Walker had pointed out to Clark five times that there was another location, barely a mile and a half further up the river, where a crossing was very much possible, even with the other negative factors at play. I previously ignored that After Action Report because the web page listed only Companies E, F and G. Here is a link to a map of the colmar area showing the location of hill 393.

Eventually they decided they would draft a resolution among themselves which termed the battle of the Rapido River which would “go down in history as one of the colossal blunders of the Second World War.” Through the Texas state Senate, they petitioned the U.S. Congress to investigate the matter to gain justice for their losses and ensure no future commander would make such grievous mistakes.

Link to post Share on other sites. The date and location of his death, and the Company and Division make me wonder if he was involved in the "Lost Battalion" battles. I believe that military commanders in high places have a responsibility to the relatives and friends of the men who are serving under them, as well as to the men themselves, and I feel that they should be capable of using good tactical judgment in order that they may reduce losses and at the same time accomplish the results desired. Further, he suggested an alternative location to make the attack that would still have accomplished the higher commander’s strategic intent—which was later also proved, in intimate detail, to have been correct.

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Baker Company, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division: HQ UNIT HISTORY EQUIPMENT UPCOMING EVENTS PHOTOS ENLIST! Daniel L. Davis is a retired U.S. Army colonel who served multiple tours in Afghanistan. Since the AARs are public information (considering that you have some of them posted on this forum), I would like to have a copy of it, and anything else that is public information, that is quotable and can be posted or linked on a Family Tree that is viewable by anyone. I am trying to locate an official roster of the members of the Lost Battalion of WWII (i.e., A/1/141 Inf/36th ID).

Co A 1st Bn 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Div, "The Lost Battalion" Discussion in 'WWII General' started by pat.simpson, Sep 15, 2009. pat.simpson recruit. He enlisted 3 January 1944 and died 14 December 1944 in France.

Thank you, Lisa, for that information. He is a senior fellow with Defense Priorities. Joined: Sep 15, 2009 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Clark had defended his actions, claiming that Churchill’s desire to land a large force at Anzio and theater commander Gen. Sir Herald Alexander’s order for Clark to press an attack from the south required him to make tough choices. His warnings of failure prior to the attack on the Rapido River in January 1944 were borne out, in precise detail. Log in or Sign up to interact with the community. This company is credited with liquidating several machine gun nests. In fact, Gentlemen, this is the way I see this thing. DM1785.

Company K is part of 3rd Bn. The 141st AAR's are online. Discussion in 'WWII General' started by pat.simpson, Sep 15, 2009. Image: Members of a mortar company of the 92nd Division pass the ammunition and heave it over at the Germans in an almost endless stream near Massa, Italy. If I need to do a FOIA request to get that I can do it. Editor's Note: You can read Part I and Part II here.

He was in Company K of the 141st Infantry Regiment of the 36th Division. I don't think I need or want everything that could be in that IDPF, but I would like to have a copy of that After Action Report. I knew id responded to similar last year... You yanks.. Dont you use carrier pigeons or carry a torch? You did same in ww1.. Wasnt same bn was it? “I salute them for their charge and courage,” he continued, but “as for myself, I can only say that under the same circumstances I would have to do it over again.” That certainty is part of what motivated Walker to testify. Secretary of Army (then called Secretary of War) Robert Patterson conducted an investigation of his own and eventually concluded that “it is my conclusion that the action was a necessary one and that General Clark exercised sound judgment in planning it and ordering (the attack on the Rapido).” While the casualties “are to be greatly regretted,” he continued, “the heroic action and sacrifices of the Thirty-sixth Division undoubtedly drew the Germans away from our landings at Anzio during the critical hours of the first foothold, thus contributing in major degree to minimizing the casualties in that undertaking and to the firm establishment of the Anzio beachhead.”. In fact, Walker said he felt “the directive was a proper one from a strategical point of view.” The problem, he said, “is that poor judgment was used in the selection of the point of attack and in the manner in which the directive of General Alexander” was applied tactically. They will be a little more cautious, a little more considerate, and a little more capable. Follow him on Twitter. Clark’s actions clearly did not represent “sound judgment,” and most assuredly the attacks had not the slightest effects on the Germans and thus no impact—positive or negative—on the Anzio operation. from September 25, 1944 to his death on December 14, 1944.

I am looking for information about Pfc Ralph G Broemsen. ). “I do not recall of ever having read in military history where a frontal attack across an unfordable river in the face of an organized position along the opposite shore has ever been successful.”. I am trying to locate an official roster of the members of the Lost Battalion of WWII (i.e., A/1/141 Inf/36th ID). Wartime commander of the 36th Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Fred L. Walker, was to be the first witness to testify.

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