Expect to spend approximately $5000 to …

Nice DIY Job looks very good, any reason why you choose to put it in the HU area rather than the cubby? Choosing wheels for your Z really just depends on your personal preferences and the certain look you’re trying to go for. On the street, most owners of aftermarket brake rotors will notice an improvement in the life of their pads, but no additional power. In the end it depends on your need and goals.

I finally figured out how to get the Garmin Nuvi 660 to fit in the 350Z cubbyhole and still be able to close the cubbyhole door to cover it up when I leave the car. Introducing Our Experts The 350z is no slouch, but over time you’ll become more and more used to the OEM power output and be hungry for more. How cool would my car look if I just lowered it?”.

Having these installed are entirely non-mandatory but they are something to think about if you’re planning on running aggressive fitment, fine-tuning your handling during track days, and need more camber to fit the super wide wheels you probably want to run.

Im thinking about getting a Z, if I get some or most of the non engine mods do you think that is a good car for a starter that has some good speed and other things.

For normal daily driving, it’s been said to run a dampening of 16 or less because that would provide a more comfortable ride over regular streets (and we all know that some streets aren’t as smooth as others).

Fines for not doing so are usually steep. The 2003 – 2006 models are referred to as the “DE” because its engine, the VQ35DE, is a single throttle body engine. For those in need of a modest upgrade, we strongly recommend looking at the factory upgraded 4-pot Brembos found on some models of Nissan 350z. Maybe you’re cool with the way the stock Calsonics exhaust sound on the 350Z, maybe you’re not. pros and cons when comparing lowering springs vs coilovers, previous fluid out of your braking system, using wheel spacers to get your fitment perfect, loads of options to buy test pipes for your Nissan 350z, is aggressively lowered, like a bagged show car, or, 2003-2005 Base: 17×7.5″ +30mm front / 17×8.0″ +33mm rear, 2003-2005 Touring v1: 18×8.0″ +30mm front / 18×8.0″ +30mm rear, 2003-2005 Track v1:  18×8.0″ +30mm front / 18×8.5″ +33mm rear, 2005-2007 Touring v2:  18×8.0″ +30mm front / 18×8.5″ +33mm rear, 2006-2008 Track v2:  18×9.0″ +30mm front / 19×10.00″ +30mm rear, 2007-2008 NISMO:  18×9.0″ +30mm front / 19×10.00″ +30mm rear, Other exterior mods (such as an aftermarket bodykit or. A popular mod to help your car breathe more easily is to install a plenum spacer. It’s loud [enough], and also provides a deeper, heavier, more aggressive tone to really beef up the 350Z.

While it is possible to make your own braided brake hoses, it’s a difficult and messy job and you don’t save much by doing it yourself. Aftermarket units will typically be a semi-metallic, full-metallic, or ceramic brake pad. Results will vary with each car, especially if the car has an exhaust, intake, turbo, etc. The good thing is, these engines were just about built for turbos and handle the extra power with ease. They are designed in a similar way to coilovers in that they are usually a single unit, but the struts have air bags to lower and raise your car’s ride height using an air compressor, which is controlled by a button, switch or remote.

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