If you're looking for a place to discuss DSP topics, head over to r/amazondspdrivers. Amazon Prime Now Edit 1: Amazon Prime Now app does not have a version of the app for iPad. Deliver my package to a different apartment? Why don't they just call it a delivery charge, and be done with it? My first block that actually had deliveries (2 hour block) ended up being $76 with tips. If enough customers do this they will probably reduce staff pay and say they need to work harder for more tips. My grocery store has as sign on the door no tip policy we bring your food to the car for free. So the grocery shopper and the person who deliver it are not the same person is that correct? The way I see it the Pizza delivery guy is a waiter on wheels. For me it's dpx3 in the afternoon and unless I get a 6-8 and or 8-10 out of uaz1 it's been not worth it for me. If you justify that for not tipping someone who is personally delivering a package at a specific time within two hours of ordering (which UPS and USPS doesn't do) you're trying to come up with an excuse to justify screwing somebody out of earned money. Walmart and Kroger employees shop your groceries, and companies like Door Dash, Postmates, or Shipt deliver them – but that person is still an independent delivery person. All I can add is that you should tip cash for this and any service you ever receive, restaurant, hotel, etc. I'm pretty sure Amazon's arbitrary gratuity subsidy clawback is often more than a few bucks. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Just for fun I turned on in, and guess what?! Allow me to clear it up. I got pinged my own order! They treat their employees like shit. I'm already paying for this server with my prime membership. Our area just started Prime Now deliveries from Whole Foods.

I placed an order to be delivered and tipped $1. Think the lowest I've given is 41p to make it to the nearest pound I wouldn't worry about it though, my driver's are just as pleasant whether I've left a tip or not. If there's usually no guest parking spaces available, consider using one yourself so the delivery driver can use your reserved space. They are hoping we will subsidise their staff pay by adding tips. I just played around in the Prime Now app and it seems like the suggested tip is a percentage of the total item cost, before shipping and tax, but is a minimum of $5. This is a service. We shop AND deliver every order. Fuck Amazon. Amazon Now doesn't charge extra for items (Favor, etc will charge you the cost + X% or something + tip) so the way I figure it with my prime membership I have free 2-day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping, and $5 same-day shipping. I certainly won't starve if I tip but I'm very strapped for cash at the moment.The terms and conditions of Amazon say that drivers can't accept cash and I don't think you can add the tip on later.I don't really like how Tipping is deemed necessary and added to your bill automatically as I feel an employer should pay their staff enough so that the customer doesn't feel obliged to tip but I know that's not how the world works.Was I unreasonable? The delivery people don't receive benefits and they need to pay for gas/car upkeep. It was my first time with amazon prime now and I've made by mistake the same order twice, I've immediately contact the customer service that deleted the order straight away, so very satisfied with the customer service with problem solving .

They didn’t make your food. I'm a bit hypocritical with Amazon as I don't think it's a very ethical company and I'm now reading about how little the drivers get paid. I was a driver and shopper for some weeks to experience gig-economy life. They will appreciate it, and I read somewhere that a time savings like that goes a long way for them. Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. Maybe it's different in different locations, but in Phoenix logistics is a piece of cake compared to Prime Now. However, you don’t have to tip at all. WF Chandler is great on weekend mornings and afternoons, actually like it better than uaz1. They could call it a fee or surcharge if they had to. I tip shoppers but not drivers. Occasionally, I'll take a late uaz1 on a surge and it's a gamble. They do not recommend I tip UPS lol. If I buy a Kindle through Prime Now, do I tip? That will never happen. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AmazonFlexDrivers community. No, unless you're feeling super generous. Amazon should automatically include a 20% tip on all Prime Now, Whole Foods, and Fresh orders over a specific total weight. $7 to pick up my own pizza, absolutely! On my prime now app it always automatically adds the £2 tip. Sometimes you get great tips, other times you don’t, no rhyme no reason, makes no sense. Customers can, of … Other than restaurant deliveries (RIP), this is the first time I've received cash from an Amazon customer. Do we get more? It's probably no coincidence that the default instructions in the app for tippable deliveries is "Do not knock, Do not ring", require no photographic proof of delivery, and only require a customer interaction when alcohol is involved, while at the same time Logistics drivers are encouraged to knock/ring, required to photograph deliveries, and in some situations obtain a signature (receptionists, etc). I recall a news article stating Prime Now drivers were being paid $17-$25 / hr when the service became available in my area. It was 3 bags with eggs, bread, meats and ice cream. Make sure the driver has a place to park that isn't far from your front door. Tip maxes out at $20.

That cook didn’t spend their money making your food. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

While the tip isn't required it is very much appreciated to help cover things we are not compensated for (gas, maintenance, etc.). Nope. Deliveroo is similar in that you're paying a tip in advance of knowing what service you're going to get too. Hi Chelsea – that is not true.

So if you accept a 2 hour block for $36-50 and get $55 in tips, you will be paid at least $55. Amazon may be looking to pay it's drivers less and hope that tips make up the difference. I've gotten about 2 dozen Prime Now deliveries and I haven't tipped once.

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