(6,380.8 km) Is not... For sale is my female children's python. Very easy to care for. Dec 27, 2019, Pygmy Goats Breeding stock available all colors and ages does available (no pappers) they are current on all their shots and worming all goats... Can live 1-2 yrs in captivity. We no longer breed African Dormice. Kune Kune Pig Kune Kine Pig Breeder, Pig breeder, Pig for sale, Kune Kune, Kune Kune breeder, Kune Kune for sale, Farm animals, best pet. She is a little over a year old. Try browsing the Other Pythons Index if you're looking for something specific. Thank you for your long... These beautiful charming little squirrel like animals will give hours of pleasure. May 16, 2020, Am offering 2 baby neutered male goats for sale. Due June 29, 2020... These are 2 apricots pinto boys. Three Rivers, Michigan [United States] - Made up of Neapolitan... 10 YEAR OLD AFRICAN GREY CONGO, HUGE VOCABULARY. The smallest mice in the world. Gentle Congo African parrots available. We have a congo African grey baby available, just weaned very sweet and playful. These are half pygmy and half angora (Pygoras). . 8 months old ... as well as male African pygmy dormice... by jmsffsh616 - Mission, British Columbia - - Mar 21, 2019 Pygmy Hedgehogs - $200 Hey guys I had a litter of African pygmy hedgehogs and would like to find them they're forever homes . May 30, 2019, I have pairs and groups of Florida beach mice,. Need to sell my colt, he is a very level headed colt, and very very calm disposition. They eat parakeet seed and crushed cat food. by justin05 -

Best kept in pairs or small groups. Adorable baby African Pygmy Mice. (only 2 left) Babies come banded with hatch certificates. by greenmeadows93215 - I am located in Melbourn, Fl. Can live comfortably in a 5-10 gallon aquarium with lid. African Pygmy Dormice are exotic rodents that are relatively new to the pet trade so can have a high price tag. Almost 1 yr old. but we keep this information available for those who made need it. My next kidding will be October... Black and white Dalmatian. Adorable baby African Pygmy Mice. Teacup Mini Micro Juliana Pygmy Nano pot belly piglets - For Sale! Everywhere 27 United States 1 Canada Categories. Call to schedule a showing $200 each... One is white, and one... - (7,158.1 km) Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania [United States] -

Location: new castle. Everything Pets ... SALE SALE SALE SALE - Only 1 left - Act Now! She is about 5 years old. Beautifully Hand Carved Trunk with African Scene.

They require an enclosure of at the very least 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft but the larger the better, My enclosures are 3’ x 2’ x 18” and to utilize the space I have fitted a shelf with a ramp for access. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - african pygmy mice listings. The smallest of the rodent world. Festive Season Can live comfortably in a 5-10 gallon aquarium with lid.

by zman8741 - GIRL GOATS ADOPTION FEE IS ONLY $25.00 SINCE SHE IS... 1.Pygmy/Nubian doeling $75 (6,560.7 km) Manchester, Ohio [United States] - - I'm asking 200 dollars each for the adult pregnant... Add a spiky companion to your inner circle of friends. Lincoln Village, Ohio [United States] - These make great pets. We have TWOP African Grey Congo babies that... We are now accepting deposits to reserve your Congo African Grey baby. Both were bottle raised and love... Twin brothers 'Fudge' (chocolate colored) and 'Cloudy' (white and gray) were born on February 28, 2013. Florida. Super cute!!! Best kept in pairs or small groups. A mom and... ================================

- We say "she," but she is currently too young to tell the sex.

For more information, check out How It Works. We have some really... Oct 5, 2018, Found 30 "Pygmy" Pets and Animals ads from Everywhere, Pygmy Angora baby kid goats for sale OHIO. Please email for more information [email removed]. They are so cute and so small that mostly they are for viewing pleasure. This short statured pup is full of smiles and affection. by anitaricca - He is... Zoya is an African sideneck turtle. also very gentle birds... 12 week old black brindle female. Olympic Skater May 8, 2020, Adorable baby Pygmy goats all sizes and colors . They have thrown small, beautiful babies.

They look very much like a … ONLY 1 LEFT - WHITE / PINK BOY Mouse - Female Mice - Small - Young - Female - Small & Furry They are tame , sociable , friendly... We were privileged to purchase a small group of fine quality African masks from this private collection. New Litter 9/5/20

Can live 1-2 yrs in captivity. Sad sale of my beautiful African grey called Eljo. The black... We have pet goats, quality, milking does, babies, wethers, and bucks we have many different breeds, fainting... Pygmy Mice

African Pygmy Hedgehogs live around 3-6 years and do require daily interaction to keep them accustomed to you. Coca Cola And pairs/single males of Satin Egyptian spiny mice, as well as male African pygmy dormice... 2.Saanen/Nubian buckling $50

Pygmy loves to meet new people and... Larry is a 13 year old Timneh african gray parrot that came to us when his family could no longer care for him. I have 8 Barbie's still in thier original boxes! (9,138.2 km) I have worked with him with... id like to purchase some goats,preferably pygmys, call Meet Pygmy. We currently have 7 female mice for adoption.

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