Eight of Pentacles Love Tarot Meaning. The appearance of the card says that you and your partner are united by a common goal. If you’re single, pay attention for a potential romantic partner while learning a new skill or taking part in a workshop.

When this Minor Arcana card appears, boredom and complacency may be setting in. However, if you draw the card in the reverse position, then things are going to be a bit different, but that does not mean that you are then going to encounter any bad luck. The Eight of Pentacles represents the development from apprenticeships to master. With respect to your career, the Reversed Eight of Pentacles indicates that you are dissatisfied with your current professional situation. If you are studying, it can mean getting a scholarship or achieving qualifications. Often, the Eight of Pentacles represents teaching others how to do the things which come to you naturally. The Eight of Pentacles tarot represents the time when you are completely focused on something, feeling determined to make it as perfect as possible. It also signifies encouragement to continue the hard work that you’re doing. Is the Eight of Pentacles a Sign of Good Luck? You can be proud of what you’ve accomplished — don’t sell yourself short. Don’t be content to stay where you are. In a career Tarot reading, the Eight of Pentacles Tarot card reversed is not a great omen as it can signify a repetitive or boring job, lack of success/ commitment/ ambition, being an underachiever or on a dead end career path. Eight of Pentacles Love Tarot Card Description. This is the one millions views on your Youtube video.

Too much emphasis on your work may become an issue, especially if it’s used as an outlet when other parts of life become difficult. He has focused all his attention on the task at hand. However, you have to give a lot of your energy and work hard to achieve a positive result. When the Eight of Pentacles tarot appears in your reading, it means that you possess a persevering and fastidious energy. It symbolizes commitment to a vision and attention to detail. I frequently see this card when seekers are making an attempt to leave the rat race for greener pastures. Teaching can add another layer of income to your passion. A change in roles is possible with one partner starting a new job or returning to learning. If you are still studying, be focused on future tests or exams not to fail them. The card assumes that you are in a difficult financial situation because of overspending, debts and unsuccessful investments. As an option, the Eight of Pentacles upright can mean that you are unhappy with your life and are actively thinking about details that can be changed. You have a tendency to put work above personal life because relationships are boring for you. The Eight of Pentacles tarot can indicate a financial assistance that will soon arrive.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot’s Meaning for the Future, The High Priestess Tarot Card and its Meaning. When it comes to relationships you’ll only get back what you put in, so make the effort to make your partner feel appreciated if you want to resolve the issues you’re facing. The cards urge you to show others what you’ve got and share what you know.

The Eight of Pentacles has a similar effect when combined with the Strength card. You will put 100% focus and attention on the task at hand. On a love chart, the card indicates the situations in which a person inherited a job, preferably a craft, from a father or grandfather or another member of the family. 8 of pentacles + Eight of wands: Learning and working with new technology. You may find yourself achieving a level of mastery in your work or becoming a specialist or expert in your field. The Eight of Pentacles and Lovers card make an excellent match. Let go of your expectations and perfectionism and accept yourself and others for who they are. The Eight of Pentacles has a lonely sitting man surrounded by 8 coins. The effort you put in will not be in vain as your hard work will pay off and lead to results, rewards or the accomplishment of your goals. The Eight of Pentacles is a minor arcana card that is generally associated with the concept of hard work and determination. In a financial context, the Eight of Pentacles is also a good omen as it signifies rewards for hard work, success and achievement. The 8 of Pentacles on the plan of love do not say positive things. In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Eight of Pentacles indicates that you are putting a lot of work, dedication and commitment in to your relationship. It will be important to point out that it is saying that the reason why you are unable to achieve the things that you were hoping for is that of something from inside you rather than any exterior point that is changing how things are going to be working out. The reversed Eight of Pentacles means that you are: Another card value in a reversed position is your strong commitment to excellence. The Strength card is #8, while the Sun is card number 18. The Strength card is #8, while the Sun is card number 18. When all three of these cards are present their meaning is even stronger. Contents of website is ©Spirituality Media & Lisa Boswell (2018) not to be reproduced without permission. They are more mature, more responsible, or in a better financial position than you are, and this is exploding their ego. If you want to learn where to find romance, try getting an education; as evening classes, courses and learning establishments could all have love on the curriculum. Most likely you have recently changed your workplace or education. You will make enough money to sustain your lifestyle. 8 of pentacles + Knight of wands: A tradesman. The Eight of Pentacles shows a young man hammering away at a coin (pentacle). In contrast, if you are in a long-standing liaison which has lost its lustre action is called for - a calm discussion of any issues will prove beneficial. This is the guy you’ve been stalking on Facebook finally sending you a private message and telling you how pretty you are in your profile picture. Alternatively, the Eight of Pentacles can mean that your partner or potential lover believes that they are too good for you. Reignite the fire by looking for a common creative passion. Because eventually, you will reach the finish line and enjoy the rewards. You are getting to the point where you do not want to settle for a mediocre relationship - you know your worth, and your lovers will have to accommodate that. There is a sense of real dedication through this card but it is something that will ultimately lead to you being able to reach your desired goals. You may also become fixed on minor details as a result of not being challenged enough, which can pose problems with coworkers. Don’t lose sight of other important things in your quest to achieve your goals. If you are in business, it can be a warning not to let your standards slip as it represents shoddy workmanship, poor quality, botched work or rush jobs and can represent getting a bad reputation or losing trade through mediocrity.

In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Eight of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are not putting the effort in when it comes to your relationship and there may be a lack of commitment or just laziness in terms of making your relationship work.

You are getting to the point where you do not want to settle for a mediocre relationship – you know your worth, and your lovers will have to accommodate that. The Eight of Pentacles tarot asks you: What are you working so hard for? Going to work instead of hanging out with friends. Make it a point to spend time with your spouse, even when duty calls. You want to do everything in one way, the best way, but fate blocks your plans, and you feel frustrated because you can’t get it done perfectly. In a positive Tarot reading, the Eight of Pentacles can also predict that you will learn something (including how to act around a certain person) very well. Be confident and picture yourself at the height of your accomplishment, appreciating your future success as part of a journey which includes the humbling path of learning. 8 of pentacles + Eight of wands: Learning and working with new technology. Am I pregnant? Future Tarot Meanings: Seven of Pentacles, Future Tarot Meanings: Eight of Pentacles. Laziness, idleness, lack of focus and poor concentration are also represented by the Eight of Pentacles reversed. Eight of Pentacles Card Combinations . When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot reading, it indicates that you are methodically working towards something you want. 8 of pentacles + Nine of wands: Pressure at work. This symbolizes the email reply from the publisher telling you they would love to publish your book. If you’re a talented home baker, you may be thinking about getting certified as a pastry chef. However, this card can indicate that a period of apprenticeship is required before you can move forward as you need to learn from your past relationships and deal with their effects in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The reason for your lack of investment may be that you are immersed in a job or career. Someone who possesses willpower. You are thinking about the future and what you want. When it comes to love and relationships, you have your eyes on the prize. Your lover/potential partner has learned the best way to deal with you. Thus, the relationship and personal life fade into the background. In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Eight of Pentacles indicates that you are putting a lot of work, dedication and commitment in to your relationship. This card also tells you to use some of your financial success to help those less fortunate. This is his only goal, and he is fully committed to this. In some cases, the Eight of Pentacles can predict confidence. If you are going through a rough patch, this is a sign to push through and use it as a learning experience. If you have been working to develop your spiritual gifts you should find that the past effort you have put into your spiritual development is starting to pay off as you begin to achieve a new level of mastery of your gifts. This person may be a student or learner of some type, and often falls in love with the exhilarating initial stages of a project when there is a lot of researching and learning to be done. This should be paying off, leaving you feeling healthier and stronger than before. It’s about quality, execution, and engagement. When the Eight of Pentacles tarot appears in the future position, it means good news. It might not seem so when nothing appears to be happening but you are on the right track: as long as you don't try and push things forward. The 8 of Pentacles is more of an encouragement card, coaxing you to stay focused and dedicated till the final destination. Good things come to guys and gals that wait and, for now, waiting is all you can do. If you can make it through this, you can make it through anything.

Perhaps your efforts to become the best version of yourself are difficult or even unsuccessful. If you still don’t find a deal that you like, ask yourself what your talent is and what can be done, learned in your environment the best. Discover the Eight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning for love and relationships. He is often in a junior position or new to an organization. The Eight of Pentacles tarot can also mean a chance to study and hone your skills, or to further your education. With the appearance of this card, you will be a master of your craft. He has completed carving six coins, and currently he has two left to carve. He is delicately carving a pentacle onto each coin.

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