I dunno, what politician (left or right) doesn’t use the “language” of liberty and equality?

More federal regulation good. The textbooks I mention were for elementary school history/social studies classes, grades 3-5,in the early/mid 1970s.Taught in a public school, in a very politically conservative area in the Deep South. The Libertarian presidential nominee is at 1.14 percent, has 1.58 million votes, and is ahead of all third-party candidates in every state. Zinn’s book has probably done more good than harm. If you cannot perform this “parlour trick” (i.e., citing and criticizing what someone actually says instead of going after what you merely think they believe), then you are just as dishonest as Zinn supposedly is. Mom! I’ll defer to your judgment about proper academic practice, but it doesn’t seem like that would uniquely disqualify Zinn’s book. I read zinn in my strange alternative high school program. But it also will shape our futures. At least you’ll gain insight into a mindset that you may have to challenge one day. I only wish libertarians themselves devoted more attention to these topics. As far as “primary sources,” which section of the bookstore is that in? The original post was about Zinn writing a book aimed at bright 4th graders. Shop high-quality t-shirts, masks, onesies, and hoodies for the perfect gift. Zinn tries to emphasize that war’s hideousness is an excellent reason to reject government rhetoric and be very hostile to the idea of war as a solution to political problems. (By the way, since we’re excercising good history on this thread, would you be so kind as to reference a reason article where the author fails to make that distinction?). .

It’s the sort of left-leaning, anti-establishment, but still factual history book Zinn isn’t skilled enough to write. Be Unique.

“As for ‘barbarism of good and bad wars’ what can you say but ‘War is Hell’.”. I keep reading all of these comments about how pro capitalist most history books are.

Wars of Religion to cock fighting in renaissance Italy is seen as part of the TEH CLASS STRUGGLE it really sucks the life out of an otherwise interesting subject. [C]an you offer any quotations from Zinn’s writing that would lead us to believe he thinks what he’s written is all there is to American history? "Anything challenging the status quo thus falls into this bracket, slyly targeting anyone raising issues of inequalities.". guidance, part of lengthy guidelines for implementing the statutory curriculum, said. To explain why the latter’s election in 1860 convinced most slaveowners to back secession, Zinn falls back on the old saw, beloved by economic determinists, that the Civil War was “not a clash of peoples?but of elites,” Southern planters vs. Northern industrialists. Anti-capitalism describes a wide variety of movements, ideas, and attitudes which oppose capitalism. Thankfully, revisionism by Rothbard and others helps put this stuff in context. Shop anti capitalism kids hoodies created by independent artists from around the globe.

Hot damn, anon, no wonder you’re anonymous. “War is hell” can be uttered both by a pacifist who always rejects violence and by a neoconservative who thinks you’ve got to break a few eggs (or a few hundred thousand) to make an omelette. Quite surprised (not) at the dismissal of Zinn on H&R…. When everything from the Constitution to the Wars of Religion to cock fighting in renaissance Italy is seen as part of the TEH CLASS STRUGGLE it really sucks the life out of an otherwise interesting subject. First it was The O'Reilly Factor for Kids, then Help! The Nation's Top YIMBY Legislator Crushes His Socialist Opponent, Michigan Voters Demand That Police Get Warrants for Electronic Data, The U.S. Officially Withdraws from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

I wonder if those that think reading Zinn is a waste of time also find, oh let’s say, The 12 Caesars equally worthless.

Many different and opposite ideologies fight against capitalism: Some anti-capitalists may argue for a form of collectivism. First it was The O'Reilly Factor for Kids, then Help! But be prepared for unabashed hatred of the wealthy. ALL fringe types tend to see history through a very cramped lens of vision, so that the larger sweeps and movements of time are missed. Media Contact & Reprint Requests. If I could find my copy I’d quote from it. “It is more relevant to criticize the racial underpinnings of current problems in the War on Drugs than it is to criticize the racism of its origins. And while Zinn makes it very clear what direction he thinks contemporary policy should take, like all historians his writing is primarily about the development of various policies, movements, etc. All I know about American history is that New Yerkers were redcoats during the Revolution and nothing has changed since. "This is another step in the culture war and this drift towards extreme Conservative authoritarianism is gaining pace and should worry anyone who believes that democracy requires freedom of speech and an educated populace.".

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