Tidally locked against its dying star, perpetual darkness soaks one side of the planet, faded sunlight the other. Imperium Phalanx vs. Star Wars Super Star Destroyer(s) Thread ... (the explicit exclusion of the "Super-Mega-Death" shot rules.) Sector What is known is that from the cold and darkness of Inwit, the boy, named Rogal by his adoped kin, rose to lead the House of Dorn or the Ice Caste of Dorn and then to the rule of the Inwit Cluster. Rogal is a smart guy but he's not a magician. We can use any SSD from Disney or Legends Canon that was definitely built, right? I'd be a little bit shocked if the Inwit folks (even under Dorn) somehow built the Phalanx from scratch. Entire portions of the vessel are used to emulate different combat environments for training purposes.

Most of its vast docking bays were deserted, and the Imperium's inability to replicate its ancient technologies resulted in even minor damage creating significant operational troubles. During the Great Crusade, the awesome magnitude of the ship served as a symbol of the coming era of the Imperium.

Inwit is an Imperial Ice World and the capital world of the Inwit Cluster of the Segmentum Solar. 2 T-65 X-Wings (EU) vs 1 Fury Interceptor.

When the true Emperor was reunited with Rogal Dorn, He regained not only a lost son, but the strength of a star-spanning society already forged into a tool of war. Inwit at present is one of only two known primary recruiting worlds for the Neophytes of the Imperial Fists Chapter of Space Marines, along with the Hive World of Necromunda. With each conquest their culture and learning grew, but Inwit itself remained unchanged even as it became the centre of a stellar empire. Much of his early years remains unknown, or at least little talked about. Segmentum These factors make a certain kind of people: strong, grim and dedicated to the survival of the whole rather than the individual.

The Iron Warriors used Daemonic computer viruses to take control of much of the station, forcing Tor Garadon to turn the Phalanx's guns on itself to cleanse the infected sections. Whilst on the planet, the light side of Inwit offers little more comfort than the dark, being a land of drift-crusted saline seas and sparse bare rock under the unblinking gaze of the red sun. Its star is old and withered, bleeding the last of its heat as cold, red light. It was as part of this burgeoning stellar empire that Rogal Dorn grew to manhood, and then to rule its domains as emperor. Crevasse mazes, frozen mountain ranges and plains of frost dunes cover the planet's dark side -- this is the Splintered Land, the beast-stalked wilderness which shapes the bodies and beliefs of the human population that clings to life here.

Tidally locked against its dying star, perpetual darkness soaks one side of the planet, faded sunlight the other.

Unknown Shon'tu and Be'lakor are seeking to outdo Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade by infesting the massive starship while on station in the Sol System and using it to bombard the Imperial Palace. The simile comparing them to wind-borne island continents doesn't exactly give us a good idea of their size. Phalanx is gigantic, the size of a small moon and is said to shine like a star.

1 yeyinde. Long ago during Old Night, before the coming of the Emperor was even a dream on night-shrouded Terra, the people of Inwit began to create their own realm in the stars. Both ships are massively powerful, and currently in a stalemate.

ISD I (EU) vs Cobra Class Destroyer. There is little of value on Inwit; its seas are buried or lifeless, its mountains bare of riches and its native species vicious. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It should also be noted that High Charity is so large that it also supports its own ecosystem inside the ship.

Samus and his Daemonic hordes were on the verge of capturing the Phalanx and Dorn was about to order its self-destruction until Oliton committed suicide, banishing the Daemons through the same portal from which they had come.

On every world they took, they assimilated, realigned and reinforced.

I know idea of how large the "orbital plates" are.

They're big...yes, but are they more like islands or actual continents the size of Africa (which would be utterly absurd)? However the Remembrancer Mersadie Oliton unwittingly unleashed the Daemon Samus upon the vessel.

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