Please don’t let “top tier strategy consulting firm (ie MBB)” dissuade you from applying coming from Big4 or T2. (I believe that I won't like audit at all btw)... Any advice would be appreciated! Doubt it, just because the big4 are first and foremost audit companies, and there's some slight frictions from that (e.g. Big 4 has exit opps, there's no question about that. Many independent consultants earn even more than Big 4 consulting employees, and they have the freedom to set their own schedule, choose their own areas of interest, and work from anywhere in the world. How long should you stay in audit before starting to recruit for IB?

Just over a decade later, the United States government appointed two accountants, Charles Haskins and Elijah Watt Sells, to investigate government inefficiency. Getting into the Big 4 as an entry level consultant is tough going. For EPM practice - Atlanta, GA; I dont know what level they will put me in yet if i do get selected, I have less than 2 years of experience though. I'm still in school, and as an accounting major, it is pretty much the only thing I get exposed to. I am more interested in FP&A type of position. In reply to Most of what's been said by needtodecide. No matter if it is an SEC audit or an IRS audit, your mind should go to verification. These two firms practiced separately until their paths crossed in 1957. Deloitte is probably the most fascinating firm in the Big 4.

so you can reward or punish any content you deem worthy right away. Maybe not to buyside making $1MM+, but you're much better off than most people. ), but more often than not the choice needs to be justified as part of proper financial management.

Salaries at the firm are broken down as follows: Analyst Associate Base: $68,000 (Canada: C$62,000) (UK: £32,000).

Some advisory positions are much worse than audit, and some are much better. At Deloitte you can expect to work with Fortune 500 companies in areas of finance, as Deloitte has a stronghold in this area within this area. I majored accounting and I didn't think twice about getting into big 4 audit... until I read and came to realize how unpopular audit is. Naturally, audit is the building foundation for skills necessary for TS/TAS. But having audit, tax, DD / M&A, performance improvement, and industry experts all within the brand is powerful.

Clients, even the ones who are nice, do NOT like you. The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Exactly What You'll Make at Each of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. Big 4 Interviews (KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, E&Y) can be stressful, but if you prepare and practice enough it will make it a much easier and relaxed experience. Contribute to the database and get 1 month free* Full online access! During a M&A process, the buyer will hire TS/TAS to produce "quality of earnings" reports. If you have an outstanding academic career and true passion for the role you're applying for, great. PwC practices and dominates a large amount of the global advisory market. Very true. Can you provide a concrete example? KPMG has an unusually high focus within the Big 4 on technical and analytical work. I'm just trying to think. Is it harder? The “big 4” are called that for a reason. With the explosion in market value of consulting services over the last few decades, the Big 4 has begun systematically capturing consulting market share as well. I'm hoping to secure an offer for management consulting at the big 4 but would like to make the transition to corporate finance once I have some experience in consulting. Thank you for your insight:)

To really understand the Big 4, however, we need to look at the numbers.

If you go in knowing that your learning curve into CF may be a little more difficult and that you won't be a fit for everything, but that your uniqueness will be an asset in some ways as well then you'll be fine. If you meet those criteria, your school's career department will be able to supply everything you need to line up the needed applications and interviews.

Do you think they have the ability to achieve this? In reply to You're going to have to by 808. 1st Year Analyst in Investment Banking - Industry/Coverage">. by big42corpfin. As we already mentioned, the Big 4 absolutely dominate the accounting field. Whether or not you attempt to climb the ranks to partner comes down to your own long-term career and lifestyle goals.

Gunnison is committed to delivering quality products and solutions.

Really cleared up a lot of questions for me. 808: Great breakdown! In reply to My perception is that as a by 808. So a lot of by 808.

It might be easier to transition as a Sr. Analyst, but for career progression purposes I'd consider waiting until you can come in as a Mgr. As of 2017, the Big 4 audited 497 of the S&P 500.That's 99.4% market share of the top 500 publicly traded companies. Deloitte is the biggest. Advisory exits: really depends on what type of advisory. I used to think that to make good money you can't be an employee. Senior Associates like to say they have it the worst, but I don't believe so. I've bounced through a couple of the Big 4 firms over the years + went to an M7 MBA, so I've got a lot of friends in all types of consulting, and it seems that in recent years the market has definitely been moving towards homogeneity. A separate company, formed much later in 1898 in the United States, Lybrand, Ross Brothers and Montgomery, was started by Robert H. Montgomery, William M. Lybrand, Adam A. Ross Jr. and his brother T. Edward Ross.

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