The Thinline will also be appealing to readers just getting into the Quentel universe. You’ll see it used for some magazine covers and higher-quality flyers. Pages Per Inch – PPI: Number of pages that can be represented in one inch.

While I find the one-two punch of a regular Quentel at home and a PSQ on the go very appealing, with the Thinline you tick off both boxes with a single Bible. It is a rare occasion when I manage to fold all the hooves, and this time it worked! To Conclude; it truly is the Toughest Printing Job: Some of the most renowned printing companies consider this as the toughest job, and this is all because of the paper choice. Folding the units is straight forward, unlike the assembly. This halves the thickness of the Quentel compared to the first edition. This paper works well for pull mechanisms, not so much for push action models. I was not satisfied with the final details. The change has proven … The paper does not tear but leans backwards and you need to guide it with your fingers to the right crease line, otherwise you will make a new one. Formation: The degree that defines the extent to which the paper sheet pulp and fibers are dispersed evenly. And the groundwood portion of the pulp helps in making it perfectly opaque. Also known as scritta paper, a thin grade woodfree uncoated type paper is specifically used for the printing of the Bible. But trying to open the mouth by pushing the tail resulted in disappointment, as the paper tore and the fish stayed silent! The texture of this paper has to be smooth, but at the same time, it must give it fabric like a feel when touched. Let’s face it: All things considered, those options are pretty amazing. A majority portion of the bibles available all around the world are printed on this paper. The last step, the puffing of the triangles, is performed with similar ease. There were no real problems during the process until the finishing details; then I found that the paper became too weak too quickly. The thicker paper also supplies the resistance you need for popping the paper into place. Technically speaking, Bible paper is also called, lightweight offset paper. To my surprise, Avi, our contact at the mill, said: "We just started making Bible paper. Nothing special here, neither good nor bad. Bible paper, also known as scritta paper, is a thin grade of paper used for printing books which have many pages, such as a dictionary. Other properties such as the texture, whiteness, and creaminess can be compromised. It is perfectly opaque; it’s even sheet formation feature and run ability that improves the flatness is the most prominent features of this paper. You can purchase a Thinline Quentel NASB from by following this link. For other uses, it is a solid paper that will satisfy you. Bible paper is highly suitable for traditional models.

150 gsm: 9,10 similar weight: 10) 67lb Bristol: 145 gsm: 10,9 similar weight: 11) 90lb Index: 165 gsm: 11, 14 similar weight: 12) 110lb Index: 200 gsm: 12, 15 similar weight: 13) 140lb Index: 255 gsm: 13, 16 somewhat similar weight: 14) 65lb Cover jump to 65lb Cover: 175 gsm: 14, 11 similar weight: 15) 80lb Cover jump to 80lb Cover: 215 gsm: 15, 12 similar weight: 16) 100lb Cover Address: Room 26-10, Grate wall road, Taian, China. However, the lower PPI makes this paper opaque but heavier than other types. You don't want to see the letters from the other side when you read it. This is one of the lightest and the most delicate papers among all other types being used in the world. This is what they do at the Hadera Paper Mill. The change has proven popular with readers. If you are thinking about why is Bible paper so thin, the answer to this is the fact that books with a large number of pages, such as a Bible or any other religious scripture have to be light so that it can be handled with ease. Being so thin it naturally leads one to consider complex models, and our views differ here a little. It's a soft paper, you feel it immediately. This specific paper is acid free, wood free, and that is all I know about it. But paper that is thin and light is very often translucent - a contradiction which must be overcome. A drawback of using this type is that areas, where there is higher ink coverage, under color removal, can be expected. It has a fabric-like feeling, a little silky. Again, it came out pretty well, and without any real problems. Also like the PSQ, some blank sheets in the last signature were converted into lined paper for taking notes. Inserting the tabs into the pockets showed the relative weakness of this paper, but the final structure is stable. The thinline Quentel uses the same 28 GSM paper stock found in Crossway’s beautiful Heirloom Legacy ESV, another Bible that slimmed down after its debut. The weight of this paper is measured in grams per square meter – gsm and Bible paper gsm must not exceed 50gsm, and its thickness must be maintained at 62 microns. Originally, this paper is brown similar to the oatmeal color. I am sure any printing press you visit will have a stock of this paper, and allow you some sheets. So the thicker paper equals more opacity myth has been busted. Eyeballing the current Quentel’s 36 GSM paper alongside the Thinline’s 28 GSM sheet, I perceive that the latter suffers slightly in comparison. This is the stiffest, sturdiest paper and is used for business cards and invitations. The final result is sharper than usual, flat and satisfying. Paired with thick gold ribbons and red-under-gold page edges, in might as well be milk chocolate wrapped in foil. Yet the new proportion adds pliability to the Quentel’s handling, showing off the limpness of the Royal Jongbloed binding in a way that only the big, thin editions really do. The sweet spot for the Thinline will be readers who insist on a more compact edition, but cannot manage the drop in type size from 11 pt. It must be thin, but it must be able to bear high stress when pulled along the grain. The production cost of this paper is very low, making it a suitable paper for low-cost Bibles, newspapers and cheap books. The compact Personal Size Quentel uses this sheet, as well. For economy class Bibles, Groundwood paper is used. Until then, we live with the options we have. In fact, depending on the paper, a sheet in the 30s might be more opaque, not less, than its thicker counterpart. Bible paper is surprisingly suitable for tessellations. Opacity, brightness, PPI, formation and many other terms are used when it comes to choosing the perfect Bible papers.

Study Bibles have a lot more words. This paper grade often contains cotton or linen fibres to increase its strength in spite of its thinness. Back lighting white paper always looks good. The Thinline measures roughly a quarter inch thinner than the regular Quentel NASB, and about 10 oz. And I’m not altogether happy about that fact. I am quite satisfied with the final Pegasus. On my last visit to the laboratory in Hadera Paper Mill to check the properties of new papers for these articles, I took along some Bible paper I got a few years ago from an unknown producer. So, a thin, smooth, strong and durable paper - sounds like a good starting point for an origami paper. The inside remains pure Quentel, with one exception: to maximize slimness, Schuyler followed the lead of the Personal Size Quentel and nixed the concordance. The GSM affects how thick the Bible is, which is measured in PPI (Pages per Inch). These are the only types of Bible papers being used around the world. Again I tried the recommended size and it seems the paper is comfortably suited to the task. For the second stage of the collapse, I braced myself - it is much harder to make correctly, as the paper must twist and stretch to get to the right place. There were no signs of tear or fatigue in the paper; the wings kept coming back to the desired position again and again. For simple, traditional use it is very good. It is hard to get the final details when you start with a 10cm square. Hadera is proud of its highly opaque and clear white properties and will not share the secret. When you try to reverse a fold, you get little resistance, and no 'snap' feeling. Since it is not a common paper, and you have to look for it at a friendly printing press, there is no surprise here. Now the Thinline is still about 1.5” thick, with a 9” x 6” book block that clocks in at 10” x 6.5” once you account for the overlapped goatskin cover. With this tessellation there are no pre-creases, and again the collapse phase demonstrated the flexibility of this paper. It is most evident in the open sink when you try to reverse those valleys into mountains. The first stage of the collapse went smoothly. To achieve this standard of paper, the manufacturer uses longer fibres, which will result in stronger paper, and reduce the density of the pulp-to-water mixture which leads to a lower weight (gsm). Every time I begin to think today’s translucent stock is not so bad, I crack open a fifty-year old Bible and feel the urge to weep. Texture: Smooth to the touch. However, I was surprised to see how the 3D rabbit held its posture. The tip of the wings went faster, though. Folding the grid was quick and uneventful. Printed Dictionary: Not as Obsolete as Presumed! Welcome to Huaak Paper Ltd ISO9000 & FSC certified, a leading company dealing with all kind of parchment papers including food graded, dictionary papers and Bible paper delivered in Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, America, Europe and in many regions of the Japan and China. For action models it is good for pull action, but not for push.

The permanence of this paper is estimated to be more than 100 years. This is a newer discovery in the Bible paper category, and there are still some properties that have to be determined. If you are thinking about why is Bible paper so thin, the answer to this is the fact that books with a large number of pages, such as a Bible or any other religious scripture have to be light so that it can be handled with ease. Indian paper) because it is used to print the bible and many other holy books. In fact, depending on the paper, a sheet in the 30s might be more opaque, not less, than its thicker counterpart. Do you want some?". It is the lowest grade of Bible paper available in the market. Still, the pressure to upgrade will probably not be too intense, particularly if you’re one of those people who cannot live without a concordance, or tolerate a slight loss of opacity.
The paper is a bit like fabric, with too little surface tension. Judging by the fact that every generation of the Quentel slims down in comparison to the original, however, I think we can declare the noble experiment a failure. All this was done to check the effect of backlighting. Coming back from the AEP convention, I had a new action model to test the push mechanism – the angry fish! 2K/Denmark, Bible Review, Blue, Double Column, Goatskin, Jongbloed, Milo, NIV, Schuyler, the recent ‘thinline’ Schuyler Quentel NASB, by following this link. It is one of the widely used Bible paper in the world and is of a higher grade then the groundwood. It's a solid paper that will last for many years, stronger than it looks, and with many benefits. This paper goes under the free sheet processing but possesses some amount of pulp of groundwood in it. Other features that make this paper a perfect choice is that it is very receptive to printing and it is amazingly compatible with prestige and delicate text work. The new Flickr design made it difficult to look for models made from Bible paper and I found only two images; both are tessellations, both presented with back light. But in daily use, the difference does not register much. Blended Bible paper has the qualities of both the groundwood and freesheet.

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