders also on the go, based precisely on the data of the flywheel. N53. Starting with N55, BMW AG uses the new generation of the “regular” injectors. Due to injector problems, these engines were a nightmare for BMW AG. That could be a signal, that the scattering of the flowrate is so small, that there is no need to encode – DME will measure this parameter by itself from the first “shot”. Problems of air-tightness, Idle. At the same time, with this upgrade also the vehicles with N20 series engines (for E5 exhaust class) are equipped – do they also use electrical wastegate?Unexpected kindness from the manufacturer. But the most interesting will only come!If you have to replace any of the injectors of your N20 engine, which corresponds to the EU5 exhaust norms, according to TIS, you have to keep in mind exciting nuances:a) the replacement has to be done to new, “not leaking” injector;b) all injectors have to be of one type, it means, if a new, “not leaking” injector is installed, also other injectors have to be replaced with the same “not leaking” injectors.BMW proudly calls it “EU5 to EU6 conversion procedure”. What fundamental changes expected this generation of the engines? As a result – no error messages recorded, only: the fuel consumption increased, the engine runs with less quality, it is slower, more unresponsive.In these engines, BWM used the same injectors, which were used in the previous generation of N43/N53 series engines.

Re-adapting of the automatic transmission, The problems of the injectors and misfires, Car with N57N engine and very low mileage, F10/11. What are the main differences between NOXEM emulator and ‘’usual’’ emulators? Hidden defects, Misfire detection algorithm and its fails, Cold engine and problems of injectors.

Part 2, Importance of the service procedures. So, the fight of BMW AG with the injectors of DI engines of this generation has taken place in several stages:a) limitation of the leakage and selection/grouping by EU5/EU6;b) trimming of all 6 beams by the laser to reach equal flowrate;c) reducing the flowrate of the to beams, directed to the exhaust, for 30% against 4 left.

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